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  1. GravitateMediaGroup

    Panasonic GH4 user films, tests, reviews and opinions

    youtube 96fps to 60fps testing
  2. peaking water proof which brand mic?? canon duel AF built in ND filters (like canon has done the past few years) can we get the 10 inch screen from the ursa also?
  3. GravitateMediaGroup

    Meet the Forbes 70 - an IMAX 70mm motion picture camera prototype

    was a cost mentioned? sorry if I missed it.
  4. GravitateMediaGroup

    GH3 low light hack?

    I have a raw shooting mk3 and I will disagree with you on this.
  5. GravitateMediaGroup

    BMCC, C100, or FS100 - Camera Advice

      i've stuck with rokinon because of their affordability and for the most part always have positive reviews, I've not regretted any and I have a mft 8mm fish, 14 t3.1, t35, t85, the 85mm looks REALLY nice IMO.    If you want a good deal on my 14mm I'm looking to sell it to get a sigma or slr magic   also, if what you have tried shooting handheld with a 24mm (on bmcc) isn't going to look very pleasant. as I said on the other message board, I've achieved very usable handheld with post stabilization...but that footage with with a 14mm lens and me walking like a ninja while having a nice firm grip to prevent bobble.
  6. GravitateMediaGroup

    TERRIBLE static in BMCC footage

    you guys want to team up and make a video (shot only on BMCC) about the trolls or canon fan boys (I respect canon, their fans on the other hand)   if Jeremy's footage ends up in the cutting room looking little rough, we know Hurtin can clean it up  :P
  7. GravitateMediaGroup

    TERRIBLE static in BMCC footage

    @hurtin   use the AE workflow if you are going to really try and recreate the issue.  
  8. GravitateMediaGroup

    TERRIBLE static in BMCC footage

    Word is BMD took a look at the DNSs and they are considering the camera defective.
  9. GravitateMediaGroup

    TERRIBLE static in BMCC footage

    The plot is about to thicken....
  10. GravitateMediaGroup

    TERRIBLE static in BMCC footage

    I guess that makes sense, because I have noticed with raw just the slightest color change or very very slight pinch of NR has very noticeable results,  so I guess a slight pinch of "high/low correction" will do the same.
  11. GravitateMediaGroup

    TERRIBLE static in BMCC footage

    @HurtinMinorKey   Lets not close the case yet, because some things are still up in the air.   Others do not have this issue using AE, and your results testing the DNGs in Resolve have been positive, and we know the footage isn't a complete waste (tying to help the guy get a few hours of his life back ; ) .  What is going on in AE that would create this other than "pushing too far" because lets say a person DIDN'T push in post but still see the noise?  Could a export setting or project setting cause this?  Possibly a debayer issue?  Maybe AE is doing something "auto" during export?     Basically, now that we're sure it isn't a hardware issue, it's obviously a workflow/software issue....but what? lol 
  12. GravitateMediaGroup

    BUTTERFLIES (bmcc w/glidecam hd2000)

  13. GravitateMediaGroup

    FLoAT (bmcc w/glidecam & cobracrane

    This edit isn't to focus on flaws, raw ability, image quality/detail, highlights or shadows.  Just a simple Glidecam test along with a few CobraCrane shots.  It's no MoVI but i'll settle for it being that it's about $14k cheaper.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d395j6x4RJg
  14. GravitateMediaGroup

    Rokinon 35mm Unusable at T1.5

    the rokinon 35mm is my most used lens
  15. GravitateMediaGroup

    Everyone Agree on 50Mbps?

      Technically, wouldn't this be because IPB is pulling less detail than ALL-I.....that's the way I always look at this. so it's one or the other.