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  1. Thanks for the answer. I actually guessed, because not only did it take 3 months to get the answer, people who used the cam (in advance) never mentioned it. It was one of the very 1st things mentioned by owners of the A7S series cams. So, Pany decides to throw everything but the kitchen Crop markers on this cam, which makes buying an external monitor for Crop Markers (your shot composition!!) essential. Shame. Ridiculous in 2017. Almost as bad as Canon not doing it either. Dont they promote this cam for making movies? You will not find one cinema camera on earth that doesent have this feature. Except of course, the Canon 1DC. But low light is very average anyway, and this just killed it. Your witness. NAB 2017.
  2. Andrew, Congrats on your new GH5! Now for the (2) two million dollar questions - if you would be so kind; 1. Does this camera have Crop Markers (2:35,2:40,1:85 etc...) ? 2. Does this camera have the Monochrome/ Black & White (or whatever they call it now) option in which to view the EVF/LCD monitor ?? Thank you.
  3. lafilm

    GH5 Prototype

    Hey thanks again for the info. Hope they do add these features. jonpais - Yes, that's right. I should have used the word Monochrome but none of the young guys seems to know what I'm talking about when I say Mono. Maybe I'm getting too old haha. Do you have expierence with it? I haven't had this feature since the old days of "Digi Beta". I sure do miss it. If they don't add the Crop marks it will force an external monitor to this system. That would be a real shame since they seem to be listening to working videographers now.
  4. lafilm

    GH5 Prototype

    Luke, thanks for all the info..great stuff. Two questions if you don't mind: 1. Can you shoot with the Viewfinder/LCD set to Black & White? 2. Can you set Crop Marks..like 1:85, 2:35, or 2:40 Crop Lines in Viewfinder and LCD...(like the A7S series) ? Thanks man
  5. I agree with this 100%. And yes, I would pay money to see a found footage movie shot by Ed. Completely agree with this statement. This trailer is way to polished= looks fake.
  6. Snowfun, you're getting some wrong info here. Let me give it to you straight. if you want a dedicated low-light cam, you must go with the A7s ii. The Canon 1D C is more 'Filmic' in my opinion, however there is quite a bit of noise on the 1D C by 4000 -5000 ISO (enough to denoise). I've seen this personally on 2 separate 1D C's. This is a fact on all settings, including C Log. Even the DP famous for his dslr cinematography, Shane Hurlbut, said you can use the 1D C to 4000 iso for web, however for big screen do not go over 3200 ISO. As far as the Sony A7s ii, you can go up to 8,000-10,000 (depending on settings - no S-Log here) with very minor denoise, if any at all. For any footage you want super clean, you will have to denoise A7s ii footage after 12,800. Still, much better in low light than the 1D C. (you will spend mucho time color timing it). 1D C looks much better if you're going for a 'filmic' look with proper colors. (below 5000 ISO) Hope this helps.
  7. James, the authorities will not help you. Period. Read my last two posts. I lost nearly 10 X the amount of money you did. It's over. You got scammed. Life sucks and you move on. You'll never receive a cent from this clown. BTW, nothing he posted is true.
  8. I have to add to my post a minute ago. I was also very angry. Very angry. I thought about hiring a PI to help me track down the guy so I could beat him to death. Seriously. I had the extra cash to do it. The guy was in the US. It would have been expensive, but easy. Very grateful my friends talked me out of it. I would be sitting in prison for life right now over my own stupidity. And I was stupid. But now I'm free mentally and physically and a lot wiser. It could have gotten a lot worse and a lot nastier. Now that I'm thinking about it, I actually feel lucky today. Thanks for reading and good luck moving forward.
  9. The most ridiculous thread in the history of EOSHD. Guys, your money is gone forever. The law won't do shit to help you. You fell for a scam on the internet. It happens. A lot of the world sucks right now. The internet is dangerous. Scams, thefts, robberies, molestation, assaults, stalking, ID theft, and even rape and murder are common now. Craigslist anyone? I was burned out of $3,500 about 4 years ago. 2 different lawyers told me it was going to be impossible to get my money back. Of course I already knew that, but I tried. I was a complete fool. I cannot even say how dumb I was to send money to a complete stranger. You feel more than ripped off. You feel violated. You feel stupid. You feel helpless. It sucks. Learn from it and move on. I did. (yes, it was very hard). The healing will be faster. After a few months your self-esteem will gradually reappear. Meantime, let Andrew ban the clowns from India forever. This is a joke. A very unfunny one.
  10. Nice shots, Ed. I have to admit, all your A7s/A7s ii videos look very filmic. What's your secret sauce if I may ask? And, would you feel comfortable shooting narrative on an A7s ii, or prefer a different mirrorless/dslr (if those were your only choices for shooting). Thanks Ed.
  11. DBounce, thanks for your tests and congratulations on your new cam! Question: We know the new Canon 1DX Mark ii does 12,500 ISO in 4K, and 25,000 ISO in HD. However, is it true in 4K 24p, the image gets super noisy by 8,000 ISO, or before? What would you say is a safe ISO before you need major post work? (say on a narrative feature) Thank you.
  12. A lot of people (on numerous websites) are bashing the 20mm Sigma. Just nuts. Forget the pixel peeping and slight distortion. It's 20mm! It was made for low light photography and it shines on a Sony A7S ii at 3:00 in the morning. Have fun with it!
  13. It is a fact the new Canon 5D Mark 4 will have 4K. Will it have 4K 60p, like the new Canon 1DX Mark ii? NO. Remember, the original 1D X was superior in image quality and low light to the 5D3. This will not change. Pony up the 6K or be happy with the Mark 4 with 24p 4K. And YES, I do believe in Santa Claus.
  14. jcs - Thanks very much for your tests. However, would you please do a LOW LIGHT video test on the 1DX ii?? (in 24p 4K) This is the biggest question most people want answered. Especially, compared to the Sony A7S ii, and the Canon 1D C. I've read ZERO noise until 8,000 ISO. Is this true?? And if so, is it also true you're maxed out to 12,500 ISO in 24p 4K?? And if this is true, what exactly does 12,500 ISO (24p 4K) look like on this new camera?? Workable on a narrative film project?? (Big Screen). Thank you!!!
  15. No noise until you hit (8,000 iso) on the new 1D X ii. That is superior performance than any video camcorder, DSLR and the original Canon 1DX and 1DC. Only the Sony A7S ii is superior in low light.
  16. Whoa! This guy prefers the new Canon 1D X ii - than the Sony FS7! http://nofilmschool.com/2016/05/field-review-canon-eos-1d-x-mark-ii
  17. Agree with this 100%. For anything that you may make $ on, you must future proof your work. It's only a matter of 18 months before 4K DVD's are here...If you don't think everyone will be re-purchasing their favorite movies in 4K...you better think again. Also, think of the camera movement and 200% blow up that looks wonderful in 4K. With the prices $6 grand and under now, it makes no sense to shoot anything in other than 4K now. Any content you can make money on that is. I believe the Sony A7S 3 will have super slow mo in 4K. For now you have 1D X ii, if you don't mind the crop.
  18. I definitely hear you on the Canon ambassador. For some reason it's possible they screwed up on the stills side (I was commenting on the stills). That being said, I have to make a comment about the quality of the video from the new Mark ii. I was at NAB a couple weeks ago. In person, this is exactly what I saw. (with different footage that for some mysterious reason is not on-line anywhere). Again, not the same footage, but the same result. Please view below. Canon 1D C (cannot) achieve this. Not even close.
  19. Not taking sides here...and Throwing all the emotions aside, it's not logical that the new Canon 1D X ii - has zero ISO improvements over it's predecessor. The cam has 2 brand NEW Digital 6 + chips that are far superior than any chips Canon has ever made. This guy says the exact OPPOSITE of DPReview - Hmmmm.... https://cpn-cms.canon-europe.com/content/ambassadors/explorers/marina_cano/blogs/blog3.do
  20. The new Canon 1DX Mark ii does not need Log. In fact at NAB this year, I had 2 separate Canon reps tell me that this new cam replaces the Canon 1D C. You can tweek the cam multiple ways as has already been pointed out in this thread. Btw, the images from the new 1DX really does blow away anything you can capture on any Sony A7S/R -4K. The native DR on the 1DX ii is astonishing for $6,000. A steal. I saw it with my own eyes at the show. Of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To me it screamed cinematic with practically zero tweaking.
  21. Canon 1DX Mark ii - is the best slow motion. I spoke with several popular 'video experts' we all know at this year's NAB. They all said the new Canon 1DX Mark ii - under $10,000 dollars. Of course I saw the images myself on state of the art 4K screens at NAB. It's really gorgeous footage from new Canon flagship model.
  22. Mattias, nice video. I was waiting for your punch line "But I sold it anyway fuckers"!! Lol Nice shots of city. Is this Germany? Have you tried color correcting on Davinci? At least a dozen people I've spoken with about the Sony A series hated the colors, but suddenly fell in love with the camera again, after using Davinci a few hours to work the magic.
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