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  1. Thought this was interesting, First shots are all Sony F3, second are all BMPCC 4K
  2. Appreciate it, also love the LUT's will be purchasing them shortly.
  3. Thank you very much for the comparison. N-log comparisons are so rare it's very nice to see them done by someone that knows how to properly expose an image. Would you be able to send me the N-log video file for the woman standing outside? Would love to be able to run it through resolve and see how it plays.
  4. For me what's shown in that video and has yet to be surpassed is the excellent straight out of camera look it has while maintaining DR. To this day nothing touches it. It's why I'm excited for Sony's new Cinetone they added to the FX9, sometime you just don't want to take forever grading.
  5. I find the exposure slider a good way of bringing up underexposed footage and maintaining a balanced image. I can get a better result grading by hand over a longer period, but speed counts.
  6. It has a cleaner interface and runs faster due to GPU acceleration. I would greatly recommend it over the older version. I don't use it all the time, but its great when I'm trying to bring up underexposed footage.
  7. Geoff CB

    RED Komodo

    Never was interested in Raven due to the crop. The sensor size in this and non-proprietary media are great positives.
  8. Im a Z6 owner who tried out the XT-3, the lowlight AF performance on Fuji was far worse and one of the reasons I didn't switch. Also the lack of a deep grip on the XT-3 was really annoying. If they fix the grip, improve AF, give it IBIS, and give it a bigger battery then it might be worth it to switch for me. Though right now I'm hoping Sony can deliver a 10-bit camera in the next year.
  9. I'm Theater Manager at a theater with two screens, a large one with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio, and a small one with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is so far down the list of importance that it is irrelevant. The only place where it comes into play is if you have a weird ratio like 2:1 (Jurassic World was 2:1 in a 1.85 dcp container, and was an utter PITA to show in our 2.39:1 theater with proper masking), or switch mid film (The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was in a 1.85 container, which again was annoying to program in our 2.39:1 theater.)
  10. Also you can add a Ninja Inferno for only $400 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1333370-REG/jvc_jvc_atmni4k60pcb_gy_ls300_4kcam_ninja.html
  11. Ninja Inferno Kit is on steep discount right now, $800. Including Batteries and 1tb hard drive. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1498742-REG/atomos_ninja_inferno_power_and.html
  12. Yeah I cancelled the preorder. Used the money to purchase a Mix Pre-3 II instead. Audio upgrade was more important for the documentaries I'm working on.
  13. Why would you need a speedbooster? It's already full frame.
  14. Rent the Z6 and FTZ adapter and see what you think of it. If you can consolidate everything that would be good, but if your going to miss some of the GH5's video features you'll want to avoid doing that.
  15. If you have one of the latest GPU's for hardware decode then this may be an okay route to take.
  16. No they can't, they can't output 10-bit
  17. Yes the arm has both standard thread mount types on the bottom of the handle. If you have an arm you will be able to use it to hold the monitor.
  18. Considering that in order for that menu to support it you would need Blackmagic to implement it. EDIT: Removed my response. Sorry for the harsh reaction.
  19. On these small cameras the ease of use and interface cannot be understated. Much prefer the OSMO or DJI cameras due to being much easier to operate.
  20. Hope your correct. I think there is very little they could take away from the FX9 that I would be okay loosing when buying a FX6. At this point 4k 10bit 60p is a minimum requirement for a cinema camera purchase.
  21. Wait for the blackmagic if you value audio. Preamps in the Ninja V are reportedly terrible.
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