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  1. I own a Focusrite 26 i/o (old version) and a Behringer U-Phoria 404 and the latter is a lot better as noise floor, gain of the preamps, and stability. I also own the Zoom f4, but never used it as interface yet...
  2. I've found Robert Mckee's Story a great resource, somehow irritating, but useful.
  3. I use FCPX for editing and bought Color Finale for the lack of curves, but I've also began to explore Resolve 11 and then 12, now 12.5 to try to achieve better results in grading. While there I've found that "ecosystem" with everything connected: ingesting, editing, color correction and delivery. But I've also found an hybrid of FCP7 and FCPX in the editing window. Right now I'm still on FCPX for editing (and for minor color correction), but I send the Project to Resolve for grading, without a single bug until now... Resolve is deeper than FCPX so I'm reading and watching a lot of tutorials about it, and I've also found that its audio sync function is far less accurate than the one in FCPX. But I also want to be platform free in the near future, and FCPX runs only on Mac. I've also used PremierePro, but not enough to say anything more than: I didn't like it, I found it too much twisted, too many clicks to achieve the same thing. And I'm not a fan of the subscribe form of payment.
  4. I am almost totally happy owner of the Sony a5100 and I only complain about that it can't be powered externally (like the GX80 does) and, a lot more annoying, about the overheating issues. Does the GX80 overheating issues?
  5. I'm far to be a professional on editing and/or grading, I'm a music composer, but I've done some works on FCP7 and now on FCPX, I love the latter a lot after a period of perplexity. Now I'm learning Resolve and with the last update, the 12.5 I think it begins really to be a contender for us not so confident on this field. The possibility to jump from edit to grading, the great compatibility with other softwares, the powerful color page is a must. What I find still immature is the multicam synchronization, way better on FCPX.
  6. Nothing about overheating? I like the silent shutter, but miss the touch screen of my a5100. Great camera for sure...
  7. Exactly the opposite for me: I own a 550D with ML on it and the a5100 with its XAVC S codec always selected: the latter wins hands down in every aspect...
  8. I own a Zoom h1 and an older Zoom h4 first release, both have issues. The latter has problems with internal power: while using internal batteries it has a noise at 700Hz, more or less. If it's powered from outside (I made a simple battery pack with 6 AA Alkaline) there is no problem at all. The H1 has a serious issue with the buffer, here an explanation: http://www.danmccomb.com/sound-bag/zoom-h1-battery-sound-problem-and-swift-resolution-from-samson/#comment-75724 I sent mine to Samson and they sent my another one in replace, but the wop-wop-wop-wop noise is still there... Both are really noisy, to be fair...
  9. I purchased it right now, I already own Color Finale that includes LUT Utility, so I can incorporate your LUT in my workflow.
  10. I use the a5100 files (Xavc-s) directly into FCPX, on a MBPro 2014 Retina with a SSD. No issue at all. It's the first Sony camera I own, but a gigantic step ahead the Canon 7D or 550D on dynamic range and moiré
  11. Starting with (too much) compressed audio is like shooting with (too much) compressed video instead of using better codec. If you have to tweak something in the edit room you'll risk to have a lot of issue. Audio is good enough for most video works at 24bit/48KHz, I've sometimes used 96KHz for music, but it's overkill if you audio equipment quality is less than stellar. Audio files are a lot smaller than video, so 24bit/48KHz is not such an issue, IMHO. 16bit is problematic if you have to do almost nay tweaking in post: noise reduction, heavy EQ and so on...
  12. Are the sample rates set identical? Looks like a mismatch of the audio sample rate, maybe one at 44.1KHz and the other at 48KHz.
  13. Useful list, but you forget to include the Sony A5100. It's better than the A6000 in video mode: Xavc-s at 50Mb/s and almost 100€ less expensive.
  14. I'm still in "learning mode" with my new Sony A5100, but its Xavc s codec seems to be really rock solid also in slow motion.
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