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  1. No no, I use different lenses as allrounders. ;) I have both Vario X lenses (12-35 & 35-100 f2.8) and they work superb. I want to use the SB-Tokina combo for small, darker spaces like rooms and so on. Andrew used that combo in one of his tests and his pictures were pretty great IMO. I tried the lens on a Nikon today and since the focus is not perfect, it's way better than on the SB. Might have to get the lens checked, too, though. Then I tried another Nikon (or Sigma in that case) lens on the SB and I had another weird problem. On 12mm, the background is sharp when focused to 0,3, but
  2. No offense taken. I used peaking and focused it on minimum (0,3m) when I tried to get in close. The ones that are supposed to be completely in focus are shown focused in peaking, though, on a large screen, they still look soft. I know about the corner-issue though, it seems to be the other way round with me. This is why I think it's not a back-focus problem either. Though, I stand to be corrected. ;)
  3. I shot this after my BMPCC Speed Booster finally arrived. When I mount the Tokina 11-16 f2.8 DX2 to it, I can notice a big problem with sharpness in the center, especially when wide open. The corners, ironically, seem to be way better. Even when stepped down, the sharpness is not really good. Does anyone else have that problem and/or a solution for it?
  4. While filming in Brazil in April (not over 30°C) I noticed that the colour on my BMPCC's buttons was "washing" away while I touched them. I'm NOT using my finger nail here. Does anyone else have that problem or has heared of it?
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