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  1. Yeah I saw this yesterday and I agree, on big budget films this is the future. The ability to get the final shot you want in camera with all those VFX is to good a tech to pass up. Ohhhh that's a great point, for vehicle stunt sequences this could be a huge bonus.
  2. Global shutter with terrible DR and horrid highlight rolloff.
  3. You've never shot it to an external recorder, creamy smooth insane highlight recovery in S-LOG. It's a whole different camera. Also for me nowadays resolution is secondary to color and handling. I wouldn't go for a FS700 for this reason over it, or the origional Ursa 4.6K. The F3 has those ND's, XLR's and a solid body. I also far prefer SDI to HDMI when using an external monitor.
  4. I highly recommend going out to a recorder via SDI and recording Prores 4:2:2 from it, the image quality is up there with the best of them if you expose it right. Very jealous of that deal BTW, but it looks like a ton of people are dropping their F3's. It's a pretty incredible camera still if you don't need 4K.
  5. Geoff CB


    Having fun with a lighting test, thought it showed off the rendering pretty well. Nikon 24-70 2.8G at 24mm on a Nikon Z6. Shot in nlog, graded with ACES.
  6. Great lighting here and excellent story.
  7. For those grading in ACES this Z-LOG L works wonders if you set the ACES input transform to one the following: Canon C500 Daylight v1.1 DCI-P3+ Canon C500 Tungsten v1.1 DCI-P3+ The gamma curve seems to line up perfectly, creating great highlight rolloff and natural color.
  8. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    I agree, IBIS and a better battery alone would make a worthy upgrade. Prores would be incredible.
  9. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    If it has all the discussed specs probably ~$2000
  10. The sharpening video was an Lowel Tota tungsten through a shower curtain and a cheap LED. Interview with the owner of the restaurant was bounced daylight with a reflector. Funnily enough just bought at Aputure 300d. As Ironfilm said if your willing to go with older Tungsten or Florescent lights you can get great results for cheap, you just have to deal with the drawbacks of those fixtures.
  11. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    Very interested in that mode. Hopefully the RS won't be too high in 1080p.
  12. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    These specs are incredible. Hope they add a bigger HDMI to it as well. The XT-3 has a micro port and it's very impractical unless you buy a cage for it.
  13. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    Now THAT would be a game changer. First mirrorless with built in ND
  14. Goal is to buy nothing but lights this year. I have a great image maker already, and access to other cameras. I really just need to up my lighting skills and kit. I'll see if I can stick to it.
  15. I need to start adapting them to my Z6. Loved the 40mm 1.2 when I tried it. Couldn't quite justify keeping it when I have a 40 f2. Might get the 21mm 1.4, I feel I could use a fast wide angle right now more that another fast 40mm.
  16. Why must you do this to my wallet!
  17. Hey Francisco, unfortunately I cannot give an accurate assessment on that yet. Been shooting in mainly cold weather. I'll do a test with a microphone at some point. It ramps on when you first turn on the unit, but so far has been very quiet outside of that. I imagine outside on a hot day at full power it might be generating a bit of noise but will have to see. Image is 10-bit 1080p from Z6. Battery life seems okay, in very cold temp at full brightness a single battery lasts an hour and a half.
  18. Well I can say I'm pretty impressed. It works in bright conditions as advertised and the files I'm now getting from my Z6 are blowing me away. More samples and impressions to come.
  19. Mine is shipping! Will hopefully be able to give you guys impressions this week.
  20. Neither, once I'm in this price range I'm buying a cinema camera, not compromising and getting a stills cam (albeit an excellent one). However if I had to choose I would probably go with the GFX for the better stills, and shooting my 35mm manual lenses in 1:1 format using the full width of my lenses.
  21. Agreed. B&H says that is "Released in Limited Qty." So it looks like it has officially launched. Also spotted some cool things in the manual such as this: "For continuous recording or fast slot change overs, make sure your cards are formatted before you start your recording. You can format your SD card or external drive while recording on another slot, simply tap on the storage indicators to reveal the storage settings. See the ‘storage media’ section later in this manual for further information on formatting." Pretty cool that cards can be formatted during record in emergency situations.
  22. One of my favorite lens brands, metal, clean focusing! Feel free to post tons of images from multiple mounts! Voigtlander 40mm f2 SLII on Nikon Z6 Voightlander 20mm 3.5 SLII on A7rII Voigtlander 28mm 2.8 SLII on URSA Mini 4.6K Voigtlander 90mm 3.5 SL on URSA Mini 4.6K
  23. As stated previously, if they have fixed the viewfinder/rear screen delay that the Z6 has when shooting video.
  24. Finally saw 1917. And after seeing I think it deserves the win. The staging and framing throughout the film did not suffer from it being a single shot, and there were only a few moments where I think a traditional style would have suited the story better in the particular moment. The sequence in a burned down town that is lit primarily with flares is absolutely stunning.
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