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  1. Haha
    Inazuma reacted to webrunner5 in Organic looking Panasonic S1 footage   
    Hmm lol. Your turn is coming. First thing is you Have to live that long. Not as easy as it seems. Eh maybe by then they will have a cure for just about everything and they will just have to start beating people to death.
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    Inazuma reacted to kye in Race to the bottom   
    I have read magazines and followed people on forums across several industries and there is a point that each business-owner reaches at some point in their career which will decide if they go on to be successful or to struggle and perhaps close up shop.
    That point is where they are worth more than the majority of available budgets and they either take the view that some clients aren't worth working for, or they go negative and complain about budgets but muddle through.  Those who choose the first approach take the path of charging a healthy amount for their work but also focusing on customer service and quality of work, and are respected in-turn by their clients.  These people normally make that decision blind, that is they decide not to take the under-budget work even through they have no confidence that they will be able to win enough work to stay in business, and they often reflect back saying they don't know why they were worried and that they've built a client-base of good clients who appreciate their work and the value they bring.
    In a contracting or rapidly changing industry this decision becomes more important as it's the people that don't value themselves and go negative that end up going out of business.
    Work hard, do your best, but value yourself.... We teach the world how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.
  3. Sad
    Inazuma reacted to gethin in Race to the bottom   
    I just quoted on a job. Required 3 trips to location, 3 lots of drone work and shooting on a roof and a little interview.
    I quoted $2200 Aud (about 1500 usd) for a 2-3 min finished vid or $275 per hour  ($195usd) for the raw footage, only.  Got message back that he didn't have a lot of money to spend on the vid, and ultimately that i was too expensive, and I just wonder what folk expect when they phone about that sort of job. $500? I am seeing this more and more. Time to give up on video and become a plumber.
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    Inazuma reacted to Andrew Reid in Back on the ball - a word about the lack of updates at EOSHD recently   
    I'm going to be back up to full throttle on EOSHD starting today. For those of you who are wondering where I've been and what I've been doing, here's a glance at what I've been working on...
    Read the full article
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Laurier in Is the Samyang VDSLR kit of primes still relevant in 2019.   
    Really interesting stuff. First time I've heard of Duclos, Celere, CML or most of the rest that was written. 
    Surely the easiest way to prove Celere and Samyang lenses are different would be to post the lens diagrams? 
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    Inazuma reacted to IronFilm in Is the Samyang VDSLR kit of primes still relevant in 2019.   
    Optically they're identical

    Oh gee! I never knew that
    And their response:
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    Inazuma reacted to kaylee in I need a hug   
  8. Haha
    Inazuma reacted to BTM_Pix in Is Panasonic customer service terrible, or is it just me and my toaster oven?   
    If its any consolation I spent £250 on a Dualit toaster about 10 years ago.
    I gifted it to my daughter along with a bunch of other kitchen appliances when she moved in to her new apartment last year.
    I asked a few weeks later how she was getting on with this iconic bread heating masterpiece only to discover she had thrown it out because "it looked old fashioned".
    This keen appreciation of design classics also means she refers to my Billingham Hadley Pro bag as a satchel.
    I blame her mother.
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    Inazuma reacted to Snowfun in How Can I Be A Young Director?   
    I suppose the easy answer is simply to start directing.
    You mentioned that within your local community there is no passion for filmmaking. So identify what are the local passions and exploit those by making a film relevant to local interests and concerns. Find a local business with an Instagram account and offer to do a film for them (limit of 60 seconds so it’ll focus the mind). And do it again. Reputation grows slowly - your experience and skill set more rapidly.
    The people skills will develop too as you relate to those you work with/for.
    Set up your own Instagram account and shamelessly show off your work. Progress to Vimeo or YouTube but don’t expect huge viewing figures.
    Be realistic. Remain optimistic. With a hint of idealism thrown into the mix. 
    Possibly the most important thing (others will know a lot more about this than me)  is to do something - anything - to get you started...
    And have fun along the way.
  10. Haha
    Inazuma reacted to BTM_Pix in cinematic color?   
    Does anyone else seem to remember that this question has popped up on here previously at some point?
    As far as I recall, the general consensus was that you need to go into the Settings menu of the camera and make sure "Motion Cadence Colour Science Mojo" is set to ON.
    Have a go with the Search option just to make sure I've remembered correctly though.
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    Inazuma reacted to stefanocps in cinematic color?   
    Looking around to buy a nex camera, i come across several video that are presented as "cinematic style" Made with gh5,xt3,bmpcc or whatever their feature is a color that is strongly characterized. I like them and i think i should buy a camera that would allow me to do that.
    Then i watch a movie, at cinema or tv and the color is totally different. It is the opposite of what is defined cinematic style in slr videos. In this case colo is true color, natural, as well as light and everyhting else
    So what is the cinematic style??
    What is your opinion about?
    I want to reach the latter style in  my video, not the first one...
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    Inazuma reacted to kye in Behold, The Nokia 9 Pureview - True Innovation   
    You're probably right, and it stabilises movement between frames but it doesn't stabilise movement during the frame, so if you're in low light and bump the camera the stabilised shot you get out of it looks like you had a very steady hand but at the moment of the bump everything in the frame will turn to a mush of motion-blur like all of a sudden the universe had a tiny little seizure.
    It works for action cameras filming at very short shutter speeds but doesn't really work for anything other than wide-angles in sunlight.  As soon as the sun sets or you decide you want to use that 50mm or 80mm lens (with its tiny aperture, tiny sensor, and poor ISO performance all pushing to slow the shutter speed) then it's universe-seizures the whole way.
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Nikkor in Galaxy Fold   
    Psssh. Who needs a hoverboard when you have a phone with 12 gigs of ram 😆
  14. Haha
    Inazuma got a reaction from kaylee in Galaxy Fold   
    Psssh. Who needs a hoverboard when you have a phone with 12 gigs of ram 😆
  15. Haha
    Inazuma got a reaction from kaylee in Galaxy Fold   
    I'm just glad they called it the Fold rather than something ambiguous like the XS, pronounced ten - s. 
    But this isn't how I imagined a folding phone. I was thinking something that rolled out into the size of a phone. Not a rectangle the size of a phone that folded out into a small tablet. 
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    Inazuma reacted to kye in Film Halation - Resolve How-To   
    In Resolve you can kind of cheat and use the Glow plugin, which allows individual control of the spread of red, green and blue, so you can spread the red more than the others and you'll get a red halo.  It's not the same exactly, but is a ton less work
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    Inazuma reacted to Ryley K in Film Halation - Resolve How-To   
    I do that also! I mostly do it for brighter light sources like car lights and streetlights. One thing I notice in film is that there is a very soft outline sometimes on objects. That's what I use edge detect for. Key the brightest parts, and then add edge detect and adjust to taste.
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    Inazuma reacted to Vladimir in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    decide yourself ) (shot this handheld with xt2)
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    Inazuma reacted to MrSMW in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Yep. IMO the XH1 is a vastly underrated camera.
    I'd still take my XT3 for video, but for stills, I prefer my XH1.
    The XT2 however is now incredible value, especially for anyone not earning a living from their kit and doesn't need that last nth degree of capability.
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    Inazuma reacted to thebrothersthre3 in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    I know man got mine with a grip/batteries for $640 usd, that's downsampled 6k video! The A6300 sells for a similar price too.
  21. Haha
    Inazuma reacted to BTM_Pix in Airport X-ray can affect DSLRs and bring hot pixels?   
    After taking numerous cameras from numerous manufacturers through numerous different airports, I'm going to venture my anecdotal experience of the only risk to your gear going through the scanner being someone "accidentally" picking your bag up at the other end if you yourself don't get through the metal detector fast enough.
    There are also some airports (Manchester in the UK for example is a bastard for this) where they make their own rules up about what electronics have to be separated out and make you take all of your electronic items out to go through the machine separately which means you can have a ton of very expensive gear sat there on very public display on the end of the conveyor while you are waiting in a queue behind half a dozen idiots who've left coins in their pockets .
  22. Haha
  23. Confused
    Inazuma got a reaction from IronFilm in Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced - a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology   
    I watched a Jared Polin video today and he said there's no 24p in 1080p?
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    Inazuma reacted to Mako Sports in Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced - a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology   
    Basically an M50 with a speedbooster and some weird crippling. 😂
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    Inazuma reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced - a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology   
    Oh look! It's time for Canon to roll out their old chips again! The EOS RP has an identical sensor to the 6D Mark II, with a micro-lens array design more suited to mirrorless lenses. Canon openly admit in interviews that the RP cannot even do cropped 4K/30p without overheating. Even the modest bump in frame rate would have necessitated "a larger body design", they say. Not sure I believe them, but clearly the technology is behind the curve.
    Most disappointingly of all, it turns out that the EOS RP lacks Dual Pixel AF in 4K video mode, like the M50, which means it's a "no-buy" from me and better to stick with the EOS R until the pro body is released, which perhaps, is the intention.
    Fuji on the other hand - an even smaller, lighter (380g) and cheaper camera has a full-width 6K sensor readout without overheating and most of the 4K video features of the superb X-T3 for under $900, with F-LOG, 120fps 1080p and bonus 10bit 4:2:2 external output.
    There is a CHASM between Canon and Fuji in their video technology.
    Read the full article
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