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  1. Does the g80 ibis work with the metabones speed boosters?
  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the ibis works with lenses like sigma 18-35. The shakey nature of gh4 always put me off it for handheld work, but if something like the sigma can be used handheld with the g80 for the cost it would be a great option.
  3. Agreed. Shooting raw gives a bit more latitude i've found but it is still a very light hungry camera no matter what. It's even more difficult to manage when the sensor is windowed.
  4. I still haven't seen any mention of 4k 120p on the inferno.
  5. I think whats frustrating for a lot of people is that its purely camera dependent. My UM4.6k is perfect, no magneta casts, very little FNP, no issues with cross-hatching etc. Where as some users have all of that in their cameras.
  6. Thanks, I'll try the fs5 again, perhaps shooting in 10 bit hd will help. I would like like another ursa but the low light performance isn't good enough I think and I'd be worried if some clients prefer natural ambient light (aka fuck all light). If the fs5 doesn't match I'll try another ursa.
  7. I recently picked up the ursa mini 4.6k and have been blown away by it over the last few weeks. The image is gorgeous and I haven't had any of the problems that have plagued the launch of this camera so far (touch wood ..). The only downside is that it is really showing up my fs5. 8 bit 4K is so bland to grade compared to raw 4:1 or pro res 4444 files and with cheap ssds I've found the ursa workflow pretty good even for our first wedding with it. So I have a few options if you wouldn't mind hearing me about . 1) Do I keep the fs5 and keep practicing my colour grading to try and match the two up? Sony skin tones aside the images from it can look good but always feel stretched? Noise is reasonable compared to the UM 4.6k with 3200 being useable, 6400 at a push, NDs are amazing obviously. 2) Sell the fs5 for another b cam, another UM 4.6k? Feels a bit overkill but colour matching would be easier and high quality images. My concern with this is having both cameras locked at 1600 iso (which is relatively noisey as well) would mean using more lights etc which isn't always practical . Is there anything that can match in the UM 4.6k or come close in the £3-5k price range? Maybe sell the fs5 and see what else comes along in the next few months? With the price increase the fs5 still has some good resale value. Thanks
  8. After trying both, went with the ursa. Amazing files. The fs700 is good no doubt but we already have an o7q+ for the fs5 and I really don't like how it feels in the hands. One day I might get it.
  9. The odyssey can definitely do the 4k 120p, I have the fs5 with raw and a 7q+ here and we use it a fair bit. It does 3.8ish seconds before stopping and buffers the files (it takes about 4-5 seconds to get them to the odyssey). I don't know if the Atomos will be able to do it, or the CDNG raw highspeed just because I know the Odyssey uses 2 ssds to get the raw highspeed written...not sure on the 4k burst (I don't think the odyssey is limiting factor here but the camera...it can't output the 4k 120p signal for very long).
  10. Yeah the UM4.6k dngs are fantastic to mess about with. I may just need to stump up and rent it to try it for myself.
  11. That would be great Ben, if you had some s log prores stuff that would be great too. Aaron thanks, It doesn't look too big or heavy especially stripped down. I guess it comes down to price. 3.5k for fs700/o7q+ with all the trimmings, vs 4.3k for Ursa 4.6k, + batteries + cards + top rail and other bits needed (already own a viewfinder I could use on it) is 5k easily.
  12. I do love the 4.6k files, not sure how well it would mix with the fs5 even with the pro res/raw and a recorder. With variable NDs is it something you would bring to events ? Or is it a strictly studio camera?
  13. Hi I've been really enjoying using my fs5 and c100 for weddings/events/documentaries and some corporate stuff. What I have struggled with though is matching slog2 on the fs5 to the c100. Even using more neutral profiles like cine4 can be very tricky. The c100 has great ergonomics and colour but the lack of HFR is a bit of a downer. I'd like to keep the c100 just for run and gun but for more high budget affairs then two cameras with HFR and colour matching is appealing. The option of a metabones XL ultra, FS700 with 4k upgrade and a odyssey 7q+ with ssds/batteries came available to us for £3500 which seems too good to pass up? It would match quite nicely with the fs5 as they should be able to be in the same slog2/colour space and with the o7q+. The ergonomics of the fs700 put me off slightly, but they dont seem insurmountable. I'm just wondering if people had experiences still using the fs700 and what they thought of the quality in todays market? TLDR: Is £3500 for a used fs700 + o7q+ a good deal and worth it in todays market? Thanks.
  14. FS5 is a great camera out the box, has everything that you want on that list and more - also has the option to be a raw shooting monster (the raw quality out the fs5 is fantastic - fs700 quality at least and slog3 support coming in August which will be a massive boost) with upgrade + O7q+/inferno. Its small enough and light enough that handholding is fine, not so much with a big recorder on the top but you probably won't need the raw recording unless you are on sticks/shoulder mount anyway. It is possible to handhold but you are looking at about 5kg with lens/battery/o7q+drives etc.
  15. This is from another forum: Hey Folks, A lot of people were wondering about the quality of CDNG files from the FS5. I wanted to share an single frame test image I took with the FS5. You can open it in Photoshop or Resolve. I suggest playing with the RAW controls just to see how incredible the quality is. Take the exposure slider and pull it way up to around +1.5. Yes there's a bit of noise, but I think I could have overexposed by a couple of stops and not lost much in the highlights. The Odyssey 7Q+ ships with LUT's that help you overexpose. Notice that Photoshop opens the image at 16 bit. The lens is the Sony FE 4/16-35. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhu8ngin9i...00368.dng?dl=0 Enjoy!
  16. 4K raw cdng files from fs5 absolutely can be as good as still images and it can do 120fps. The image quality is extremely impressive. But it's an inflexible and heavy setup. this was a test frame someone posted using Sony fe 16-35 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhu8ngin9ib6l1j/CLIP0000139_0000368.dng?dl=0 When o7q+ supports slog3 it will be even better IMO. it says fs700 in acr but it was just pre fitmware.
  17. The fs5 raw codes are starting to ship now. Reports in that the 10 bit prores conversion is gives about the same or slighty better than the internal XAVC-I from the fs7 (which makes sense). Haven't seen anyone try the raw itself yet.
  18. Jpr

    FS5 2.0 released.

    Yep..I would pay the same amount for a 5 inch recorder with 7q+ features as a 7 inch one just for size and weight reduction.
  19. Jpr

    FS5 2.0 released.

    It's a linear 12 bit signal, so the 7q+ and atomos inferno should be able to record that as a 10 bit prores 4K file which I think is more useful to myself than the raw signal itself. Lets hope its it's as good as the fs700.
  20. Jpr

    FS5 2.0 released.

    Ver2.00 1. The ND filter density can now be adjusted automatically. 2. Shooting and recording in RAW mode is now supported. (“CBKZ-FS5RIF” (sold separately) is required) 3. The zebra function has been enhanced, allowing you to select two types of setting. Also, the level settings can now be adjusted in 1% increments. 4. You can now select the audio that is output in the headphones. 5. You can now acquire and record position information when shooting using the GPS function. The long awaited auto ND feature is pretty amazing. It is very smooth and assignable so you can easily turn it off and on. When you turn it off the ND stays on the previous setting so no awkward blips. Very happy with this feature as an event/documentary shooter. Can't wait to test the raw feature when its out. This video I found shows the feature in action. Being able to change the depth of field on the fly without exposure changing is pretty neat - I can see lots of uses for this again as an event shooter.
  21. The reason to get the FS5 is the ability to swap between an ergonomically friendly video camera with good, but not amazing quality image (similar to A7r/s 4k) to a much less ergonomically friendly but raw/prores shooting monster like the fs700 with the new update (2.00 just came out today). The auto ND feature works and is actually REALLY useful for my event shooting. Can't wait to test it more today.
  22. Been using this on my FS5 and its just amazing - with digital zoom and different adapters I can make it anywhere from 22ish mm all the way to 60mm so its very adaptable and at F1 with speedbooster it is still very sharp and produces lovely bokeh. I prefer using it at around F1.8-F2 but that is still plenty good. Electronic ND covers the lack of thread for most shooting situations. Use my tamron 24-70 2.8 VC for handheld stuff and where I need more reach and OIS - the tamron is a good lens but not in the same league sharpness wise.
  23. ● Optionally record 4K (4096x2160) RAW RAW at 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 59.94p, recording to the AXS-R5 external recorder attached with the HXR-IFR5 interface unit (sold separately).* It is possible to simultaneously record XAVC HD on SxS memory cards in the camcorder’s internal dual media slots. Approximately 4 seconds of cached 4K RAW can be output at 100fps or 120fps. It is also possible to output continuous 2K RAW at 100, 120, 200 or 240 fps as 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p or 59.94p. 4k at 120 is possible yeah.
  24. We do events/weddings mostly here in the UK, no one cares about gear or 4k really. People like slo-mo and reasonable quality work. Reasonable market for high quality but mostly mid-low.
  25. Hopefully this confirms it:). Though the language in the text is weird. Looking forward to NAB !
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