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  1. Mere speculation, but a MFT camera with 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording (and the possibility of external RAW), LOG, decent low light performance, great dynamic range, and proper audio inputs for significantly less than the C300 Mark II or FS7 could certainly disrupt the industry. If the rumored GH4 firmware update is true, it's already got a lot of those features so I don't think these would be unrealistic specs.
  2. In the video quality charts from 2014 it's noted that the 1DC's ranking is based on "lightly graded only." Does it not grade well or have you reversed your decision about that? On a different note, I think I must be the only person who thinks that the a7s is the most overrated camera of 2014. It's gotten to the point where the differences in image quality between these budget "film making" cameras is difficult to truly discern without side-by-side comparisons and really focusing on minute aspects of the image. The a7s has some strengths in extreme circumstances (e.g. low light and high dyna
  3. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but the math makes sense. Let's look at a really simple example, say converting a 2x2 pixel video to 1 pixel video with 2-bit luma channel. 4K is roughly 4 times the resolution of 1080p, so in this example it is the same down-coversion. For 2-bit luma we can have a value of 0, 1, 2, or 3. Let's say we take our 2x2 video and the pixels end up with luma values of 2, 2, 2, and 1. Now, let's average these value for our 1 pixel, down-converted video and we end up with a luma value of 1.75, a value that can't be represented by our 2-bit luma values. For this averaged
  4. I don't think looking like "TV" is necessarily an inherently bad thing. I think we're used to the Alexa as a gold standard of "cinematic" image because that camera is used so often on great films that are coupled with excellent cinematography, actors, etc. Last years Best Picture nominees were all shot on Alexas. Naturally, we're going to equate cameras that produce similar-looking images (e.g. RED and Blackmagic) with "cinematic-ness." This type of image also best mimics film (in my opinion at least), which is what we have equated with cinema for decades. The Cinema EOS line and a lot
  5. Curious as to whether this thing will be prohibitively expensive or how much Sony will cripple it in order to sell it at a more affordable price point. If it is in the $10,000+ price range and not crippled, what really differentiates it from an F5? Probably way too much to ask for, but I'm hoping for "F55 quality" 10-bit internal 4K with all the pro connections (XLR, SDI, etc) stripped off to lower the cost in a DSLR body for around $5K. With the Blackmagic 4K cam and GH4 at much lower price points and similar specs, I don't think it's unrealistic, but I doubt Sony would do it. Co
  6. As an absolute amateur enthusiast, I enjoy reading reviews of high end gear on a blog geared toward budget filmmakers. I think it gives a much better perspective than reading the opinions of Hollywood professionals. I'm sure everyone has their own list of dream gear and I think it's great to see someone who has been able to snatch some of his up. Plus, there's only so much consumer gear out there...Andrew has to find something new to write about if we want to have something to read a couple times a week :) Hell, if I found these lenses at that price, I'd buy two sets :P
  7. Right now my widest lens is the Canon 24 1.4.  On the BMCC it's like 55mm, so I definitely need to get something wider if I stick with the BMCC.
  8. I've had the Black Magic Cinema Camera (EF version) since April, coming from a hacked GH2. I kind of jumped on the BMCC fanboy bandwagon and jumped into the camera without really studying other options at the time. It's capable of some pretty great images, but overall, I just don't like the camera. It stinks for any type of handheld shooting, the crop factor is a pain to deal with, pretty much every hard drive I own is full of RAW footage even though I try to delete what I'm not using, and it takes a ton of time just to grade a shot to get it to look "normal" and sync audio from my external re
  9. The BMCC has 1/4" balanced audio inputs, which, with a proper cable or adapter, is essentially XLR.
  10. I may as well go to NAB and announce an 8K Cinema Camera with 15 stops of dynamic range.  I'd probably have a better shot of getting it to market before Blackmagic.   In all seriousness though, these cameras look awesome, but they still can't ship the product they announced a year ago and now they are set to announce two products?  How can they devote development and manufacturing time to new products when they can't even mass produce a product that's existed for a year now?
  11. [quote name='Bruno' timestamp='1343525799' post='14691'] Yes, of course the DOF changes with the sensor size, what I meant is that it doesn't change the amount of light you need, therefore if you need an aperture of 2.8 to shoot a certain scene, it will be 2.8 regardless of the sensor size. [/quote] I didn't claim otherwise regarding the amount of light needed, only DOF.
  12. I've watched this footage and the older test clips on my 55" TV and it looks good on there. The color looks great and the noise isn't very apparent. My biggest issue with the camera so far is the 2.4X crop factor which really limits the choice of wide lenses and shallow DOF. I'm not saying this might not be a great camera, it's just that it might have some pretty big limitations depending on one's shooting style. To get anything wider than an almost 50mm FF equivalent it seems you're stuck with zoom lenses: either the Tokina 11-16 or Canon 10-22. The Tokina
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