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Sony a6300 4k

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3 hours ago, JurijTurnsek said:

A6300 and NX1 are not comparable at all - the form-factor matters! If Sony had the luxury of a NX1-sized body, 4K60p would be a real possiblity (if they didn't have the FS7 to protect). A6300 should be compared to NX500 or just called a sweetspot between NX1 and NX500.

That's very speculative about the 4K 60fps.

Hardly think Sony is protecting the FS7. As an FS5 owner and A7S II owner I can say the consumer line already comes dangerously close to the point of toppling the image quality of their pro cameras.

The A6300 is far better than the NX500. No sensor crop. LOG. Likely better low light. 6K readout. Speed Booster.

I think it will outperform the NX1 or be very similar, let's wait and see... Not long now.

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The NX1 can also do 4K/30p. Hard to imagine the A6300 could do 4K/60p in a larger body when it can't top 25p in the current one without a significant sensor crop.

I'd be more than okay with a beefier body from Sony a la GH4/NX1. Better heat dissipation, better processing, better battery life (if they stopped using the pathetically weak fw50 in everything).

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The FW-50 is a great battery for the targeted audience. Sure, I get your point... For people on this board. But for the casual shooter that shoots a few shots here and there, they can go back to their a6300 in a week or two, or even a month or two and still have some battery charge. And since this camera is for those shooters, the FW-50 battery is perfect. This camera looks great on paper, but it will have the normal Sony issues and this topic will have 30 more pages discussing them when it's released. 

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3 hours ago, Marco Tecno said:

Imo nx1 still has the best sensor (bsi and higher mp count) hence 4k is  downscaled from slightly larger area. Almost for sure, nx1 has the best hw (a real horsepower to downscale, digitally stabilize and encode in h.265). 


Sony has a real log mode and possibly higher dr and lower rollong shutter.

BSI isn't anything special at this sensor size, if you play the DXO game the a5100 has better DR once you go higher than 3200, the new Sony sensor should be better, we'll see once it's in the wild. The NX1's DR in video is nothing special either. A true log profile in the a6300 is a huge advantage. 

I do think the NX2 could have really been something special with a couple years to refine the tech and make improvements, guess we'll never know. 

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5 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

The specs sound really good ! I just hate the ergonomics of these bodies ! Really wish they invest some of these features into the sony a-mount cameras with the traditional styled dslr bodies. Dying for a full frame a mount cam with these video innovations

I hear you. Alas, I think Sony is giving (or has given) up on the A-mount DSLT cameras...

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Seems like some fine noise. Doesn't seem to affect midtones as much as the GH4. Able to retain better detail and color at higher ISOs. ISO3200 seems ok. ISO6400 is probably quite nicely recoverable with denoise plug-ins. Although this is YouTube compression and just 1 video, so who really knows. :grin:

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