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  1. You got me, everything pales compared to the NX1. I know this because I read it in every new camera thread, despite the fact it's dead, there are few good lenses for it, noise above 1600 is awful, stills aren't anything special, you have to deal with overly aggressive NR, no log profiles and so on. I had one, limited lenses (most are average to mediocre) and noise killed it for me. I'm obviously not alone since it was a bomb that forced Samsung to pull the plug. Endless camera threads with the NX1 virtues and speculation to what the next FW update or NX2 would have been is so played, I'm checking out of here. Enjoy your camera. Peace out.
  2. Mine was out in the sun, I could have kept recording if I wanted to, but it was really pointless. I shot a friends wedding in Tucson AZ a couple weeks ago without issue too. I have a more recent copy, not sure if there were any tweaks, but my camera performs much better than the Newsshooter video. At this point its academic for me as I'm moving to the a6500 anyway. I'll buy a NX1 when it gets IBIS and a decent lens selection. DIS creates too many artifacts for me and seems to amplify rolling shutter. Enjoy your camera.
  3. How's the quality with the Bluetooth mics? I'm going to be doing some traveling, but it would be nice to grab some sound from people I meet when shooting. This is much smaller than my G3 setup. Thanks.
  4. The resolutions are listed on Sonys website in the specs, 240fps is just shy of actual HD, all higher framerates drop in resolution. So they're definitely up scaled.
  5. I'm still waiting for the NX1 IBIS hack, or a fast prime wider than 85mm, or a parfocal cine zoom with stepless iris and no focus shift... Your trolling is still sad.
  6. Your exact words, "ha ha still the old chips getting hot" Maybe it's a language barrier, but ha ha is amusement here.
  7. I never shoot 30 minute takes, and I shut the camera off constantly - overheating has never been an issue for me. I plopped my camera on a tripod in my backyard, it was 88 F outside, it ran until it hit the time limit with no temp warning. Body was warm, but my a7rII gets hotter if I do the same thing. Here's the camera just before it reset at the time limit. If the a6500 is better, sweet, it'll never be an issue for me.
  8. I'm sure we'll see actual samples soon enough.
  9. Well the internet says the a6300 overheats after just a few minutes, WTF is up here? Sarcasm. I have 1.10 and my a6300 hasn't overheated yet. I live in Florida, its hot as hell here, I even shot a wedding in Tucson AZ, where its even hotter. Zero overheating. But I didn't have any issues with the a7rII either, I shut my camera off between just about every take to preserve batteries. That's always worked for me, even with the a5100 and the Nex7 which overheated more than any E-mount body I've owned. Why do you find amusement with someone potentially having problems with their gear? That's the sad trolling part. So sad.
  10. Not joking, I went looking for the video after it disappeared. I didn't see what the OP posted, but this one has come up as the Cinematic Pixel fake, and the poster supposedly did the same thing with the iPhone for the clickbait. https://9to5google.com/2016/10/09/check-out-this-stunning-4k-footage-taken-with-the-pixel-xl-video/
  11. Why do you care? Still playing the pathetic NX1 troll eh? So sad... This is great news, the crazy buffer, IBIS and less overheating, I'm buying two and dumping my a7rII.
  12. Dan Chung posted about this on his site as well. http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/10/14/sony-fix-overheating-issue-with-new-setting-on-the-a6500/
  13. It's because that video is a fake, it's stolen from someone else and was actually shot on a GH4.
  14. Seems like that's the case. I've been waiting for PADF to make its way to the small 1" cameras and I was looking forward to the 18-50mm version of the DL. The RX1005 looks good, but I'm going to try and hold off for the DL's and the new Panasonic LX10 to be released first. The, slog, the extended 240fps and the 24fps stills bursts really push the new RX to the top of the 1"class.
  15. If you're looking for a pocketable compact it's not superior in any way. It's a completely different class of camera, and it's dead. So why bring it up in yet another thread that has nothing to do with it? *Facepalm*
  16. I'd be surprised if the A7III kept the 24mp sensor now that Canon has crossed 30mp with the 5d - I'd expect a significant bump since this will also be the new sensor in the d750/610 replacement. Its a great camera, but endlessly trolling other camera threads adds nothing but noise to the discussion. NX2 speculation is even sillier since Samsung shuttered the NX line last year, let it go. If you want IBIS or you want to buy into a camera line with a future, a warranty and an upgrade path, you're certainly not looking at used NX1's. Cheers
  17. Once locked its precise. Having a touchscreen to lock onto your subject makes that easier. Currently I use center point with BB AF, lock the subject and it does a remarkable job of tracking while maintaining focus. The 1dxII is another level, but its a pro sports camera, it should be. The a6500 barely outweighs the 1dxII's battery.
  18. Yet another NX1 thread hijack. How many more new camera threads are going to get the same treatment? SMH. It uses the new LSI, which they claimed big improvements with the A99II. This should see improvement, but how much is anybody's guess at this point.
  19. Sony stuff always seems to get a European price hike, I feel for you man. I was thinking about getting the G or GX85 as a knock around camera, but with this announcement, I'm sticking with just Sony and consolidating my lineup a bit.
  20. They've released a new RX100 every year, I was surprised we didn't see it before Photokina. PADF and better slow-mo. New LSI means everything will be faster. This will be a pocket-sized beast. I'm finally getting a RX100 - I've been waiting for them to add PADF.
  21. IBIS kills all the jitters that plague handholding small cameras. For me its a godsend as I no longer need to rig and add weight just to smooth things out. If rolling shutter wasn't such an issue it would be different for me. The late 90's to mid 2000's seasons of Law and Order (when the cops were Jerry Orbach - Benjamin Bratt - Jesse L. Martin - Dennis Farina) have a lot of great handheld work.
  22. Uh, check your math, the m43 sensor is 225 sq/mm, the aps-c sensor is 370 sq/mm, that's a sensor roughly 65% larger. In the US the a6500 is exactly twice the price. With the new LSI, expect better rolling shutter, less overheating and less noise - all worth the extra cost for me. Cheers
  23. Touchscreen and IBIS. My a7rII and a6300 are officially for sale. I'm buying two of these. Thanks Sony for FINALLY listening.
  24. Budget? Native lenses or adapted? AF or legacy? Favorite FL's? Too many options without knowing more specifics.
  25. Don't think DJI slaughtered anyone, they're feeling the heat from all directions with all the cheaper Chinese competitors - just like GoPro. Personally, I'm more interested in the GoPro setup because the camera is more versatile, can't put the DJI on my paddlebaord, kayak, mountain bike and so on. The Hero5 Black is $400 by itself. The $1100 package includes the 5, the drone, the live view controller and the handle for a handheld gimbal. But I also prefer the GoPro look to the DJI look.
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