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  1. Androidlad you always write wrong spec, always.. " 1 seems to have insane rolling shutter performance for video. Only 2ms for 8K 30P, thanks to DRAM being made available for video read-out modes for the first time ever. In stills mode, this increases to 5ms @14bit readout."
  2. Ok, but you want noise in daylight situation? Add in post.... Detail is there, if you want a dirty image is possible. A7S series is ads as a CLEAN 12 megapixel full frame camera, not a noisy one even in daylight
  3. I think that it's mostly user error.... A7S-III have high quality full hd mode, same readout than 4k... In full hd a7s series have better low light performance and a better noise reduction, simply because there's no need to use an high numbers when reduction have the benefit of removing noise... In good light there's no problem, when light is gone, shot 1080p
  4. Yes, but A7S-III have a very much better slowmotion quality with a very much better af system, better rolling shutter and better stabilization using gyro data and fast shutter speed
  5. With A7S-III you have to turn off sensor stabilization and import clip in Sony software before and stabilize with gyro data... Much better result
  6. In A7III, not A7S-III in Tony video
  7. Dual sd recording Full size hdmi 16 bit raw output Bye Bye R5...
  8. How Canon have been able to capture 4k 60p video quality similar to 4k 30p but with 1/2x scanning time? https://www.*BAD_URL*/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=canon_eos1dxiii&attr29_1=canon_eos1dxiii&attr29_2=sony_a9&attr29_3=canon_eos1dxii&attr72_0=4k_60&attr72_1=c4k&attr72_2=4k&attr72_3=c4k&normalization=full&widget=766&x=-0.09664161374798584&y=0.34155303469199166 60p 30p. 24p DCI 4K (Full-width) 14.9 ms 29.3 ms 29.3 ms DCI Crop (Super35) 14.4 ms 14.4 ms 14.4 ms UHD 4K 14.9 ms 29.3 ms—
  9. No software can decode with enough speed at this moment
  10. I think that A7S-III it's not in the market probably because of this r5 But Sony, if rumors of 60/15 megapixel quad pixel are true (androidlad not always is correct) will bring on the market a camera similar to this, but probably better spec wise.. 61 megapixel 10 fps or 15 megapixel 40 fps Video 8k with rolling shutter or video 4k 120p without rolling shutter using 15 megapixel The best of both world
  11. Gianluca

    Fuji X-T4

    It isn't full pixel, it's written in the chart
  12. For a6300? I can already imagine the answer...
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