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  1. There is no Full Frame 4K60P yet.... Idx2 it's apsh and s1h it's apsc
  2. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-pxw-z750-eng-camcorder-and-new-xavc-code-version-announced/ No hevc codec announced, 200 mbps xavc-L instead
  3. Androidlad, i don"t understand... This new imx551 have 16 lane readout for video as you say , vs 1 lane imx445.... and get 21ms rolling shutter apsc? What the deal? There's nothing crazy about or not?
  4. But can output 8k or not with this 15/60 megapixel sensor? I don't understand why Sony had to use this 16 lane sensor for what? Video? Not...... photo? Maybe but it seem overkill
  5. Here we are, next day's all this global shutter sensor news became reality!
  6. Androidlad, ok QE and and DR, but readout speed faster than a 4 time less megapixel....
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