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  1. Yes, they are the two issues that I have (the pro and the con) but I think most of my glass will be ok. I use a GH5 with a small rig cage and wooden handle, and normally the panasonic 12-35 f2.8, sometimes smaller primes - my largest is a 35mm samyang t1.5.
  2. Great, thanks for the amazingly fast reply I guess it's not ideal (I'd rather have the tripod legs to put it down) but if it does the job on Saturday I can get the proper mount another time. I did want the weebill S but I missed the delivery cut-off time by an hour or so! I think the SC will be good enough for now (my first gimbal except for a DJI Osmo) and I can always change in the future. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I'm looking to get a Ronin SC tomorrow at short notice for a shoot on Saturday. I know I need to buy an adaptor to mount a monitor, but there's no time to get one. I've been told I could use an arm screwed in to the base - does anyone know if that is true? Thanks
  4. No, only output it on the GH5 HDMI signal. It's a Feelworld MA7.
  5. This may be dumb... I have a GH5 (with v-log) and a Feelworld monitor. The monitor has a waveform (thankfully as the GH5 does not output its waveform over HDMI...). If the GH5 doesn't output the custom LUT, then the waveform on the monitor is correct and useful. But if I turn the custom LUT output over HDMI on, so I can see how the final image will look, the waveform now uses the LUT'd (?) image to base the waveform on, and that's no longer correct or useful - as I see it? Am I wrong/right? Is there any good work arounds? Thanks
  6. Thanks, pretty much agree with my views - BUT... the 128GB FreeTail isn't available anymore as far as I can see, and 2 x Sony's are more expensive than the 256GB. And I could use my current Lexar 1000x in the second slot for now (doesn't handle 400mbps though) and get another 256GB in the near future? Then again, I'm probably over worrying about how little 128GB records at 10-bit ALL-I (about 40 mins?) - the only time I do that sort of length in one go is if I'm doing direct to camera stuff and that's not too often and I don't need 10-bit ALL-I for that ;) So I could get one Sony 128GB for now and spend the difference on something else, and then later - when cheaper still - get another card. Thanks
  7. I need some fast cards for 400mbps and the choice is two 128GB cards or one 256GB card (FreeTail Evoke Pro 1000x). Not sure which to go for? The benefit of 256GB is I can always add another in time. But downside is more chance of losing data etc. Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. 'sorry, there is no firmware update for the AEF-MFT. we may consider to develop it in the future.' So, anyone with a GH5 who has seen the great reviews of the Commlite on the GH4, save your money. It doesn't work with the GH5.
  9. I finally contacted Commlite via their skype (no reply to my email). I guess because of the time difference it's been a stilted conversation so far But their first reply is "GH5 is not compatible for now" . I've asked them if it will be and whether they can and will be updating the firmware. I'll post more if/when I hear more.
  10. Thanks Fuzzynormal, this is exactly what I'm trying to get to the bottom of. It's easy to jump to the conclusion it's the adaptor (and obviously that was my initial worry - and it may well be) but there's always the possibility it's another issue - a problem with the camera, something wrong with the settings etc. Look forward to hearing how you get along.
  11. Thanks But lots I've read online says it does work with the GH5, including IBIS, and the Canon lenses I'm trying. I did email Commlite but so far no reply.
  12. Thanks, that's a good idea. When I put on the adaptor only, it asks for the focal length. When I tape over the connections on the adaptor and attach it, it also asks for the focal length. It continues to ask for the focal length for all lenses I attach (Helios and the Canon lenses). 5-axis IBIS now comes up for all lenses too. Although obviously I lose the ability to auto-focus. And my Canon 24mm pancake lens with fly-by-wire focus doesn't even focus manually when I turn the focus ring (edited to remove bit about the 85mm lens that is focussing manually - I was thinking it was fly-by-wire, but it's not). Apart from suggesting the adapter is to blame, does this help in anyway? Thanks.
  13. Thanks but I've also read lots of people recommending the Commlite. My problem seems consistent - ie, the lenses that show the 5-axis always show it, and the ones that don't show it never do. So it seems unlikely to be a problem with the connections not being lined up - if it was I'd expect it to work sometimes and not other times. And even though some of the lenses show the 5-axis stabilisation, even when using them the camera doesn't ask for - or let me manually set - the focal length. If I was only using 'modern' lenses then maybe it's the lens passing the data to the camera but one of them is the Helios so presumably there's no way the camera can know what size lens is attached there?!
  14. That's what I'm trying to find out. Hoping some other Commlite users may have some experience. But there's always the possibility 1) there's a fault with the camera, or 2) i'm doing something wrong. But I do understand the most likely issue is the Commlite adaptor. Thanks
  15. Hope someone can offer advice. Sorry to bump but found this video which explains what should happen, but I don't get asked this question about focal length...?!
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