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  1. Keep us updated if you get a chance to use the speedbooster on it. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know if the M43 version of the Metabones speedbooster will work on m43 mount of the Digital Bolex?
  3. I would go with 2 FS700s. Have money left over for 2 speed boosters and few different options of cannon glass.
  4. vas907

    GH3 catch up thread

    From shooting and testing alot of different color profile settings I personally like the skin tones vivid gives me. I'm not into shooting super flat and having to turn up staturation in post all the time so I find vivid gives me the correct saturation levels out of the camera most of the time at -2.
  5. vas907

    GH3 catch up thread

    I shot it in vivid -5 everything except for sat which was -2.
  6. vas907

    GH3 catch up thread

    https://vimeo.com/70366688   https://vimeo.com/67036518   30sec spot for TV. Glass used were OM 12mm f2, Panny 20mm f1.7, and  Nikkor 55mm f1.2. Really loving GH3 and I still get surprized seeing some of the footage that comes from this camera. Locally most people are using FS700s for TV and I'm happy that such a little camera holds it's own against footage shot on the FS700.
  7. It's my understanding that you'll still need the HXR-IFR5 interface for 4k raw right? And you'll have to pay for every codec or rent per day including sony codecs? If they are giving you the option to rent a codec for a day shoot for a production house this can't be cheap.
  8. Appreciate the reply FilmMan.
  9. I'm assuming Leica Rs. How do you rate these compared to modern glass, canon L lenses, Nikon etc. Saving up for a FS700 or 1DC and I'm not invested in Canon or Nikon glass and I honestly hate the look of Canon glass on Sony FS100/FS700.
  10. Peaking on such a little screen is is pointless honestly, punching is alot more useful to me. Can we please get the screen info to stay on at all times, eff peaking just let me have my info on all the time!
  11.   Andrew so it is possible to get a clean 1080 60p image out of the GH3? Any idea reasonable recorders that can capture 1080 60p you can recommend?
  12. For the price grab a GH2, throw a eoshd 88mbit hack on it. The 720p slo mo is great, resolution is on par with canon 1080p when upressed.
  13. No 1080p 60fps. Such a a shame or would switch in a heart beat.
  14. It's great times to be a film maker. I really hope to see support for higher frame rates in the future. But for S35 sensor with 12bit raw the price point is really in the money for us budget film makers.
  15. It's pretty evident that the edges on the pole are clearly sharper on the 5d mkII. But what ever the 5D mkIII is doing it is doing a great job and reducing noise.
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