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  1. Hi Inazuma, can you give us your impressions of the Camdiox product please? It's good to know we now have some home grown reducers in the UK but it would be good to know the quality of it, could you upload any images taken through it, or can you compare it with a Metabones (which seems to be the "standard") Thanks :)
  2. My order is with cvp, and the £295 camera which I hope they will honor.. Probably just a cunning stunt..
  3. text reads: According to Holdan UK the UK distributor for Blackmagic, BMD are going to withdraw the Blackmagic Pocket Camera within the next 24-48hrs. We currently have 6 Pocket cameras available at this price (Due back in stock end of this week). Once they are gone the price will have to rise back up to £558 ex vat so get yours now whilst we have stock at this price. http://www.3dbroadcastsales.com/cameras/cinematic-camcorders/blackmagic-design-cinema-camera/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-7366 Marketing ploy? You decide..
  4. Good to see BM have just added ProRes 422 LT and 422 Proxy to all cameras on the 1.82 firmware :) http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support
  5. Do you, or anybody know what taking lens Francisco is using with the Baby anamorphic to get such a great image? especially in the ARVO footage? Thanks
  6. I have to agree about the flares, I like some of them, but not keen on the multiple blue ones myself. not the lens's best feature. I have been looking forward to this lens for a long while.. throughout all of the discussions at Personal-view and the outcome.. Well I find it a little disappointing, I like the footage but it seems rather tame, the squeeze/stretch feels too slight, I really wish they'd pushed it further, the footage that I've seen from this lens looks similar to a lot of cropped stuff out there.. I have the 12mm (version 2 without focus gear but with the black not yellow nameplate, non fat version) and 35mm (version 2 I think with the new design but before they fixed the repeat focus thing) and they are two of my favourite lenses, so it's not like I wasn't wishing this was a doozy.. I know these are incredibly tricky beasts to make.. otherwise they would be more common, and maybe I'll grow to like the look, cause I bet these will be popular. But I don't think this will put an end to the second hand market.
  7. So they can offer the new active m43 BMCC? :D
  8. First report of shipping.. as yet unconfirmed..   "my friend called B&H today and asked about the pocket camera. the rep put him on hold and called BMD. He told him that BMD is shipping the camera from california to b&h today and that he will have his camera in his hands by late next week. lets hope the B&H rep wasnt taking him for a ride."   found at bmcuser.com http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?4774-Received-an-email-from-BH-today&p=72793
  9. For someone who already owns a GH2, and someone who might consider a BMCC as a upgrade for latitude vs a GH3 there is little joy to be found so far in the leaked specs from Panasonic! I hope I'm wrong, but... With a Sony sensor bringing less resolution than the BMCC or my already owned GH2.. With the loss of the muti-aspect of the gh2 my glass would be impacted by the GH3! I already have a great resolution 720 60fps on my gh2 do I want to fork out (Big money) for a camera that gives me 1080 60fps with a sensor that appears at the moment to be quite soft in comparison to the camera I already own..? I liked the stealth of the GH2, it seems the GH3 has been beefed up to sell to other's who think a camera has to be big to be good.. not me! And the iso range gets worse as well.. was hoping for a drop to iso100 not an increase to 200! I await the possible good news about the GH3.. Please! Rather than depressing rumors.. Give us some good news!
  10. A couple of years ago SLRmagic started a thread on Dpreview's M43 forum for input for a new m43 lens, people asked for a fast wide lens, from the input the 12mm 1.6 was born. SLRmagic are to design a new anamorphic lens for m43, and would like the input of anamorphic shooters. Have your say... [url="http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/4466/most-wanted-anamorphic-lens#Item_1"]http://personal-view...hic-lens#Item_1[/url]
  11. [quote name='Caleb Genheimer' timestamp='1344669443' post='15301'] Oh, also . . . has anyone replaced the ungainly-long plastic screws in the Redstan clamps with some small female hex ones? I'm thinking of trying to do this. having them stick out is a pain, I'm afraid because they're elastic I'll end up breaking them off. [/quote] I just took a pair of snips and trimmed up the plastic screws on the Redstan clamp, works a treat!
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