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  1. Does Impulz work well for the GH4? I saw they profiled it for cinema D mode. Is there any other grading software out there more suitable?
  2. ​I live in Paris its around 450 USD with the lensm and Im shooting for a charity with no budget. I just bought the GH4 and saw really nice footage with low lights
  3. I have the Ronin M and it works fine with the GH4, great not to have so much zait on theshouldersm but still heavy for long shoots. My only disapointment so far is the GH4 at 800 ISO and above , I see no diference between the 4 K and 1080, actualy 4 k looks worse; But I read and saw footage that GH4 in low light can be really good with the right settings I just cant get to tune it right. Any of you could? Please share Thanks
  4. I own a Nikon D800 I will test it, but I belive it is not great either on high ISO, anyways I made my test and I believe I can shoot at 800 ISO, maybe max at 1600 that I will try to avoid . Not to happy with the quality of the Gh4 so far shooting at ISO 800 or 1600. Any advice or reliable link on an article about settings on the GH4 , I have been Googling and got very different opinions. thanks
  5. TSV I belive you made a mistake on your sentence , il shooting with the Gh4 with a 14-35 lens it works well. im planing to shoot with the ronin and Gh4 and my iPhone 6 attached using the Panasonic App to focus. Have you tried that ? I have been training and so far it works well. I made some test and I belive I can shoot at 800 ISO although I'm not really impressed with the quality shoot at 4 k. Please any advice on the settings ?
  6. ​Do they have a noise reduction filter? Thanks
  7. Hello !!! I will be shooting with a 4 axel gimbal (Ronin M) a gala evening event on poor light conditions, but I believe i can hold the ISO below 1600, hopefully. I will be filling in with a led light if I its not to annoying. I have two questions: What settings are recommend so I can reduce maximum the noise and leave a nice file to work on post production?. Which focus mode would be recommend since I won't be able to do it manualy. I heard that the APP you can touch the screen & focus ?? Thanks!
  8. Thanks all for Your advice ! Ill stick to FCPX
  9. I'm a Profesional photoshop retoucher, and latly I'm getting into video editing, very basically I have been using on trial mode FCPX and find it really easy and intuitive to use, by the other hand I just had a quick look at premiere and it looks quite complex. Please correct me if im wrong. i think the advantage of premiere is integrating Adobe After effects, and maybe photoshop footage ( not sure), that I probably will be end up using. my my question is should I invest in FCPX or should I go with premiere even though it's complexity and higher cost. also, do get the same amount of grading plugins on premiere then in FCPX ? I have seen realy cool gradient effects for FCPX that I haven't seen form Adone Premiere. Please help, I don't know where to invest my time and money Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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