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  1. Looking for better low light options at this point. Voigtlander 21mm 1.4 (priority) , 40 1.2, 75mm 1.5 in M mount. Though right now that is not a need, only a want. We'll see what happens this year. Leaning more towards spending a good bit of money on a nice tripod once business returns.
  2. I made a list - Inventory all my gear and sell what I don't need. - Finishing a short documentary that I was working on. - Color grading some VFX for a short I shot previously, as the guy doing the VFX has downtime to work on it as well. - Storyboarding for a short, hopefully to be shot in May (we'll see...) - Editing vacation videos that I have never gotten around to - Doing a deep-dive Review/Instruction video for the Sony F3 - Doing work around the house. - Doing more camera tests with my wife, who agrees to it only to prevent me going stir crazy. Sony F3, Nikon 70-200 2.8G
  3. All those drive through areas require a doctors note, which you can only get if your showing symptoms.
  4. Sorry for worrying about not having a job for two months, and worrying about friends who are freelancers being screwed for the season, and for my theater staff and coworkers who are mainly over 50.
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n-IaCZ7jSu_usI3f4gw5CZIQXcM4AGMdfEUtLZKfj4M/edit?fbclid=IwAR2tmW0j0zNf97klyqt__mKGyXem4OlCzeGNG_DClXIpDqHbPurZRvIxGhk# If anyone is still wondering why we are still freaking out.
  6. Wish I had the spare money for this deal. Fully kitted out Ursa Mini Pro for $4000. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?366780-Blackmagic-UMP-Full-Kit-4000
  7. People forget that in the first Transformers movie that Megan foxes character was a young women that was trying to be treated with respect for her skills with cars. The way she was shot completely undermined that, to the point no one even remembers her character. The way you shoot a character can absolutely influence how their performance is portrayed.
  8. My theater is now closed until further notice. Time to get to work on editing projects!
  9. Yeah I'm dealing with people daily at a movie theater that do not understand why it's a big deal if there is no confirmed cases in the area, I've frequently had to explain how you don't always show signs right away and it can spread without knowledge, they all look completely shocked. This is mainly due to a COMPLETE lack of a unified message from our government and health officials. It's going to get far FAR worse before it gets better.
  10. Sometimes you have to properly shim the lens to get the parfocal ability. Honestly was pretty impressed by your tests, yes it's not razor sharp but it has a nice clean look and it's lack of contrast can be a good thing.
  11. A used Fuji XT-2 with the 2.8-4 kit zoom.
  12. On the plus side, some short films I'm involved in are getting moved up to shoot in the next couple weeks because shooting locations are now easy to get. Gonna spend most of the "break" finishing some editing projects and probably making a reel for myself.
  13. Geoff CB


    It's a promist 1/4. A little strong for me usually but has an incredible look if you get the sun the frame.
  14. Get back to me in a month.
  15. I posted in the other thread but I'll expand. Manager at a Movie theater in Cape Cod, looks like we will close if the schools do, past two weeks I will not be receiving any income from them. So many previously schedule events have been cancelled and attendance is less than half what it was last year. Have two documentaries that were supposed to be this season, both are on hold. Thankfully I have health insurance through my wife and she works from home. I'm looking at this break for editing time for old passion projects and getting things done around the house. Also probably will do dryall work on the side if that is still in demand.
  16. Make sure your not responsible if the client is upset with the quality of product you receive. Get them all good microphones like you said. Pray after that, make sure your getting paid well. Are you editing it?
  17. They are just going to delay them. People are not going to be frivolously spending so why announce?
  18. I wish they would just let us shoot N-Log internally.
  19. Geoff CB


    Got my Sony F3, excited to use it on shoots. Voigtlander 40mm with Promist Filter Voigtlander 40mm, no filter.
  20. I'm the manager of a movie theater on Cape Cod, our business has been absolutely tanking this month compared to last year. I'm glad my wife works from home in medical billing and coding, because if it gets bad here we will have to close temporarily. 75% of our customers this time of year are over the age of 65.
  21. Thank you for the update and thank your team so much for the audio improvements in Resolve! Ability to use 32-bit float is huge for me!
  22. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    He always leaves the camera's on default setttings, also he doesn't set white balance, he uses the "daylight" or "cloudy" setting on the camera which each manufacturer sets differently. His excuse is that the "normal" person just leaves it on default settings, when anyone watching his channel should be trying to get the most that they can out of their cameras.
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