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Sony a6300 4k

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Hey Andrew, I appreciate the response, and I'm glad you like the content Chris and I put out. We look forward your feedback on anything we produce, and I've gained a lot of useful information and

Hey Jordan No way! It kills me to have a misunderstanding like this I am an avid follower of your videos at The Camera Store, I abs

The lack of touch screen is unforgiveable.  For all the people that moan that pros don't need a touch screen in models like the A7 and RX series, seeing Dan Chung's News Shooter touch screen demo clea

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Seeing how the sensor has 24 megapixel I wonder if the 20 megapixel 6k read-out with downscaling means additional crop over APS-C?

Unfortunately no comment regarding low light in the conference, I wonder if it's up to what the A7rII does in APS-C crop mode.


Edit: or is 20 megapixel the 16:9 crop of the 24 megapixel sensor?

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Wow! Sony pulled out all the stops, full readout 4k, new 4d AF, new high rez EVF and so on. I really hope they added UHS-II support, its the biggest drawback of the A7rII, bursts are slow to write to card.

Better sell your NX1 now, at $1000 for this body it really puts that one out to pasture. Get the A6300, a speedbooster ultra and you have one powerhouse little package. 

Yeah probably, the guy said clearly that it was from the whole aps-c area.

Press release says 4k in s35 format. That should mean no crop. Sweet

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No words on slog and ibis, so...

Press release says it has S-Log including that gamma display assist of the A7sII... but camera has quite obviously no IBIS.


The new α6300 also offers S-Log gamma recording[x] for wide dynamic range shooting – approximately 14-stop latitude in S-Log3 gamma setting – and supports S-Gamut for a wider colour space. Both options allow for greater creativity for processing video post-production.
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This is going to be such a popular camera.

A real bargain for $1000, you're getting the image of an FS5 with better AF system, better EVF and 4x cheaper in a MUCH smaller body.

Shame no IBIS but it is only one third of the price of the A7R II!

Samsung NX1 only other APS-C camera to do 4K from 6K readout.

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