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  1. If you have no problem with manual focusing with the wheel then yes it is a great deal. I love using it with my manual focus voigtlanders on the Ronin-SC
  2. It's great but the problem I'm running into with it as I'm mentioning in other threads is that glass is expensive compared to other systems.
  3. Kinda drives me crazy that Fuji is supported in RCM but not in color space transform.
  4. This is an option... One of my issues is that I'm converting 23.967 files to 24 fps for theater screens constantly. So syncing external audio causes issues sometimes with with this. However the mix pre3 mentions this in it's literature: "The MixPre-3's two 3.5mm outputs offer simultaneous hookup to your camera and headphones. Send any channel (pre- or post-fade), the aux input, a USB source, or the stereo mix from either or both line-out channels to your camera's input. Whether your camera has a mic- or line-level input, the MixPre-3's -40 to +20 dB output gain range." So that would help significantly with improving the audio most likely. Plus, it would be good and smart of me to start recording both my LAV's and shotgun on set instead of choosing between the two.
  5. Yeah I have the 23 f2 and 16-55 on rental. Both AF okay but they tend to jump between transitions instead of doing it a smooth manner. Did a ballet video yesterday and it was too jumpy for my tastes, wish I had gone manual focus. I was running it on the Ronin-SC and even with a gimbal it's a little shaky compared to the same setup on the Nikon. Your idea may be something I should consider, running the new Video assist to bypass the preamps in the Nikon. It's extra time in setup, but may be worth it for me to be able to stay in the system. Borrowing a friends older Blackmagic video assist to see if that would work for me. Also will be great to check out N-log.
  6. As someone who has the XH-1 and the XT-3 how do they compare for you for Low Light AF? Are they about on par? That camera is heavily discounted right now and one of the only things holding me back on it is the low light AF. Yeah I agree the lack of IS in the 24-70 equivalent is a real kick in the teeth for event photography.
  7. Doing shoots and interviews quick and the faster I can go on set and in post for them the better. I have unfortunately had this setup in the past and would forget to hit record on the audio while being in a rush. Would rather press one button to record than 2, and eliminate points of failure during a shoot.
  8. Source on that? Awesome if true, hopefully that announcement will bring a XH2 with the video specs from the XT3 and a bigger battery
  9. Tempted to wait until the XH2, I thought about the XH1 but the worse video specs and inferior AF turned me off of it.
  10. I posted on the Fuji thread that I recently smashed my Nikon 24-70 G lens and looking at replacing it for my Nikon Z system gave me pause. I've been having issues with 2 aspects with the system for video. The horrible audio preamps and the viewfinder and HDMI delay when shooting 24p. Given that I looked at the overall system costs for lenses that cover most of my needs and that is what made me consider switching. Nikon Z Lens Kit: $5450 Nikon NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S $2,300 Nikon 70-200 Z Probably at least $2300 Nikon 35mm Z $850 Fuji XT-3 Lens Kit: $3250 Fuji 16-55 2.8 $1200 Fuji 50-140 2.8 $1600 Fuji 23mm $450 I don't enjoy shooting the Sony's (Though Tamron's cheap zooms really make them attractive financially), and have already been down that road, so I left them out as an option. So my options are keep my Nikon gear, or switch to Fuji. I've been renting the Fuji for a week so far and have it until friday, here are my positives and negatives of each by comparing them so far. Keep in mind my primary use is shooting for an actual theater screen (I'm a theater manager at an independent theater) with a fast turn around. So the audio preamp issue actually effects me heavily in these situations due to the sound system. Advantages of XT-3 Lighter Body and Lenses In camera LOG True 24 fps, 2048x1080, 1/48 shutter Auto WB is spot on in every situation I throw at it. Great audio preamps. Negatives for Me: Lack of IBIS Worse in lowlight for photo and video (Lack of Full Frame Sensor) But not terrible. Some ergonomic issues (Speed of switching from from Manual focus to Autofocus) Micro HDMI out Advantages of Z6 Better for photos in low light IBIS Better Viewfinder Ergonomics (Faster switching between video and photo, af modes, changing aperture) Higher Quality 120 fps Full Frame sensor and ability to adapt lenses. Negatives for Me: Viewfinder delay when shooting 24p. WHY. Audio Preamps are awful, truly awful. You have to 100% nail the audio levels when shooting for it to be acceptable. Similarities Color from both is excellent. AF in photo and video seems to be on par with one another with the Z6 having a slight edge. Not enough of a difference to be a large issue. Overall Feelings XT-3: Far better for video work, I think the old school dial methods actually hold it back in terms of usability. Image is gorgeous and the options are great. Nikon Z6: Damn I love that IBIS. Damn I hate that audio preamp. Love the ergonomics,. I conclusion I love using the Nikon more in the field, but the second I step into editing the Fuji is king. What do you guys think?
  11. Superscale is ok but not what I'm after. Download the demo for Tapaz Gigapixel AI. I want that in video. 4x upscale with sometimes very little loss in quality. I think it and AI based noise reduction are the next big ones. Only question is Adobe or Blackmagic going to do it first.
  12. My wish came true! Awesome. Disappointed in the reflective screen but the brightness is great. Small nitpick but the lack of overlayed waveforms with color is very annoying, use that all the time for proper color. Especially given how great they are in resolve it is a weird oversight.
  13. Hoping for a refresh of their External recorders with new panels and features. For Resolve I hope they are working on AI based upscaling and noise reduction features.
  14. That looks quite impressive, and good on fuji for trying to pull in the instagram crowd in a natural way. Really think cameras such as this should be able to log in to Instagram directly.
  15. Geoff CB

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Finally! That is long overdue.
  16. Hell yes on the brighter rear screen. Hope more companies follow suite.
  17. That lens almost pushed me over to Panasonic camera's, it's a beautiful piece of engineering. God do I miss the Samsung 16-50 and 50-150. Those designs were the perfect size and weight with incredible optics. Wish they had sold the designs to Sigma or Tamron so they could have used them.
  18. Not in the USA! Really the "reason why" that everyone is arguing about is a moot point. If you need 24p in your work, this camera does not offer it. That's it. Does the reason that Canon did it effect your buying choices, or is the lack of the feature being in the camera? Whether it is a cost cutting measure or segmenting their lineup Canon still removed a setting needed by many. Either reason was not good will towards consumers.
  19. Yes I meant XT-3. One of the issues I'm having with the Z6 is that so much of my work ends up on a 2048x858 Theater Screen at 24 fps. I'm a Theater Manager in Massachusetts and that is the format that we display our preshow and some mini documentaries which is the majority of the content that I create. So currently I'm shooting 4K on my Z6 and have to change the format from 23.967 to 24 for everything I do. Small issue for most people, but annoying for me because I have to do it constantly. (Side note: people defending Canon for leaving it out of their new body, I can never even consider using that camera because of the lack of 23.967.) So the XT-3's internal 2048x1080 24p and good audio is very appealing for my weekly work needs. We'll see how it performs after some testing on my end. My main worry is the battery life on the camera. Hated the A7rII's battery and how often that was an issue with it. Thankfully the XT-3 you can power through the USB-C port, so I'm hoping it will be less of an issue. Have 4 paid shoots on top of work related material that I need to shoot in the next two weeks, so I can really see if it fits into my workflow. Really it's about being able to do my job and shoot fast, getting the coverage I need and deliver. Camera brand should be secondary to that, otherwise it is just playing favorites. I would be looking into the panasonics as well, but m43 sensor is to small for my liking (will be using this camera for stills as well) and the new full frame bodies are huge and the glass is lethally expensive on them.
  20. Renting the XT-3 this upcoming week. Smashed my Nikon 24-70 that I use on my Z6, and it's potential replacement cost has me reconsidering my whole setup. Nikon Z Lens Kit: $5450 Nikon NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S $2,300 Nikon 70-200 Z Probably at least $2300 Nikon 35mm Z $850 Fuji XT-3 Lens Kit: $3250 ( I know I would not get the same look, but coverage right now is more important.) Fuji 16-55 2.8 $1200 Fuji 50-140 2.8 $1600 Fuji 23mm $450 Not to mention Fuji's cheaper and much lighter primes. We shall see....
  21. Agreed, give me that and I'm a happy camper.
  22. Starting with the A7III they have all had significantly better colour.
  23. Hope it's true, if only to get a cheap FS5 mark II
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