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  1. Thanks Mondo.  The Voightlander is a little steep for this application.  Do you have experience with the Panasonic 25mm or Olympus 45mm?   Thanks
  2. We plan to shoot a series of video motion portraits using a GH3 and wonder what is the best lens to use?  We would like to shoot at somewhere between 50-80mm in 35-equiv.   Thanks
  3. Guys, this is awesome, thanks!  Re the RX100 - does it have usable HDMI out for live video at 1080p60?
  4. We are producing slow motion video portraits for a large public artwork and need a recommendation on cameras.  We are shooting closeup faces in a portrait setting and then slowing them down anywhere from 2x to 6x.  I am finding that having 60 frames/sec is massively helpful when using Twixtor/AFX motion blending.    Our current tests were produced using a d800 at 720p60 but I am finding that the video quality is weirdly low, and it looks like an encoding issue.  We also need to deploy this as a photobooth rig and the d800 is a) expensive and B) has shallower DOF than I would like due to FX.   Can anyone recommend a camera that does good 60fps at 720p or higher resolution?  We would ideally like to use HDMI and encode to disk but other workflows are considerable too.   Thanks
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