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  1. Well shortly after posting that I re upped my preorder. Because this still looks far better than the Atomos options. Thankfully it looks like there are some signs that it will shortly be released: 1) On blackmagic's website they just posted "Blackmagic Video Assist 3.0.1 Update" Firmware, which I don't think they would release unless it was coming soon. 2) On the B&H preorder page you can now download the Installation and Operation manual, and the first page is labeled as being created "January 2020"
  2. They would just be stretching themselves thin at that point. Also I think if they can keep driving the price of their MF bodies down I think they could dominate.
  3. I think that Arri are currently quite comfortable concentrating on and dominating the high end market.
  4. 1917 is going to win because the "single shot" aspect. I am very glad The Lighthouse got a nomination here though. Use of old glass, old film stock, and a great grade in a unique aspect ratio. It definitely took risks and it paid off.
  5. Used F3's are going close to a grand. When I get the Blackmagic 6G Monitor ( If they ever release the damn thing! ) the combo for 10-bit 4:2:2 would be pretty magic. I'll keep my Nikon Z6 to use when I want video AF and gimbal use. Wish the Blackmagic monitor accepted 4:4:4 . Just got a LG C9 OLED to use as a grading monitor, and 8-bit stand out on it like a sore thumb.
  6. I know this is an old thread but I wanted to say thanks for the fantastic test. Considering the Sony F3 for an upcoming film and this test was a great way for me to see it's power Graded 6400 iso
  7. Everyone who is shooting in any form of S-log should be using ACES to grade it. A7rII Slog 2 sample from this thread graded in ACES
  8. Can you link to any of those youtube videos? Haven't seen any that comment on the lag.
  9. I don't edit in Final Cut X and don't own the Atomos recorder. Which reviews are you referring to?
  10. Yeah if it all that comes to pass I might go all in on it.
  11. I really just want to know if the rear screen and external monitor have the same annoying delay that the Z6 has. It honestly drives me crazy.
  12. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/video/news/capture-pro-style-4k-in-compact-form-with-panasonics-new-hc-x2000-hc-x1500-ag-cx10?BI=4906&fbclid=IwAR2-uoLi-MY4FvPjomqGdgho9KmwdtKRi-LH-2Q9TkYWfCukF7OG1n_t0VU Panasonic has three new camcorders, interesting specs and price for what they offer.
  13. Actually I change my wish, an update from blackmagic on the new video assist monitors that they are finally shipping with Blackmagic Raw support for the Sony FS5 and Nikon Z6.
  14. Thousands. At a certain point you have to put in effort if you want results. Like photography the more you know and the more you do it the better you get.
  15. Yeah I hope they finally release the damn thing, with 10-bit 60p
  16. I hope Sony announces the full frame little brother to the FX9, or Blackmagic announces a camera with a Full Frame sensor.
  17. It makes a huge difference if your shooting S-log.
  18. I recommend Resolve if you love editing your photos. The color control in Resolve is second to none, and you don't even have to pay for it for most of the features you need starting out.
  19. Topaz has a free beta for their AI based video upscale out! I use their still image upscale often, will be posting some tests shortly of this. Glimpse of the future! https://videoai.topazlabs.com/beta
  20. I'll agree and go one further, manufactures that embrace this will succeed, those who ignore it will die.
  21. Oh absolutely. I would still be shooting the NX1 if it had the hacked 2.5K from the NX500. Great image with insanely fast rolling shutter readout. 4K was just too much for it at the time.
  22. NX1. Except for AF and Rolling Shutter issues, perfect camera with incredible form factor. I really wish Samsung had given it one more go!
  23. I hate that video. It does not take into account motion cadence or color, just DR and noise. Also if your delivery is a cinema screen or HDR deliver the higher bitrate and bit depth ALWAYS help.
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