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  1. I'm actually a bit confused by the email - license key solution, does it also work for the future versions or is it just Resolve 14 only?
  2. Finally a shorter handle, I just bought the old V2 a while ago and now I regret it!
  3. gsenroc

    Mini Slider

    I have the Rat Rig, but I don't recommend it if you want to move around with a backpack only. Basically all the wheels are exposed, you'll sure hit it with something on the go unless you can pack it with some protection, but that misses the point of being portable. Edelkrone Wing will probably be my next slider, looks great.
  4. For those who have difficulty getting into their website. Try using a free VPN or something similar. Access it through another country could solve the problem. Has anybody tried the combi of BMMCC + speedbooster + EF 16-35 F4? I'm quite interested in the 16-35 but I'm not sure whether it can be balanced on the crane.
  5. I had this issue as well. You need a lens support to hold it in its place.
  6. Yea it seems to be the same issue as mine. The reason to shift the mounting plate forward is to bring the tilt axis in a so-called "inverted pendulum" situation, it will amplify the instability if that slider is not properly adjusted. If you let the camera go, the lens will point down and forward in the end. To verify your issue, you can now slide the mounting plate fully to the back end, and let the camera go again. This time the lens will pointing up and forward. There are several ways to shift up the CoG, the easiest way is to add something on top of the camera, or you can look for a spacer to raise up the camera a little bit. There are people mounting their iphone on the crane, the result is very impressive
  7. It's actually pretty simple to figure out why it's not able to get balanced. Since I suspect a CoG problem in the vertical direction, you can try shifting the base plate to the front a little bit, maybe to the front end in extreme case, then point the camera upwards, and hold the tilting motor housing in its place. Now pay attention to where the camera falls: If the lens goes forward (tip down), adjust the slider on the tilt motor backwards when camera is pointing up If the lens goes backward (tilt up), adjust the slider forwards If the slider is already at the very end, then your CoG is out of range. In this case: If the lens goes forward, you need extra weight on top of your camera If the lens goes backward, you need extra weight at the bottom of your camera If you make it balanced, then put the camera horizontal, then balance it with sliding the base plate backward. After that you can balance the roll motor, then pan motor. The tricky thing is, that there are two degrees of freedom for the adjustments of the tilt motor, so pay attention to which one is off and which one you're actually adjusting.
  8. I don't have a scale so I don't know the exact weight of my setup, sorry about that Yes the ball head is that tiny thing on the top of the camera. But looking at the specs I would say my BMMCC weights about the same as a sony or even a bit less. Adding the ball head it should be above the minimum required weight. The weight of your setup is sufficient, I'm pretty sure about it. since you are not able to balance it, I would say it's rather the CoG problem. Try to figure out in which direction you need to shift the weight, my guess is the same as mine, you probably need some stuff on top of your camera.
  9. If it helps, here are the photos. The small ball head is actually needed to shift up the CoG a little bit, otherwise the Z (vertical) adjustment will be out of range and I won't get it balanced. A good thing about the BMMCC is that it has three 1/4" holes at the bottom, I can use two of them to align the orientation. You don't need to adjust the settings for balancing. When it's power off, it's not doing anything, balancing is pure mechanical. If the camera can stay at any position, you're ready to turn on the crane.
  10. I've got my Crane. It's the Ver.2. Balacing my BMMCC with Sigma 19/2.8 was perfectly done in just 5 minutes. Then the crane fires up without any issue for such a lightweight set. Motor set to weak, rest are just default, I'm quite happy with the result. Build quality is ok, but the connection between the pan motor and the handle is not well designed. It works but too compromised for the cost. The only issue I have is that the pan motor has some little ticking noise when it rotates, even when it's powered off. It's not too serious since my mic is not picking it up, I'll leave it as is and hope it's not going to fail.
  11. Just placed the order, I hope it'll arrive within a month
  12. I was looking for a Crane in ebay and I came across to this: It's obviously the Crame but notice the different mounting plate and the joystick, which seems to be a ver.2? Has anybody got this version? The ebay item number is 282100541696 Edit: I think I know what's going on there...... The pictures are actually from Crane-M, which is a smaller gimbal, the seller is probably doing something wrong.....
  13. I have been using Wiha screw drivers for about 7 years, they haven't failed yet and I have less than 10 stripped screws. I'm quite impressed actually. The old screws can be very weak, if the bit doesn't fit the screw very well, it may easily strip. You can feel it when it's about to turn or strip, take it slow and have different sets of screw drivers for tolerance. Fitting the bit and the screw is quite crucial if you need to reuse the screw. Use some WD-40 or screw loosener if working with rusty screws, it helps a lot.
  14. I have been using both Mac and a PC desktop at the same time for many years... Windows was really crap when looked back to windows 7/8, but Windows 10 is much more robust than before and it keeps getting better. Many of my friends still complaining about windows 10 ----- for it's slow, or easy to have issues. I looked into my parents' crappy windows 10, my friends' crappy windows 10, even my boss's crappy windows 10..... The solution was actually quite amusing ----- Get rid of all your "cleaning" and "optimizing" softwares and be ware of the "safety" software. There are MANY MANY apps / softwares which make windows unstable and slow, yet they claim they can make your windows better. Just try a clean install windows 10 without anything mentioned above. I mean CLEAN install, not a reset of your laptop with those pre-installed software in your system. You'll see the difference after a couple of months, maybe just even a few hours, you really don't want those parasites in your computer. I have a clean install since the first month they release windows 10, and I have no issues after the first months when the new OS was not quite mature. CLEAN install is the only way, any upgrade from old version is crap. But hell yea OSX is amazing.... Only the price makes me think it's getting close to its limit.
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