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My cameras and kit

  1. Here. Remaining time is top on everyone's wish list, very probably it will soon come for the smaller models. As histogram (a nice one!) and audio levels appear through the touchscreen-function 'Head-Up', they might be still missing for the Pocket, but let's be thankful that there are things to come (instead of the theory that BMD abandoned the BMPCC after clearing their storage rooms with the summer special).
  2. text reads: According to Holdan UK the UK distributor for Blackmagic, BMD are going to withdraw the Blackmagic Pocket Camera within the next 24-48hrs. We currently have 6 Pocket cameras available at this price (Due back in stock end of this week). Once they are gone the price will have to rise back up to £558 ex vat so get yours now whilst we have stock at this price. http://www.3dbroadcastsales.com/cameras/cinematic-camcorders/blackmagic-design-cinema-camera/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-7366 Marketing ploy? You decide..
  3. This is a trailer for my new short film which will be getting it's first screening on July 17th. I shot this entirely on two BMPCCs both with speed boosters. I hope you all like it! Trey
  4. Hello, This year started with some new 4k consumer cameras releases and 4k projectors, TVs etc. I'm not an expert, but it seems that this 4k thing is not close to become the standard yet. It took years to get 1080p RAW and once that it hit the market, they released the 4k, but it seems rushed. Now, I'm writing a script for a feature, which I'd like to shoot with my own gear. For that I am planning on buying a BMPCC+speedbooster. That is a major upgrade from my T2i. My question is: Is it a bad investment to get the BMPCC now, or is it wiser to wait and see what the market brings in mid 2014? Thank you
  5. Hello to everyone, I've been looking for a small anamorphic adapter for a long long time from now, and finally, I got mine. I've been hesitating about which one to take : the search of the perfect adapter that would suit all my needs.. for a reasonnable price ofc.. (Yeah, I know..) :rolleyes: Anyway I'm so happy to tell you that I "may" have found it : The Yashica Scope, 1.5x adapter anamorphic for 8mm ! (Well let's make the things clear, I was looking for a tiny, compact, and light weight adapter, to be paired to some old school c-mount lenses on a BMPCC, I don't claim to have found an awesome setup that'll work for every scenarios ! :) ) I've just received it, that's why I'll only share my first feelings in this post, but later when I'll have time to dig more in the subject I'll come back to this. I still need a proper way to attach it to my taking lens. I gave up on step-down ring because I plan to use it most of the time on my Angenieux C-mount lenses which filter thread is 39mm... The Yashica is 30mm.. And I can't find any 39 to 30mm ring. If anyone has any info about a ring that would work, let me know ! ^_^ Anyway, the best way seems to be a custom clamp, still have to work on that... Here are some screenshots : All of these screenshots have been shot with my Angenieux 25mm f/0.95 at fast aperture (even at 0.95 for the indoor shot) with a +1 diopter from Schneider. Above f2.8 with the Angenieux 25mm, you can notice a little of vignetting on the edges, but It doesn't bother me too much, since I doesn't use the whole image, I prefer to crop in order to get a 2.35 or even a 2.10 aspect ratio. 2.66 is way too wide for most of my tastes ! :P And whatever, I'm mostly after the oval bokeh, flares and the overall look of anamorphic depth of field. So I'm good with that.. And It cleans the edges which seem to be pretty blurry on the Yashica. (By the way, above 25mm I haven't seen any vignetting with my c-mount lenses) So, have you ever experienced this anamorphic lens, what would you recommend to me in order to use it the best way possible ? See you later and have a nice day/night to all. (Oh and I apologize for my pretty weak english !) :P
  6. Armando

    BMPCC or GH4?

    Hello everyone, My first post. I'm about to buy BMPCC or a GH4. I'm not sure of which one would suit me best, and I´d like to hear some comments. I'm interested in the experience of everyone who is kind enough to share it, and I don't expect a consensus. Let me pose some questions and add a few details about the problems I'm planning to face with either camera: - I'll be delivering purely HD for at least two or three more years (I live in Mexico, a country that's usually a few years behind the US and the first world...). A 4K ready camera is not a bad thing, but it's not essential. Is the scaled image noticeably better than that of the BMPCC in either ProRes or RAW? Specially in low light. In a few months I'll be shooting stuff for TV, and I´d like to take one of these gals as a B-Cam for an XDcam and a Varicam in different productions. - Shadows. Which do you think is the least noisy of them? I've used DSLR for most of my very few years of shooting video, and I'd really love to see something with clear shadows instead of those pools of dark noise. I know it's not only the camera, any tips on technique for getting nicer shadows would be welcome. - I've decided to get a Speed Booster for whichever I buy (and the 1+2/3 exposure increment for the BM is specially tempting...). I'm not saying goodbye to my Nikon glass nor bokeh in general, and the chance of adding some Canon lenses with another adapter in the future would be lovely - specially if my wallet ever does thicken. - Dynamic range and the quality of color in low light. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the BMPCC is a native ISO 800, the SpeedBooster would de facto turn into a native 2,500 ISO - great for carrying smaller lights if not competing with the sun or windows. ND is not an issue that bothers me at all. How does the GH4 fare against it? Which do you like the most? Once again, I'll be using a Speed Booster, so I'll gain a full stop over my chosen ISO. - I shoot an awful lot of weddings and independent stage shows. I don´t think either of this cameras is proper for it, though both look like a decent and gradeable B-Cam (yet another reason for low light decency). Which one would you take with you if you had a varicam or a canon XA20 as an A-Cam? Sound and timecode are not issues I'm concerned with. Thanks for reading, I know I lack a lot of reading about these cameras, and I appreciate your patience towards my ignorance. PS - sorry for my wacky english, I'm not used to writing in this language.
  7. Hello I'm trying to figurate what lens are the best for me. Art Director and Visual Effect Artist with more than 10 years of experience. I want to enter in the film directions realms and buying a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for start, and need advice for lens for videoclips and short films mainly, to archive the best cinematography quality possible. Budget $3000 top for cover all the lens range, (no run and gun, no vintage lens ... from now) This are my options: Option A: $2530 Metabone SpeedBooster (SB) for BMPCC: $490 24mm: Samyang 24mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Nikon F $700 35mm: Samyang 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Nikon F $520 50mm: NIKON 50MM F1.4 AIS: $470 85mm: Samyang 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Nikon F $350 _________________________________ Option B: $2621 Metabone SpeedBooster for BMPCC: $490 SLR Magic 12mm 1.6 $600 Sigma 18-35 1.8 $855 Tamron 28-75 2.8 $676 Total: $2621 _________________________________ Option C: $2170 Sigma Zoom 14-35 $855 Sigma 24-70mm $825 Metabone SpeedBooster for BMPCC: $490 _________________________________ Lens Discarted: Samyang 10mm Is not Yet in the market :( Pana 18-35 - Barrel Distortion Tokina 11-16 Blurry Edges with SB What options you think is better for me ?, Do I miss some lens focal for the bmpcc or something else ?? Please Help!
  8. As many of you will have noticed, our little precious is prone to moire, not only in raw. I have gone a long way to overcome all problems with this beast, but moire makes me sick to a point where I just want to sell the whole bundle and just stick to my G6. However, the more I compare my most felicitous test shots to what I knew before, I know I would regret it forever. It's time to address the issue. When I bought the Pocket, I reckoned the Sigma 18-35 with the Metabones BMPCC Speedbooster could substitute all my MFT lenses, and I sold them all (now only own the 14-42mm G6 kit lens). So there is little to compare with, mainly apertures. At open aperture, moire becomes so rare, it ceases to be an issue for me. But: As was proven to me >here, the Speedbooster in this combination results in a DoF of an f1.8 in APS-C. As soon as I want a deeper field by closing the aperture two stops, the image obviously gets too sharp for the sensor, thereby introducing moire. The concept of an OLPF (used i.e. with Canons 5D) seemed like a possible solution. But how? Apparently Mosaic Engineering is developing a special filter for the BMCC. Has anyone heard about efforts to create one for the Pocket? The theory behind this says that moire is a sign for reduced resolution and that if you cut off high frequencies at the right values, you optimize the resolution, even though the image looks a little softer. Some say the native resolution of the Pocket is near 1920 minus 15% (for bayerfiltering or sth.l.t.). With the right lenses (not too sharp ones) or with, well, actually a moderate soft-focus-filter (?) it should be possible to get rid of the annoyance once and for all. Is this correct? The very same topic in BlackMagicForum resulted in recommendations for ProMist filters, here. I used to own one myself, for weddings, but since I never actually bothered to use it, I sold it. Has anyone tried to use such a filter against moire?
  9. Hi everybody, 2 Years i'm following Eoshd and only discover the forum now ... So i share with You a series of travelling movie i start to shoot with a blackmagic pocket CC with a pancake 20mm f1,7, This starts in Japan / Tokyo:
  10. I bought a Chinese Focal Reducer on eBay for $96. Shipped here to U.S. in one week. Tried it with with a Nikon 24mm 2.8D. Unfortunately, the focal reducer does not "lock" into the BMPCC, just turns enough to stay on gingerly. Mounts onto a Panasonic GF3 fine. Wrote the seller, waiting for response. UPDATE: see below, it can be fixed. You would need a dremel, some flat sanding disks. Naturally, would be best if you get one that works perfectly. HOW IF FIXED IT HERE :http://maxotics.com/?p=296 Upshot BEFORE YOU BUY ANY FOCAL REDUCER ASK IF IT SPECIFICALLY MOUNTS ONTO YOUR CAMERA. Optically, it seems good. Here are some DNGs. I started with f4 because that was what Andy wanted :) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13097257/FocalReducer.zip Here's some rough footage. I show how the adapter doesn't mount onto camera at end.
  11. maxotics

    BMPCC vs GM1

    As much as I love the BMPCC, and I do, I can no longer ignore how much time and effort I work on shooting, copying and grading the footage. Video is secondary for me. So I bought a GM1 based on Andrew's insight and have to agree that when time is at a premium I can get more done with the GM1. I'm going to sell my BMPCC because I know I'll be tortured knowing it's here. If I was making films, there is NO WAY I would do this. The BMPCC is an extraordinary camera. It is truly a "cinema" camera. What surprised me about the GM1 is how small it is. It makes the BMPCC look big. That gave me a laugh. The physical dial is very delicate (con). The smartphone app is what I've always wanted (plus). The image is much better than the GF3. I wish I had the GX7, but I saw a GM1 body used, for cheap, so that's what I got. Still, the image from it is nothing sort of phenomenal. IMHO it blows the d600 video out of the water. I'm surprised they got a MFT sensor to do as well as it does in low light. So, tail between my legs, I go back to H.264 land. Thanks Andrew ;) Top Reasons I'm switching 1. Copy, grading is very time consuming. My hard-drives over-floweth. 2. As soon as I start shooting I worry about running out of card space, battery, etc. 3. The screen is not good enough to make me confident I have focus 4. If I run up against moire I may have to degrade the image to h.264 type quality 5. Davinci Resolve has been buggy lately. I question BM's support of camera. Took them days to respond to support request. 6. 3x crop factor is a killer because I like wide lenses 7. Center button brings up slate if not clicked double for focus zoom, annoying. Audio is not good. Little quibbles everyone writes about. Again, I love this camera. It's just too much for me. BTW, the "silent shutter" feature of the camera is something I would now struggle to give up if I changed my mind.
  12. I shot this after my BMPCC Speed Booster finally arrived. When I mount the Tokina 11-16 f2.8 DX2 to it, I can notice a big problem with sharpness in the center, especially when wide open. The corners, ironically, seem to be way better. Even when stepped down, the sharpness is not really good. Does anyone else have that problem and/or a solution for it?
  13. Hello Forum! I'm from Russia This is my design - rig for BMPCC
  14. GH3 vs. GH4 vs. BMPCC Comparison
  15. This is my fifth attempt to find an affordable stabilization solution for the BMPCC, particularly for the heavy setup with Speedbooster and Sigma 18-35. It works perfectly, and the only two things that are missing are 1. Pistol grip to be clicked underneath the cage with a quick release plate and 2. Lanc-controller with button on top of the grip for START/STOP. It consists of an old, self-built shoulder pad with counterweight (aluminum rack, ~$ 5,- , bent in a vice and padded with foam rubber, ~ $ 2,-), a micro goose neck with 3/8" connections, ~ $ 7,- , filled with a steel rod, ~ $1,-) and a ball head (~$ 30,-). The ball head allows for fast height- and angle-adjustments. I found this to be the most crucial aspect of all shoulder supports. You both stress your neck with only half an inch of unergonomic proportions and run the risk of unintentionally rotating your frame. Not with this ball head. If you loosen the ball, you can screw it on or off the cage within 10 seconds. The counterweight could be substituted with a battery pack, and the rod that helds the goose neck stiff could also be a steel tube (well, perhaps, it could turn out to be too weak then) to hide the cable. The shoulder pad doesn't look particularly elegant, I'm sure you can do better.
  16. While filming in Brazil in April (not over 30°C) I noticed that the colour on my BMPCC's buttons was "washing" away while I touched them. I'm NOT using my finger nail here. Does anyone else have that problem or has heared of it?
  17. Hi, I'm both videographer and photographer. Recently I try to use BMPCC as a still photography tool. Ya it's experimental but it gives some nice and unique results and images. Why do this when there are 16-36Mpix cameras? see this post in my blog: http://kwaibun.asia/index.php/blackmagic-avant-garde-way-of-photography/ Kwai
  18. I want to see if I can use the time lapse function of my bmpcc to create some stop motion clips. I have googled lighting and I haven't found the information I was looking for. What I am looking for is some inexpensive, flicker free lights. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Brian
  19. Hello, New to the anamorphic game, have some questions. Few pics of the Hypergonar HiFi2 on a 7D (BMPCC next up). So far the results have been very nice and love the flares, but we noticed this lens is a bit soft. We've tried adding 1", 2", 3" of space between the camera lens and anamorphic lens hoping to find the "focal point"... didn't notice any difference. Moving on, Stopping down at F5.6 - F11 has increased the sharpness, but not by much. I'm curious if anyone else has a quick fix or has played with the inner glass orientation ? Any info. is good info. :)
  20. Hey Guys! Me and a few colleagues participated in a short film competition here in Germany called "99Fire Films Award". Here is our film: http://www.myvideo.de/Aktion/99fire-films-2014?videoId=9456776 We had 99 hours to produce a film with a length of 99 seconds about a given topic ("Life writes the most moving stories") It would be nice if you vote for us, if you like it! (It's possible to vote 9 times) Feel free to comment/criticize! Thanks! _________________________________________________________________________________________ - shot on BMPCC + Speedbooster(BMPCC edition) + Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 - edited in FCP7 / Adobe Audition - graded in Adobe After Effects
  21. Hi I recently get this gear for my shortfilms and videoclips projects (Not run and Gun): 1- BMPCC with two Speed Booster (passive and pocket one) 2- Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 3- Fotodiox Step Up to 77mm 4- Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter 5- Tiffen 77mm T1 IR 6- B+W 77mm UV-Haze Filter 7- Marumi 77mm DHG Circular Polarizer 8- Xume Quick Release Adapter Blackmagic Pocket Camera Z-Finder Still in WIP so no one from now. Now I'm in the search of a good and budget wise Tripod and Monopod, this are my options right now: Tripods: - Magnun VT 4000 - Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 - Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod - Manfrotto 504HD,546BK Video Tripod Kit with 504HD Head and 546 Tripod (Way too expensive) Monopod: Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head What is the best option for the tripod ??, I'm missing other option ?, Is a good idea this monopod ? Hope I can hear your opinions
  22. Hi all, it's been a while. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other BMPCC speed boosters planned. Not just M4/3 ones, but the wonderful BMPCC specific ones... I don't own a single Nikon compatible lens, so anything else (EF, C/Y) would be a godsend. Any word on the street?
  23. hi guys i'm trying to find this information online about the BMPCC but i cant find it. I am wondering what the distance is from the lens mount flange to the sensor is, and the diameter of the opening of the lens contacts shelf. i have included a pic to help show what information i need. hope you guys can help. Regards Marty.
  24. Hi, guys, I'm considering getting a Lanparte DSLR kit for my canon DSLR film kit and was wondering if it'll fit fine with a BM Pocket (with lenses like SLR magic 12mm). http://www.hdvideoshop.com/en/kits-promos/94-lanparte-dslr-kit.html
  25. Hi Everyone, There have been many feature requests for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, so I thought it might give the guys that work at Blackmagic Design a better idea of what we all think is a priority if we completed a poll, rather than keep adding to long long lists, in various threads, on various forums... My intent is to give the results to BMD so they know what we are all yearning for, rather than have them trawl through hundreds of post, on a myriad of forums. I'm hoping the data will speak for itself. I think I've included pretty much all the (reasonable) requests I've been reading about. Now, I know some of them might be harder than others, but I added them in anyway. Note: I have randomised the features in the poll to try and not influence the votes. So they are in no particular order and in a different order for each person... You do not need to register to vote, and no email addresses are being collected. Just tell us what you want from most to least! Please vote here: http://stellarsurvey.com/s.aspx?u=69...-3D50BB5E90D4& Cheers.
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