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  1. Thanks HuntinMinorKey for your answer: I have the Sachtler ACE in mind too but in a lot of reviews appear that with the time the legs fall apart, seems something about glue in the joins, But the head seems that is not problem at all. Do you have any issues that can report or you have a flawless experience with them ?
  2. Hi I recently get this gear for my shortfilms and videoclips projects (Not run and Gun): 1- BMPCC with two Speed Booster (passive and pocket one) 2- Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 3- Fotodiox Step Up to 77mm 4- Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter 5- Tiffen 77mm T1 IR 6- B+W 77mm UV-Haze Filter 7- Marumi 77mm DHG Circular Polarizer 8- Xume Quick Release Adapter Blackmagic Pocket Camera Z-Finder Still in WIP so no one from now. Now I'm in the search of a good and budget wise Tripod and Monopod, this are my options right now: Tripods: - Magnun VT 4000 - Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 - Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod - Manfrotto 504HD,546BK Video Tripod Kit with 504HD Head and 546 Tripod (Way too expensive) Monopod: Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head What is the best option for the tripod ??, I'm missing other option ?, Is a good idea this monopod ? Hope I can hear your opinions
  3. OK, sorry about late response but I was moving and in the translation I broke my only SD card for the bmpcc, (I blended in the slot of my iMac). So I can't test anything until I recieve my two more sd cards. Anyways, I'm very excited about my purchases largely thanks to your advice: I have experience problems with my new metabones speedbooster for the bmpcc because it don't fit even with a strong way to forced, so I get back to B&H and they rigth now are backorder so have to wait until end of january, very frustrating, and very bad QC from Metabones indeed because seems that I'm not the only one. I buy the Metabone Nikon-MFT passive too, and this one work flawless, and is way more better than the fotodiox (that snap in the ends and the travel is way too short), and the Tripod Mount is invaluable in lens like Sigma. About Sigma, is a heave lens, with this lens you NEED a monopod or Tripod, I like the idea of the monopod and the freedom that bring with him, I was looking for this two: Benro: http://tinyurl.com/lvj2nft Manfrotto: http://tinyurl.com/lyvk7vt Both are not sheep at all So if you have a better option or a combo Tripod+Monopod that has good reviews I will be happy to hear your options BTW: Sigma front cap is woeful!.
  4. Sorry I understand now what the mecanism of the Nikon mount lens are, the about adaptor DO work with the Sigma !!!, with a very short travel but WORK. At the end I buy two Metabones, the pasive one and the pocket (yesterday recieve confirmation on delivery from preorder) And I Buy the Sigma 18-35 !!! I only need to find an excelent Variant ND and UV Filter for this lens, Filter lens Size 72 ?!?
  5. Hi thecook, the adaptor that you told me (http://www.amazon.co...ds=nikon to mft) is not compatible with the sigma 18-35, it is for Nikon G lens that have aperture ring but for declicked aperture. If I go with the Sigma route I need a lens adapter with actual, APERTURE BLADES. Is there anything like this in the market ?? Or for a 2th option: With a ND Fader Filter and a dump mount like Fotodiox NKN-MTF Adapter can I perfectly manage all the light that enter in the lens ??
  6. As I see it with the Sigma 18-35 ($800) can get: 1- Speedbooster Pocket Edition ($489): 30mm - 58mm 2- Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter, Nikon to Micro 4/3 ($27): 51mm 100mm So If I'm correct for ($1316 aprox) I cover from (30mm - 100mm) with 1 stop less and very sharp image all over ??
  7. Thanks guys for the answers but correct me if I'm wrong but if I buy the Speedbooster pocket camera edition make any sense buy the standard ?? or with the Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter, Nikon G-type to Micro 4/3 that Thecook advise I can reach the focal lenght 3x like if the lens would be conected to the camera directly ??
  8. Ok, lets say that I go with the Sigma road. The Sigma lens don't have aperture ring as far as I know. So this job is gonna be made with the Speedbooster for the short range and I don't know with adapter select that have aperture ring (Novoflex Nikon to MFT adapter is almost $300 in USA) that is not way to expensive ?? I have the EzFoto pro Canon EF to MFT and have a nice aperture ring, I can't find a similar NKN/MFT, so I can used with a nikon to canon adapter but I don't know if this affect the lens depth or anything else far for my short camera knowledge ?!?
  9. Sorry man, perhaps is my poor english but I don't understand your point. The thing is that I wanna make a career like storyteller, I would kill for a sigma-bmpcc years ago, when I shot with Pana P2 and miniDV tapes, green screen included and at that time I thought that was wonderful. But we are not in this times anymore. I want to restart my career and what to make it with a razonable budget without sacrify quality. Thats the most important part. I know that Sigma win in sharpen in every chapter (http://tinyurl.com/keag2mw), is only one lens not three like the Samyang, dirt cheap compared but I would hope that some one take the time (Sigma are you listening?) to request any good DP to archive some kind of shortfilm like the Samyang named with pro color grading to to clear the few remaining doubts this lens. For photo is a no brain lens, for shortfilms, videoclips and ads I'm not 100% positive about it.
  10. Yes Chrisso is very hard to separate things and a very subjetive manner. For example Michael Solomon is a very good color grading artist, just se your color reel. Yes Alex nailed so good that He open my eyes (thanks alex!) about the second choise, that's why right now is my second choise. But my point is, if the Sigma is soo good, that definitly is. Why anybody has made a short film ?? or if is so comparable to CP2 Why anybody has do a Ads or a Fake Ads with this wonderful Lens ?? I know that is sharpen than Samyang 24 at 1.8, I read that is very sharp at 18. But anybody use it in videomode profesionally. Or please correctme if I'm wrong.
  11. Thanks to all for your answers, I think that the desition could be easer if the Sigma 18-35 don't exits ;) Right Now My choise are: Metabone SpeedBooster for both option: Option A: Samyang 16mm T2.2 Cine Lens for Nikon F $529 Samyang 24mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Nikon F $700 Samyang 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Nikon F $520 Total: $1750 Option B: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens for Nikon $800 Total $800 For me is hard to justify the $950 of difference in the rokinon pack, except for the cinegears. But I don't know, perhaps is only me but the are a lot of other stuff that I take in account and make me doubt: If I choose the Sigma and another lens for more than 100mm focal length and wide angle like a 10 or so. Do I gonna have differences look in the lens range?? With the rokinons I don't have this problems becose there is the Samyang 16mm T2.2 Cine Lens and the look is consistent between all of them ?? For me this is VERY IMPORTAT. For other much more subjetive: When I look all the rokinon stuff in internet (and I see A LOT), I have the feeling of films but when I saw the Sigma stuff is too cold, hypersharp (is that a defect?) and videoish. Thats could sound silly. Samyang samples: (From: ) Instead for the Sigma there are samples but any convinced me at the point to go away to buy it. https://vimeo.com/76881206 I know, I know very subjetive and video compression making his magic... But I don't know then you see things like this and make you think if you have in the right track ?!? But OK, from now the are Option A and Option B. Please help me to deside without looking at the money.
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