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  1. I just wanted to quickly pop in here after reading the article. It's not that I disagree with Andrew's words on the A7III, or that it's ranked in the number 2 spot but that you had nothing positive to say about it. Again, it's not that anything you said was necessarily wrong. But how about giving it credit for shaking things up. For being the new de facto for "Entry level" full frame. For not holding back where other camera manufacturers would have. Yes, the Fuji has some of the best video quality but I'd say it's only just 'Slightly' better than the A7III. I have a feeling that a lot of
  2. Sounds like you're describing the Micro Studio Camera 4K. ;-)
  3. Question about the a6300: How bad is the rolling shutter in 1080p? I have to say, this "Sounds" like my perfect camera for me: - Super 35/APS-C sensor. - Great low-light performance. - In body stabilization. - Small size. - Very adaptable lens mount. - 120 HFR. These are literally all the features that I've been wanting in a camera for the last four or five years now. I almost got a G80/85 recently because it has stabilization but the micro 4/3 format means more of a crop and not as good low light performance. I also have an m4/3 camera and I'm
  4. 5. All of the above. Obviously it's the sensor at the base of the image chain. How much light it can capture, bit depth at which it captures it and how accurate it is matter a lot. But even before that, the lens you use is what the sensor is capturing so that might be even more important than the sensor itself. The processor applies color science to decode the sensor data into an image that looks good so that has a lot to do with it as well. The codec then takes away data and accentuates other details and so on. So that has a lot to do with the image too. Finally, the artist behind the c
  5. It's funny, I have only minimal interest in 4k video in the first place and even less in 6k. For my needs, better low light performance, less rolling shutter distortion and in body stabilization are way more enticing features. My dream features would be if they added compressed raw and global shutter. I'm tired of the resolution wars. Make the cameras more useful please. But I'm a realist and I know that will never happen in a pro-sumer camera.
  6. Just came across this. It's the full onstage announcement. Apparently it's not called the Osmo but rather the Zenmuse X5R:
  7. I see. Thats to bad. I thought by now it'd be more prevalent by now. In body stabilization has the advantage of working with any lens. I'm sure lens based stabilization is superior in some way but I would have to buy all new lenses and I'm not to keen on that.
  8. Okay, I've been away for a little while now and haven't been keeping an eye on the DSLR video world lately. I've been working at a small CGI animation studio and haven't even been able to shoot video lately. I'm a bit behind the times now. So, here's the thing, I'm going to be traveling soon and I want o shoot some cool travel-log stuff but my current camera isn't going to cut it. So, I've been thinking about getting a new camera. Currently I have a GH1 and it's a bit long in the tooth (whatever that means). It's not a bad camera but it gets really bad in low light, I'm kind of over the Mi
  9. Miraizon is only $50. That's the way I would go. I was actually just wondering about this the other day: How are people who have a BMPCC supposed to edit their ProRes Files on a PC without something like this? I mean, it seems to me, the benefit of using ProRes on a camera is that it's a drop-in editing format… As long as you are using a Mac though. What's the windows world supposed to do? I really don't understand why there isn't a more accessible ProRes codec for Windows.
  10. This is my music that I make all on my own: Let me know if you like it and want to use any of it. :-)
  11. Hey, I work at a studio that does stop motion. I've actually been in this industry since the early 90's. So, any kind light that you on a live shoot works for stop motion. We use everything from 100K Arri's to tiny peppers, and sometimes even simple incandescent clip on lights. If you're really worried about light flickering just use longer exposures and avoid florescent lights. It's not really something that we worry about. More troublesome are the cameras that we've used in the past that have automatic/motorized Apertures. Every time you shoot off a frame, it's actually slightly different.
  12. One thing I haven't seen mentioned or tested is the global shutter. I think this is where 4K Production camera will blow the GH4 out of the water with it's rolling shutter. Really, this is the main reason I would go with it over the GH4 in my opinion. A good example being: shoot hand held with a very long lens. It will be a mess of jello-vision on the GH4 but look normal on the Production camera. The 4K production camera will also look a lot better when stabilized too. I don't know, I kind of feel like the GH4 and the Black Magic Production camera 4K are going to be used in entierly different
  13. I know I'm probably just going to come off as a hipster for saying this but... I really love the look of early anamorphic cinema lenses and this lens has non of that. For my tastes, it's far to clean and clinical. Yes, the edges are so clean and sharp but that's what i'm looking for in anamorphic. It has a kind of personality that doesn't exist in this lens. It looks more like a nice lens that's been cropped and an effect added to it for the flares. It's like if someone saw that Holga cameras are selling again and said, "We going make a new Holga type camera but ours is going to be better; No
  14. Hmmm. So, I've seen footage that looks really great coming out of this camera so I have a feeling the softness has more to do with the lens or just plane being out of focus.   The thing I'm most concerned with is that with the small size and low weight comes potentially nasty shaky footage and wobble vision rolling shutter. How is he able to shoot this stuff handheld?   Hmmm. Now that I've looked at the footage in Resolve... Ugh... I really don't understand. Are these actually the files from the camera or are they files that came out of an intermediate step? They don't seem to ha
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