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  1. Lovely! Beautiful photography. I'd also like to know if you stabilized anything in post or if you used any kind of rig.
  2. Armando

    BMPCC or GH4?

    Hello everyone, My first post. I'm about to buy BMPCC or a GH4. I'm not sure of which one would suit me best, and I´d like to hear some comments. I'm interested in the experience of everyone who is kind enough to share it, and I don't expect a consensus. Let me pose some questions and add a few details about the problems I'm planning to face with either camera: - I'll be delivering purely HD for at least two or three more years (I live in Mexico, a country that's usually a few years behind the US and the first world...). A 4K ready camera is not a bad thing, but it's not essential. I
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