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Best camera for 60fps to Slowmo at 720p or 1080p?

Damon S

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We are producing slow motion video portraits for a large public artwork and need a recommendation on cameras.  We are shooting closeup faces in a portrait setting and then slowing them down anywhere from 2x to 6x.  I am finding that having 60 frames/sec is massively helpful when using Twixtor/AFX motion blending. 


Our current tests were produced using a d800 at 720p60 but I am finding that the video quality is weirdly low, and it looks like an encoding issue.  We also need to deploy this as a photobooth rig and the d800 is a) expensive and B) has shallower DOF than I would like due to FX.


Can anyone recommend a camera that does good 60fps at 720p or higher resolution?  We would ideally like to use HDMI and encode to disk but other workflows are considerable too.



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For the price grab a GH2, throw a eoshd 88mbit hack on it. The 720p slo mo is great, resolution is on par with canon 1080p when upressed.


OP could even get by with a gh1. the hacks for that when i used it were great as well. last i saw the gh2 body was going for $500 on amazon. pair it with a canon fd mount 50mm/1.8 or 1.4 and you should be set. though with the crop factor, 50mm (100mm equiv) could potentially be a little too long, depending on your photobooth setup. if you need autofocus, go with a native lens

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Yep, A cheap GH2 or even cheaper GH1 would definitely do the trick. The only issue with the GH1 is that the HDMI out doesn't work while you're recording video. So that might be a deal breaker for you with the Photo Booth setup. However, the GH2 is fine. so yeah, that's probably you best choice. Also the GH1 or 2 will have deeper depth of field due to the smaller sensor. The recommendation of a 50mm lens is good if you are out and about and want to shoot telephoto but I would recommend a wider lens for the Photo Booth. Maybe a 24mm or 28mm lens instead. You can get a cheap Canon FD mount 28mm and an FD adaptor on ebay or Amazon.

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