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  1. I think that A7S-III it's not in the market probably because of this r5 But Sony, if rumors of 60/15 megapixel quad pixel are true (androidlad not always is correct) will bring on the market a camera similar to this, but probably better spec wise.. 61 megapixel 10 fps or 15 megapixel 40 fps Video 8k with rolling shutter or video 4k 120p without rolling shutter using 15 megapixel The best of both world
  2. Gianluca

    Fuji X-T4

    It isn't full pixel, it's written in the chart
  3. For a6300? I can already imagine the answer...
  4. Only 4k 60p in s35 mode? I cannot believe this is true.... A7sM4 ??? This chart is a sr0 rumor at least..
  5. Raw it's 12 bit linear.... No way for 14 ev dynamic range
  6. Aces slog2.cine3 in resolve, combined with my avisynth program mdegrain3 for noise reduction.... Perfect image quality...
  7. I really don't understand the benefit to go with 15 megapixel from 12.... Moreover there's a 48 megapixel quad pixel sensor like this 60/4...
  8. I've purchased colorized aces slog2.cine3 and, finally, I can enjoy shot in slog mode on my a6300.... It's like have a raw file when you can get a proper exposure moving only one slider, i think that the same with withe balance.. Color are super accurate with finally red object that are red and not orange.... Thank you so much..
  9. And what the point of 15 megapixel and not 12? To have a crop? In still mode, it's possibile to get 61 megapixel images?
  10. There is no Full Frame 4K60P yet.... Idx2 it's apsh and s1h it's apsc
  11. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-pxw-z750-eng-camcorder-and-new-xavc-code-version-announced/ No hevc codec announced, 200 mbps xavc-L instead
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