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  1. I figure Sony likely are not targeting this camera as a for real Video cam nor even Hybrid. This is more a still camera that can do the occasional press into service Video shoot need. Sony IMHO are viewing the FS-5 , A7S-II/A7R-II ( with the vertical grip ) as the choice for B-cam. In this regard I accept the way A6300 as it is now ..
  2. Well nothing wrong about Fujifilm serving up X-PRO 2 the way it is. Just different tool for different people. In fact I think this is a total non news, if Fujifilm would come out and state they would not put 4K onto the X-T2, then that would be a news. Even way before X-PRO2, Fujifilm had always state its intent to separate model according to customer niche and that they were hard at work on doing proper Video on their next serious multi-role model ( aka the XT series ). It does not take a marketing degree to figure that its well worth to put this proper Video feature into an established model
  3. if you can read Japanese, here's the Catalog for DL
  4. A bit of curiosity, I was reading their feature page and come across this, a build in 3 stop ND filter on the 24-85 model ( no mention of this in the other two ) but its not stated on the spec sheet ... interesting one there. Anyone had any idea
  5. I just do not think the current way BM do the remote control is anything even matching the need .. Sure if we take the intended for close range 802.11 Wi-Fi standard as a measure, with range roughly around 100m to 300m max it might be stretching things but point to point Wi-Fi and Long Range Wi-Fi is very mature technology and implemented in numerous industrial / military / communication solutions with great capacity, way beyond what this camera asked for .. my take is that, if BM want to market this as something in this field, then they should provide the solution instead of just the camera .
  6. I was at first quite excited about this camera, but when its full spec and feature are known, I just shake my head, OK its supposed to be used outdoor, remote , that's what BM try to market it but they leave out the most important part of that, remote control. How hard is it today to put a Wi-Fi in there and write a straight forward iOS / Android App to run the remote monitoring and control. The way BM do it now is in a straightly studio production mindset in their way of implementing it. Even sub $500.00 DC had remote connection capability that do not require rigging this and rigging that ..
  7. Well it do not do focus, that adapter , AFAIK from what Canon inform .. and it only Zoom and .. well .. why not on the lens @.@ Very simple, because Canon actually do not build the POWER part into the lens .. its not a powered zoom lens, that zoom is squarely old type , the adapter idea is like old days AF adapter in the 70's. Actually consider this, the 80D got Digit 6 processor when G7X-II, announced the same day got Digit 7 , this tell us that the camera sits in development longer than it should be .. I wager Canon probably just do not have any to show before 5D-IV ( when they ac
  8. why GH5 .. I see no reason for Panasonic to abandon the M4/3 format that Panasonic take so much effort and time to build for themselves. That said, why not take the Varicam line and build something along it as the Super 35 platform , who is to say Panasonic cannot have 2 platform of a system, one 4/3 sensor sized, and one Super-35. Canon Cine EOS is pretty much taking the same route, just in a different fashion. A VariCam model that kind of matching the FS5/FS7 , and yet another one a hybrid like the GH, but likely with interchangeable mount ( active ) for M4/3, PL, Canon EF and might be
  9. Well there is no BSI image sensor in Panasonic stable, but they have something called SmartFSI ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPec2EaBSSM ) that's actually very smart technology , but looking like Panny is still struggling with yield and they probably still unable to put the tech onto a large sensor application. The other big sensor tech is stacking , but right now only Sony shown capable to do it on a scale. Ominvision and Samsung all shown them but can only do very limited delivery and they have not employ it on anything big. My take is Sony also is trying to further the technology. So u
  10. look like hitting all the right note ; now we need some quality fast APS-C OSS E mount lens , especially wide angles , wonder if the G-Master lineup will give us some surprise down the road.. a bit worry about battery life though
  11. Like the CFast 2.0 , but think Canon should just give us two of them. It can so easily get confused over which go where on the field with the 2 very similar cards and identica looking sots. Not so happy with the way Canon try to limit the Video capability though ( and same for Nikon on their D5 ). There are numerous field application where its simply impractical to carry a Still and a Video cam both. Might be Canon should port the Still capability onto their Cine-EOS C100/C300/C500 or they should at least give us some more robust and decent Video on their TOP model. Same goes for Nikon again h
  12. Referring the new Star War Movie to Feminist is typical stereotyping, and a rather irrational and somewhat sexist .. as for the movie, it just get me back to the core , the fundamental, the essential of what Photography and then Cine brings, that is to record a true event, scene, and a world. And this is what made it grand. No amount of wizardry can best mother nature in providing the perfect backdrop , setting, and stage , period what the tech do is bringing that backdrop into a visual entity that we the viewer can feel it, enjoy it, and admire it , together with the story unfolding , that to
  13. ​ It's very possibly cultural, as well . One of the finer line people in the entertainment industry had to trek is about the ( lack of ) common background culturally and knowledge wise one might or would process as an audience/viewer. Which might and would distort the meaning or by convey, a different sentiment, & meaning from what the original intended. Many shows from US, and UK tend to rely too much on local culture that its too easy missed on foreign viewer and even many of their own. This is in fact very much the case also nowadays of shows coming from Asia and Europe alike. Not to m
  14. Seriously this article is one of the worst I've seen posted on EOSHD. Its a gross mis-interpretation of events still unfolding and basically none to do with what the author argue upon ( notably artistic and creative freedom ) I do agree and abide with him upon the need to protect such rights. But seriously Mr. Clarkson's action past and well this one is not having anything to do with that. I suppose its just basic human decency that its yes, its OK to offend, so long you having a just reason for that That though does not include discrimination of sexual role, race, gender, or even simple thing
  15. ​Humbly I disagree , I used to do chemical wet darkroom, and now I do my own digital and print myself. DR is very crucial in all cases. Yes its true that old timer photographic paper usually can't muster 10 stop ( in fact that's why the good old zone system are based upon ) But having the DR is important . especially we have digital now and this is the same for Still as well for Video. Truely any over exposed or underexposed part of a capture just mean there's no data to work on. where if the DR allows, a capture that have data that's not over blown or true black means something to work on and
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