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    Inazuma reacted to kaylee in Thanks guys   
    i feel like im starting to get the hang of this filmmaking thing, for the first time, with the project im doing right now
    i dunno how i couldve gotten this far without andrew, eoshd, and all u guys on this board helping me, and answering my stupid questions
    it means a lot
    i just want u all 2 kno ūüíė
    thank you
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Kisaha in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    If you change the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 to f4 (which would be more equivalent to Fuji's f2.8) then you knock off about $1000 from your Nikon package. I *think" in your case I'd go for the Nikon. 
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    Inazuma reacted to keessie65 in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    screenshot from a film I am now editing. Halfway the hike in Austria the SSD from my Ninja V was full, so I stored new footage on SD card. In Premiere CC I edit both and Ninja files are faster to render than H265 from card....

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    Inazuma got a reaction from kaylee in I just told Adobe to shove it   
    I ditched Adobe over a year ago. DXO PhotoLab and Black magic Resolve are superior to Lightroom and Premiere Pro imo. There are also plenty of Photoshop alternatives. 
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    Inazuma got a reaction from gethin in I just told Adobe to shove it   
    I ditched Adobe over a year ago. DXO PhotoLab and Black magic Resolve are superior to Lightroom and Premiere Pro imo. There are also plenty of Photoshop alternatives. 
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    Inazuma got a reaction from PannySVHS in Best 1080p 60fps camera?   
    The Nikon Z6 has all those things
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Geoff CB in Best 1080p 60fps camera?   
    The Nikon Z6 has all those things
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Kisaha in Best 1080p 60fps camera?   
    The Nikon Z6 has all those things
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    Inazuma reacted to The ghost of squig in A Pocket 4K, X-T3, 5DMk3 ML raw odyssey   
    It begins.

    Evaluating new cameras isn't my favorite thing, so I thought I'd share the pain. I've got a lot of work on ATM, so this will be an ongoing project. I might even end up making a youtube vid ūüėĪ.
    I've been shooting with the 5DMk3 ML raw exclusively for many years, you can check out some of my recent work here:
    A few contenders have come along over the years like the A7s and BMMCC, but all have failed to measure up to the 5DMk3 with Magic Lantern raw. These jobs I did recently were particularly gruelling, up to 19 hour days, days on end, uncontrollable lighting, no recce, no crew, constantly on the move, a great stress test for any camera or operator. The weaknesses of the 5D have never been more apparent. With a slight lull in the storm, and some technical hurdles in upcoming work, I took the plunge and bought these two sought after bodies. Not being able to get a Pocket 4K for like 8 months allows a lot of time to pixel peep and contemplate the future. Pixel peeping is one thing, but you really don't know if it's for you until you test it for yourself, or wait for a crash test dummy like me to do the work for you.
    Very early impressions: I have to say that of the 2 cameras, I was more excited about the arrival of the Pocket 4K, at least until I remembered the lens adapters I ordered haven't arrived yet. I rummaged through one of my four film detritus drawers and found 5, yes 5 ūüôĄ Nex adapters (remnants from a brief Sony affair) but not a single M4/3 adapter of course. So I unboxed the P4K, grabbed one of my Canon batteries, and fired up the little beast. The fan: super quiet, probably the quietest fan I've ever heard, a non issue. The firmware: 6.2.1, no CDNG for me. For those who haven't heard: BMD have put a new touchscreen in the latest cameras that only works with 6.2.1 firmware. I'm not really fussed, the Braw stuff I've seen looks really good, and the file sizes are amazing, 4K Braw files are smaller than 5DMk3 raw 1080p files. UHD 12:1 Braw files are roughly the same size as 1080p ProRes HQ files,and 200Mbit/s 1080p X-T3 HEVC files.
    I've had the X-T3 for a couple of days and I got an 18-55mm f/2.8-4 OIS lens with it. This lens is fantastic, creamy bokeh, and the OIS is amazing, I can get super steady shots at the long end handheld, I know I'm very late to the party with OIS, but wow. Can't wait to put an Iscorama anamorphic on this puppy, no 58-52mm step down rings in the detritus drawers either ūüė≠. Low light on the X-T3 is a mixed bag: up to 8000 ISO the noise is tolerable, film-like chroma grain, no fixed pattern noise, however: the X-T3 image falls apart in the shadows, that's a big minus. The other image related issue that comes to mind is: white balance. I had to go digging into the detritus drawer for a grey card! I mean srsly, what's the world coming to? I haven't used a grey card in years;¬† I'm so accustomed to shooting raw I just don't even think about white balancing anymore. I haven't drawn any conclusions on custom white balancing yet other than it's absolutely necessary with the X-T3 ūüė©.
    Ergonomics: the X-T3 is terrible in big hands, I rarely handhold a camera, rolling shutter micro jitters are a thing, but the OIS lens makes it doable. The Smallrig cage has a handgrip extension, so that may help. The P4K is much better in the hand.
    Stay tuned.
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    Inazuma reacted to heart0less in Three cheap variable ND filters shoot-out - which one should I keep?   
    I've been looking to replace my 20$ Zomei variable ND filter for some time. It isn't unusable, but has its own quirks, which I was quite fed up with.
    I decided that I don't want to spend more than 40$ for a new one ( high-rolling, ain't I? ).
    So, after doing a little research I put my money on a K&F ND2-32.
    In the meantime, while I was waiting to get it from China, I also managed to find a bargain on eBay: an used Genustech ND filter (not the Eclipse version, unfortunately).
    Each of these filters cost me ~40$
    Here is how they compare.
    I used Panasonic G85 and Minolta 58/1.4 (set to f/2) on a dumb adapter, which roughly translates to 116 mm eqv.
    Color cast:
    White balance was set manually, each time I put on a new filter. To do it, I simply held a white card in front of my camera and let it save the results as a custom WB setting.
    So, without any filter I got 5650K and +10 tint.

    With K&F: 5250K, +21

    With Genustech: 5100K, +25 (though it still looks yellowish to my eyes)

    With Zomei: 5250K, +22

    2. Sharpness and contrast
    This was a bit tricky to evaluate, since Genustech acted as a some kind of a diopter. When I put it on, my focus point shifted just a little and I had to refocus the shot.
    These are 100% crops from image above.
    No filter (SS: 1/250 s):

    K&F at ND2 (1/100 s):

    K&F at its maximum (which, truth be told, is closer to ND16 than ND32) [1/13 s]:

    Genustech at ND2 (1/100 s):

    Genustech matching K&F max (1/13 s):

    Genustech at its maximum (around ND 200 [7.5 stops]) [0.8 s]:

    Zomei at ND2 (1/100 s):

    Zomei matching K&F max (1/13 s):

    Zomei at its maximum (also around ND200) [0.8 s) :

    3. Bokeh
    Both small and big 'balls'. Once again, 100% crops.
    No filter:




    4. Other thoughts
    What I really like about the K&F filter is the fact that it has hard stops at minimum and maximum. It's a shame it goes only up to ND 16.
    Genustech doesn't really work as a polarizer. If you rotate it, it won't block reflections (both K&F and Zomei will). Instead, it changes reflections' color (from brownish to blueish).
    I'm not sharing my conclusions since I don't want to influence yours.
    Which filter would you keep with you, taking everything into account?
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    Inazuma reacted to Andrew Reid in Made In China vs Made In Japan - Perception Of Quality   
    I detect a lot of anti-Chinese bias!
    It's reasonable enough to raise the topic but save us the old "China makes junk" cliche, it's no longer as simple.
    China is a developing economy and all countries go through eras of churning out cheap products during this phase. Japan did it. Even the US did it to some degree, but in a very different technological era. Looking at the camera companies - Sigma did it - made very cheap lenses in huge quantities for a LONG time before they started to do the high-end quality stuff we all respect so highly.
    What is going on at the moment is Chinese home-grown technology is cost competitive and technologically becoming on an even par with western stuff, so that combination makes it a huge threat to US businesses like Intel and Qualcomm. There are political reasons for smearing Huawei.
    There is also a distinction between IP, design and assembly / manufacturing. Most of China's developing economy has been based on assembly and manufacturing but now they are becoming big on original designs and products, which is another threat to the US economy. Especially in chip design and telecoms.
    As for quality, perceptions and stereotypes always vary... You're entitled to your views. I find them outdated. RED cameras and iPhones are hardly poorly put together products - both made in China. Foxconn. No doubt if they had been made in an American factory by American hands you'd think they were better made, but that says more about prejudiced opinion than the actual facts or the skills level of the Chinese workforce. Across Asia there are a lot of people highly educated and dedicated to their work otherwise they wouldn't do the things they are doing. And Chinese space programme is another flagship advancement, whether we can agree on their politics or not, the writing is on the wall. The US is no longer top dog.
    "There will be nobody left in China to do business with. Very bad for China, very good for USA!"
    Of course when you have this twat starting trade wars, you're bound to get people whipped up into a sinophobic frenzy.
    Let's look at the facts.
    It's hard to imagine a President so out of touch with US businesses, who have benefited massively from cheap Chinese labour and manufacturing.
    There isn't a single major US technology or camera company around today that doesn't need Chinese manufacturing or parts supply.
    And yet Trump thinks attacking that is very good for the USA, because he has a simple world view - "we can make stuff here... it's easy... just build a factory"...
    For a start, if you look at the quantities of natural resources, rare metals and energy required to make mass produce fundamental parts for modern technological devices and appliances, the US doesn't have any of it easily to hand like China does and digging them up at the scale required would cause massive pollution right on your doorstep. Is that would you want?
    If smartphones were all made in the US they would cost 10x more at retail and wouldn't sell a single unit vs cost effective competitors.
    The technology doesn't even exist at the required scale in the US to build the stuff, like it does in China, Japan and South Korea. We're talking here about the machines that make machines. Vast majority of the equipment is Asian.
    We are talking vast scale of manufacturing, where a single factory is the size of a small city and employees over 1 million people. Add up the cost of those people with US wages vs doing the same thing in China and you start to realise what a fucking amateur Trump is when it comes to business and why he has made enormous losses and write-offs in every one of his business ventures.
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    Inazuma reacted to MrSMW in Made In China vs Made In Japan - Perception Of Quality   
    Also C, none of the above. Last time I checked , it was 2019.
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Ryley K in Film Emulation Tutorial - Film Halation and Grain   
    I saw the example video on reddit a few weeks ago. Looks great! Thanks a lot for doing this tutorial
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    Inazuma reacted to kaylee in Eos R finally closer to it's actual value   
    take the "1" off and we can talk ūüėā
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    Inazuma reacted to Ed_David in Are There Any Canon C700 Full Frame Reviews?   
    I bought one used.  it's about 1.5 stops better in the shadows than the c300 ii and same in the highlights (3.5 stops over key) - https://cinematography.net/CineRant/2018/07/30/personal-comments-on-the-2018-cml-camera-evaluations/
    which makes it almost as good as any camera - well better than the alexa in shadows but, still alexa is the king in highlights.
    it shoots pro res.  it does everything you wish the c300 ii would do.  well not raw light - i don't know why it doesn't do that - maybe I should ask them.
    here's some stills with a zeiss 28mm standard speed - doesn't quite have full frame coverage.
    i'll post a video soon to show more tests with it.

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    Inazuma reacted to kye in The 3-hour 1-minute Film Challenge   
    This is the official start (and maybe quick death!) of the......
    3 Hour 1 Minute Film Challenge!!!1
    The rules:
    You setup, shoot, edit, and upload a film in a single 3-hour period - no gaps, once you start the timer you can't stop it again The final film must be 1 minute or less If your finished film looks too good then others can challenge you about the 3-hour time limit and you must explain yourself to keep your reputation in tact There are no prizes, no timeframes, and no judging Everyone that makes a film and publishes it is a winner, people that don't try are losers, and people that try but fail should learn from their mistakes and just try again There are no more rules FAQ:
    Can I plan things in advance?
    What limits are there for budget, cast size, crew size, and number of otters making cameos?
    Why are you doing this?
    Why not?
    No, really..  why?
    We learn by trying new things, finishing and sharing them.  Too many people obsess over tiny things and never get anything done.  This challenge is designed to combat that.
    What advice do you have?
    You can be an extra special winner if you: 
    Publish in 720p - equipment shouldn't matter and if your film looks dull in 720 then 4K will not save you Try new things and experiment - think of this as going to the gym for film-makers where you can push yourself to learn and if it fails then who cares (it was only 3 hours right?) Encourage others by being helpful and supportive Have cameos from otters Film a timelapse as a BTS so others can see how you did it - an action camera is a good choice for this*
    (* if you wear it on your person, please remember to turn it off when you visit the bathroom) Invite friends over to help Focus on having fun and enjoying the process (having so much fun you didn't finish the film in time is also a kind of winning) Call your mother (after you've hit upload) It sounds like fun but I don't know where to start?
    Set a timer for 1-hour, plan the video, when the timer runs out, reset it and shoot, when the timer runs out, reset it for 45 minutes and edit, when the timer runs out hit export, then upload.
    Then have lunch, put in a fresh battery and SD card, then start the timer again....
    I look forward to seeing the first films posted below in about 3 hours time.
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    Inazuma reacted to webrunner5 in Organic looking Panasonic S1 footage   
    Hmm lol. Your turn is coming. First thing is you Have to live that long. Not as easy as it seems. Eh maybe by then they will have a cure for just about everything and they will just have to start beating people to death.
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    Inazuma reacted to kye in Race to the bottom   
    I have read magazines and followed people on forums across several industries and there is a point that each business-owner reaches at some point in their career which will decide if they go on to be successful or to struggle and perhaps close up shop.
    That point is where they are worth more than the majority of available budgets and they either take the view that some clients aren't worth working for, or they go negative and complain about budgets but muddle through.  Those who choose the first approach take the path of charging a healthy amount for their work but also focusing on customer service and quality of work, and are respected in-turn by their clients.  These people normally make that decision blind, that is they decide not to take the under-budget work even through they have no confidence that they will be able to win enough work to stay in business, and they often reflect back saying they don't know why they were worried and that they've built a client-base of good clients who appreciate their work and the value they bring.
    In a contracting or rapidly changing industry this decision becomes more important as it's the people that don't value themselves and go negative that end up going out of business.
    Work hard, do your best, but value yourself.... We teach the world how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.
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    Inazuma reacted to gethin in Race to the bottom   
    I just quoted on a job. Required 3 trips to location, 3 lots of drone work and shooting on a roof and a little interview.
    I quoted $2200 Aud (about 1500 usd) for a 2-3 min finished vid or $275 per hour  ($195usd) for the raw footage, only.  Got message back that he didn't have a lot of money to spend on the vid, and ultimately that i was too expensive, and I just wonder what folk expect when they phone about that sort of job. $500? I am seeing this more and more. Time to give up on video and become a plumber.
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    Inazuma reacted to Andrew Reid in Back on the ball - a word about the lack of updates at EOSHD recently   
    I'm going to be back up to full throttle on EOSHD starting today. For those of you who are wondering where I've been and what I've been doing, here's a glance at what I've been working on...
    Read the full article
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    Inazuma got a reaction from Laurier in Is the Samyang VDSLR kit of primes still relevant in 2019.   
    Really interesting stuff. First time I've heard of Duclos, Celere, CML or most of the rest that was written. 
    Surely the easiest way to prove Celere and Samyang lenses are different would be to post the lens diagrams? 
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    Inazuma reacted to IronFilm in Is the Samyang VDSLR kit of primes still relevant in 2019.   
    Optically they're identical

    Oh gee! I never knew that
    And their response:
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    Inazuma reacted to kaylee in I need a hug   
  24. Haha
    Inazuma reacted to BTM_Pix in Is Panasonic customer service terrible, or is it just me and my toaster oven?   
    If its any consolation I spent £250 on a Dualit toaster about 10 years ago.
    I gifted it to my daughter along with a bunch of other kitchen appliances when she moved in to her new apartment last year.
    I asked a few weeks later how she was getting on with this iconic bread heating masterpiece only to discover she had thrown it out because "it looked old fashioned".
    This keen appreciation of design classics also means she refers to my Billingham Hadley Pro bag as a satchel.
    I blame her mother.
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    Inazuma reacted to Snowfun in How Can I Be A Young Director?   
    I suppose the easy answer is simply to start directing.
    You mentioned that within your local community there is no passion for filmmaking. So identify what are the local passions and exploit those by making a film relevant to local interests and concerns. Find a local business with an Instagram account and offer to do a film for them (limit of 60 seconds so it’ll focus the mind). And do it again. Reputation grows slowly - your experience and skill set more rapidly.
    The people skills will develop too as you relate to those you work with/for.
    Set up your own Instagram account and shamelessly show off your work. Progress to Vimeo or YouTube but don’t expect huge viewing figures.
    Be realistic. Remain optimistic. With a hint of idealism thrown into the mix. 
    Possibly the most important thing (others will know a lot more about this than me)  is to do something - anything - to get you started...
    And have fun along the way.
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