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  1. Hello to everyone, I'm moving to a full frame experience (A7s) while keeping my BMPCC... But unfortunately I'll have to do some concessions. And selling my beloved Yashica Anamorphic 1,5x really breaks my heart. It's in perfect condition, with the original box, the cinemascope frame for old 8mm camera, and I can throw my adapter for the 25mm Angenieux f0.95 in C-Mount in it (the 25mm angenieux + the Yashica Scope is a wonderful combo). I also have a small 24mm Pentax 110 lens modified that fits the anamorphic adapter that I can throw in the mail package (but that's not the best fit, so I'd recommend to look after a better taking lens) Here is the old topic, back when I had just bought it :') And here is the last project I've shot with this setup (BMPCC + Yashica Scope) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsD_tty6Hco&feature=youtu.be Asking for 500$, I'm located in France ! Would also be interested in a trade with some Nikkor glasses, Zeiss Contax, or Leica R lenses (85mm, 50mm, 24mm...) Have a nice day to you all ! Some photos of the beast
  2. Hello to everyone, I've been looking for a small anamorphic adapter for a long long time from now, and finally, I got mine. I've been hesitating about which one to take : the search of the perfect adapter that would suit all my needs.. for a reasonnable price ofc.. (Yeah, I know..) :rolleyes: Anyway I'm so happy to tell you that I "may" have found it : The Yashica Scope, 1.5x adapter anamorphic for 8mm ! (Well let's make the things clear, I was looking for a tiny, compact, and light weight adapter, to be paired to some old school c-mount lenses on a BMPCC, I don't claim to have found an awesome setup that'll work for every scenarios ! :) ) I've just received it, that's why I'll only share my first feelings in this post, but later when I'll have time to dig more in the subject I'll come back to this. I still need a proper way to attach it to my taking lens. I gave up on step-down ring because I plan to use it most of the time on my Angenieux C-mount lenses which filter thread is 39mm... The Yashica is 30mm.. And I can't find any 39 to 30mm ring. If anyone has any info about a ring that would work, let me know ! ^_^ Anyway, the best way seems to be a custom clamp, still have to work on that... Here are some screenshots : All of these screenshots have been shot with my Angenieux 25mm f/0.95 at fast aperture (even at 0.95 for the indoor shot) with a +1 diopter from Schneider. Above f2.8 with the Angenieux 25mm, you can notice a little of vignetting on the edges, but It doesn't bother me too much, since I doesn't use the whole image, I prefer to crop in order to get a 2.35 or even a 2.10 aspect ratio. 2.66 is way too wide for most of my tastes ! :P And whatever, I'm mostly after the oval bokeh, flares and the overall look of anamorphic depth of field. So I'm good with that.. And It cleans the edges which seem to be pretty blurry on the Yashica. (By the way, above 25mm I haven't seen any vignetting with my c-mount lenses) So, have you ever experienced this anamorphic lens, what would you recommend to me in order to use it the best way possible ? See you later and have a nice day/night to all. (Oh and I apologize for my pretty weak english !) :P
  3. Hello, This is my very first post on EOSHD (although I’ve been following this blog for several years). I’m Antoine, I live in Paris and I’m 21 years old! (I would like to apologize for my pretty weak English, which is far from being perfect..) I decided to join your community to contribute to the list of compatible BMPCC- C-Mount Lenses. To introduce myself, here are some pictures of my actual BMPCC Rig (with Contineo Cage – Ginirig / follow focus – homemade external battery adapter to V-lock battery – Small HD DP4 – Speedbooster (Chinese version) + 20-40mm Sigma etc...) I also have some C-Mount lenses (otherwise It would be off topic :P ) : 10mm retrofocus Angenieux - f1.8 (That have already been discussed a lot here, a pretty weak lens as anyone must already know) Kowa Ultra Wide Angle TV Lens - 6.5mm – f1.8 Doesn’t vignette, pretty soft on the edge at every apertures, strong distortion, but has a lot of charm (according to me) – Flares are absolutely incredible! Angenieux - 15mm - f1.3 One of my favorite lens, sharp at fast aperture, beautiful bokeh and flares. Angenieux – 25mm – f0.95 A beautiful lens, although I’ve always preferred wide angles lenses… But that’s personal. I find it a bit chirurgical… But the fast aperture and the color rendition make it a beast in some shooting scenarios! Angenieux – 50mm – f1.5 – Type S5 Worths A LOT (of money) but imho, It doesn’t look terrific, but, once again – I’m not fond of telephoto lenses… And as is, It’s a very wonderful piece of glass! J That’s all for my C-mount contribution, But if ever you have the opportunity to grab one of them, at a fair price, don’t hesitate, they all have lots of personality, and as an object, they are just beautiful as hell, the aperture mechanism is astonishing (but don’t forget to declick them !) the iris blades seem to dances with each other when you stop the lens down… So much more attractive than a Canon 50mm 1.8… Nevertheless, I confess, I do have some modern lenses, and I do recommend 2 relatively cheap Sigmas (you can grab them for less than 100 dollars on the Bay…) The 28mm f1.8 and the 20-40mm f2.8… I own both of these (manual aperture models) and I DO recommend them, combined with a Chinese copy of the Speedbooster, It makes a pretty efficient combo, very polyvalent, you can easily mod them with a custom focus ring (with a 0.8 gear) and here you go, with your BMPCC Rig, you’re going to rock hard on small projects. A bit further than the original subject, here are a screenshot made with the Hypergonar Hifi x2 from Henri Chrétien, father of the Cinemascope !(That's me on the picture ! :)) "Hey all !" I’ve been following Anamorphic indie threads for like 2 years, without having enough funds to join the party, the Hifi 2 makes some really cool stuff, It’s pretty fun to use too.. But only once in your life time, It’s really too heavy, even when used with an “already heavy†rig (such as Alexa XT + Master Prime)… That’s why, I’m really after some small anamorphic adapters (such as the century one, the optex one or … my choice of heart… the Yashica one ! I believe I’m looking for this last one so much, since I’ve won an auction on Ebay, and finally, for god sake, It appeared that someone made an higher bid than mine, after the ending time… Sometimes I really can’t stand Ebay…) Anyway, If ever you’re planning to sell some small anamorphic adapters that suits my needs, don’t hesitate to send me a PM ! J Well, have a pleasant day, and see you soon. Antoine from France !
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