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    Formula 1 cameras ?

    My completely uneducated guess is that this could be any half-decent video / ENG camera. Considering the ratio of subject distance to background distance, even a comparatively slow zoom lens would still get that kind of background blur, so I don't think it's an especially fast lens.
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    Olympus E-M5 MK III - coming in October

    Honestly, I am stoked on this. If I somehow get my hands on some extra cash I would love to pick up a used E-M1 mkii or one of these E-M5 mkiii. I shoot mostly on a GH5 and having one of these as my second cam would be killer. Good AF for the times I need it and the Gh5 for when I need 10bit / 4k60. Olympus is doing good stuff. Plus M43 is a killer mount and I love the sensor size.
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    The gnarbox 2 is the real deal when it comes to this... (had it a few weeks) As SD card back up it is 'ok fast' - seems to match it 75MB/s claims - also does a checksum to verify the back up - lets you backup to the Gnarbox and an external SSD simultaneously. Integration with Lumafusion, Lightroom CC, Photo Mechanic (via the selects app) is spot on. Wifi transfer is fast and it lets you do usb-c transfer too (over 200MB/s on my pc.) You can do in and out points straight from the Gnarbox in Lumafusion and then it only imports the in/out footage. Wish there was better integration with Premiere Pro. Yes, it is expensive but way better than some of the alternatives I have wasted money on (Gnarbox 1/WD passport pro).
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    I care a lot about the size and weight of my kit. Basically, if it's heavy or bulky it's probably going to stay home and I will use it less. I have the 10-25/1.7 and really enjoy having a lens that can go wider than the standard 12mm on a lot of zoom lenses. Quickly grabbing a wide and then a tight 50mm shot is fast and simple. Absolutely love the manual focus clutch (Panny should adopt this design going forward like Olympus). Build quality is excellent like most of the PL line. If the weight and size of your kit is a priority the 10-25/1.7 is a great addition. People compare it a lot to the Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35mm combo but I think thats a bit myopic of a comparison as it disregards possible future (and better) MFT bodies with better AF. It's definitely a lighter setup (and more balanced) than the sigma as well. Which really matters when you need it on a gimbal or just have to carry it all day. I would replace the 12-60 and the PL25/1.4 but keep at least the 42.5 Voigtlander. Those are nice, fast primes with character. GH5 has excellent IBIS so lack of OIS in the lens really won't be a problem. In my opinion, for Panny MFT cameras and native glass, the holy trinity is the: PL 10-25/1.7, PL 42.5/1.2, PL 50-200/2.8-4 With the Olympus 12-100/4 for when you have only space for one lens. On a side note: really looking forward to getting my GH5S on the new Weebill-S gimbal with this lens. Match made in heaven, maybe?
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    GoPro Hero 8 worth buying?

    Hero 7 is the glitchiest piece of electronic equipment I've ever purchased, not fit for pro work (all my friends who have it also have the same software issues, some even have other hardware related issues, I hope they have solved these issues for the 8). Hero 8 has no ability to replace the glass in front of the lens... I dunno what you do with your cams, but I use mine for, well... action! So if I scratch that thing I want to replace it! I replaced my Hero7 front 3 times already! This makes the Hero 8 a non-starter in my opinion. @hk908 Yes the stabilisation is rubbish in low light, don't even try it (actually turn it off, or your images will be toast)... it works pretty well in mid day light though. That all said and done, if anyone is listening... DJI cough cough... can you please make a 1inch sensor camera with better IQ and codecs!!! An action cam with the same sensor as the Mavic 2 with a fisheye lens for action sports (prores if possible!) would be incredible!!! I don't even care if it's twice the size. DO IT!!! p.s. Forgot to mention, if I could go back in time I would have bought the DJI action cam. Only thing I wish is that they wouldn't glue the lens in... DJI please let us swap that out if we want!
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    University education - is it worth it?

    Maybe a Masters is too much, more appropriate for a career in education, but film making is a very complex field, including both technical and artistic concepts. The old mantra was "education, education, education", the new one is "just look at it from youtube". Both are wrong in my opinion. I am in between, starting working in the field when I was 19 years old, and the same time did sound engineering, multimedia computing and programming, BofA in Film and Video (directing) and other unrelated studies. Still have the need to study some more, maybe I will do a course in European Culture and Civilization (4 years BA degree) next year, still thinking about it because it is rather expensive, but education is a huge part of evolution, a proper academic education can make you a better person, not strictly a better professional, but being a more complete person and citizen will help you with your work in unimaginable ways. Just a few good professionals do youtube videos, most of the youtube crowds, especially the popular ones, are just "some kids".
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    Crappy internet content

    No objection here on your entry. Just principles apply. Where's ethics, even morals? People enjoying the destruction of pieces of engineering just for the sake of supposed fun?! Is there any fun on it? In the same planet where half planet still live with less than $2.50 dollar per day?! https://www.wri.org/resources/charts-graphs/population-living-less-1-day-1981-2004 http://www.globalissues.org/print/article/26 The argument of usefulness or information on reliability under stress circumstances doesn't buy my sensibility. Excuses for such filthy show. I can't find it in any way other than as rather disgusting... WTH of society we live all in? What type of man is this one? Yeah, I mean about the audiences... Where are the values we've seen people along the History to die for? Yes, not mere concepts of right and wrong. Where's the responsibility of the creators of content to contribute to all this? The media? The legislators? Where's people stand about all that Mediterranean drama? I'd sincerely distrust anything or anyone in the hands of certain people living in the so-called civilized world today, after all. Well, it must be the ultimate joke to call it like that. It doesn't even look like sanely safe, go figure, hence my remark to call these individuals, retarders in a literal sense : ) We can't call it meritocracy either, but the Barbarians instead. Rome fell, let's not forget... Seems the world is plain to them on both sides of the civilized fences. Terrifying. Too much decadence to be quiet... I wonder where all this will lead? No money in the world can justify everything. Hey, I love money too but I give it its own merit. Respect. Values. I believe that's where the whole thing fails. E : -)
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    Davinci Resolve 16

    This might be useful to some:
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    Get a Masters in business. It's applicable to all fields. It also shows that you're serious about the bottom line, and will help you running your own business.
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    The iPhone has seriously exaggerated colours and which are quite off, as well. I don't even consider their photos acceptable. Other low light cameras don't have this problem. The portrait mode is fine by smartphone standards. The problem is when you see the photos on a larger screen (larger than a smartphone size), the quality suddenly looks rubbish and the colours seem very disappointing. The same applies for video. Everything looks like 480p or worse.
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    If the lenses can focus a little past infinity at their hard-stop then there's a bit of room for something in the mount, so maybe a small amount of something grippy like a very thin rubber gasket? ie, cut from a very thin rubber sheet perhaps?
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    Kipon Adapters For Nikon Z And Canon R

    dont know, but posts from helsinki wont help you, he is a spammer another name to keep an eye out on is kimminseok or is that kimminsuck i do get confused 🙄 a few of us report such posts but it is up to mr reid to sort it out.
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    actually i tried two enlarger lenses, one projection lens, and the russian lens that arrived today . I'm not really surprised i have read that the once you go lower than 70mm or so with enlarger lenses its harder to get infinity focus and you need shorter and shorter mounts. The el nikor 63mm enlarger lens is notoriously difficult to get infinity focus without a custom mount. I didn't think this russian lens was an enlarger lens i figured it would mount up to m42 and i'd be away but its m39 which is a popular size for enlarger lenses and i dont read or speak russian so theres a good chance that maybe it is an enlarger lens 🤔. I'm not too perturbed i have a bunch of adapters of different thicknesses, two helicoids yet to arrive.
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    Yeah I use a focal reducer + fast primes to get that edge on my Fuji.
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    if this was the formula one thread, btm would get a dnf, Did not finish ! continuing the f1 theme, scrutineers should examine all footage for irregularities 😎
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    In this video in particular he recorded with a number of different apps, and I'm wondering if it was an app with a low bitrate or bad post-processing that is to blame. There's one shot in particular (of his partner walking the dog along a trail - I think it was shot with the wide) that is absolutely terrible, but the wide shot of the waterfall wasn't nearly so bad, so I'd take the worst shots with a grain of salt. Of course, the best shots were also not that great, especially in low-light so there's that. In many ways this is the perfect architecture - super wide, medium, and tele options. The iPhone 11 just doesn't deliver that architecture that well with poor ISO performance and heavy-handed post-processing. Having something that had the same three FOV cameras, but had OIS instead of EIS, and the ability to record in some kind of low-processed 10-bit codec would be a completely different proposition. The recipe is good, they just need to upgrade the ingredients.
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    Video Hummus

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I’ve looked for this before and I haven’t found it. The metadata for video files in particular is just...pathetic. I wished it saved at least: the name of the lens (if recognized), if it was a VFR video, at least the focal length the video was started at, the aperture it was started at, and shutter speed/angle it was started at. It makes using features like smart bins / keywords in NLE or using Finder keyword searches useless Maybe someone knows more? UPDATE: Apparently this tool https://sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/ will allow you to see this metadata but for some reason I don't see this in Finder or in Final Cut Pro or Davinci.
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    OK, give me an hour
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    After using the Ninja V on a concert shoot this weekend, I'm feeling the pain of the micro HDMI connection. I had used the monitor a day or two before for a corporate shoot at an acupuncturist's office, and didn't have any problems with it locked down on sticks or with a bit of handheld to get b-roll. The first evening of a two-day concert event I got booked for, the mini HDMI end of the cable came out multiple times and the metal male insert ended up bending. I think a big part of the problem the 90 degree bend in the Atomos cable. It bends in such a way that it exerts pressure on the connection and basically "wants" to break it. And is so thick that the recommended SmallRig cable clamp for my cage doesn't fit it. I can't find a clamp that will work. Luckily, I didn't pay for the damn cable, I found a package deal from Adorama on Amazon that bundled the cable with the monitor for the normal price. I'm definitely going to ask Adorama to warranty the cable. Can anyone recommend a legit to mini HDMI cable with a straight emd that will record 4k 60 and isn't 10 feet long?
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    Ah! I didn't realise the peanut gallery was awake 😆😆😆 Right - new rule... to heckle from the back rows you have to enter the competition (or make a commitment that you will)! I've already entered, so it can't be that hard 😎😎😎
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    Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

    Hope this helps in three different latin/romance languages for non-native English members here:
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    Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

    Lossless zoom not optical ends in an advantage for the 7T version with 12MP, especially going along some extra accessory such as this one when available for Androids, only on iPhones side so far: Or this one, they announce as fitting Android smartphones like the OnePlus devices, even though I guess only dual lens based:
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    Mako Sports

    GoPro Hero 8 worth buying?

    When a new gopro drops its always super enticing. However it seems people will buy them, use them once or twice then never use them again.
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    1. I love the Alexa Mini and the Ursa pro. You don't accidentally hit the iris button like on the BMCC6k. My buddy also kept hitting it just by holding that shitty thing so that also makes it the cameras fault. Sure "user error" but that button doesn't even seem to go down to react to anything. Put some gloves and hit that thing in the winter. You'll get used to it (as you get used to anything) but it was an obvious design error (actually the whole camera seems to be a weird design error, excluding the excellent sensor). Also I don't remember rigging the ursa pro that much and I did handheld with the Alexa mini. Which oddly is easier on the Alexa as the weight gives it a bit more stability. 2. Crop / resolution. Duh. Still it is a huge crop so all that resolution goes to "waste" for closeups when I would really need them for wider ones. 3. I'm not talking about the image yet, it may blow me away as I grade (which it hasn't yet as I'm just looking at everything through the braw plugin in premiere).
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    Andrew Reid

    Crappy internet content

    We are turning into a "truth is what you can get away with" kind of society.
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    University education - is it worth it?

    Great one... http://mentalfloss.com/article/62357/who-actually-invented-wheel Youngsters think they can live outside.
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    No idea if the usual Sony fanboys here will love to hear that... LOL Here's something here they say ; ) it doesn't overheat though: https://www.canonwatch.com/breaking-sony-eventually-made-a-camera-thats-not-overheating/
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    Best way to focus

    1. Set taking lens out of focus where your subject is and wide open to get nice bokeh. 2. Make a shiny spot on your subject focus plane so you see the bokeh on the subject. 3. Turn scope both sides and see how the shape of bokeh change. You need a middle point where bokeh is perfectly round. 7. Now focus your taking lens as usual. 8. Remove the shiny spot if you don't want it on the shoot
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    Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

    Misleading video title in stricto sensu anyway, well, as much as marketing can be BTW ; -)
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    Crappy internet content

    YouTube is capitalism at its finest. It has: the promise that everyone has the potential to participate and succeed rules that give success to the successful, essentially separating the 'rich' from the 'poor' no limits on what can be done, except for a set of 'rules' which are very badly managed, unevenly applied, and with "too big to fail" dynamics sensitivities to human behaviour where there is success to be found in trickery, meaningless amusement, as well as high art a system where value is in the eye of the consumer, so things like cat videos can become unexplainably popular visibility from outside it so that people can analyse and communicate about the market This is an online equivalent of a marketplace where value is determined by the customer, price is due to supply and demand, there is tinkering in the form of subsidies and sanctions, and perfect communication is claimed but never realised, etc.. YT is pretty close to a meritocracy, it's just that the merit other people recognise and reward doesn't make sense to you. I will reiterate this again - people are more different to each other than we tend to think, and therefore we get all excited when we don't agree with or understand what other people do and say.
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    Girls on film

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    I’m really hoping Olympus takes video seriously in the EM5mk3 and the, hopefully, forthcoming EM1mk3. 10bit codec with those lovely Olympus colors and an improved 4K an 1080p image (less noise and sharpening) would be a treat. Checkout Chris Eyre-Walker for what an EM1mk2 can do. He shoots almost all his stuff handheld. I mean this video below sums up what Olympus offers. Great weather sealing, stabilization, and colors in a small package.
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    Another surprising curiosity to evaluate at those gsmarena camera samples is the fact the glass or the way its design is implemented, at least, in such tiny form factor on the 7T basis model seems actually better than the Pro version from same 2160p low light video outcome, respectively: https://www.gsmarena.com/vidcmp.php3?idType=5&idPhone1=9623&idPhone2=9689
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    The only good thing with degrees is making some friends during the course which actually helped me getting to jobs because of their connections. Otherwise I think youtube is much cheaper and wont get u into student debt lol.
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    Nikon z50 Apsc camera

    I m beginning the think the upcoming E-m5 III might be a sexy camera, world class IBIS with PDAF video.. hopefully it can bring 120fps high speed mode with AF.
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    They will have small gigapixel cameras before I die & no doubt they will pixel bin it down to 12k for you
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    Having used the z6, I personally don't know the criticism some have. I cannot say how much I like the quality I get out of it. This is an absolute beauty of a video shot entirely on the z6.
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    University education - is it worth it?

    I'm engineer so not directly relevant, but might be based on what BasilikFilm has said above. I was never asked what school qualifications I had after I got into University, I was never asked what degree I had after I had a few years work under my belt, I haven't been asked what my first few years of employment were like now I have 15 years under my belt. Each time those credentials or qualifications made the step to the next level easier, it would've been possible without them but I have seen others coming from a less traditional background take longer to get their foot on the first rung. A traditional path with good grades gives everyone in the hiring process a bit of comfort and can be the differentiator between 2 candidates but this is only true at the early stages of a career, after 10 years of experience I care far more about personality. I work at a University now and there would be 2 things I would check if I was going to do a masters. 1. See who the tutors are, if they are academics that have worked their way up via bachelors, masters then a phd I would be a little cautious because there are some great people who have done that and some people who have learnt and excelled at academia and not just their specialist subject. 2. Who are the other students, if part of what you want is to build a network then students who don't stay in your location ( either because they don't want to or aren't allowed to ) or aren't fluent in English then it may not be as useful to you. In our institution ~70% of masters students are Chinese and American and they are there for the credentials and don't stick around afterwards.
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    Our very out @Mattias Burling just released a similar video to this thread
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    Girls on film

    thanks @kaylee Hadn't seen it yet.... Really appreciated.
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    Happy Valley - two-season box set (small town realistic police procedural investigation). Such good writing by Sally Wainwright; she seems to understand that not only does something need to be interesting, but the main characters need to be likeable too. Many times I find this is not achieved in TV drama - there's action, production values, hip cinematography, smart one-liners, but it goes for nothing because you just don't care about the people enough. It's almost as if aliens had written them and in a subtle way, got the wrong idea about us. The main characters in Happy Valley are ordinary, realistic, but we want to be with them because we care. So when we see a big close up of Sarah Lancashire with a bloodshot eye, it means something. This is old school drama at its best, with excellent actors to bring it out. Strongly recommended.
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    Don't count on it being all that
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    Ah but the F3 doesn't need any hack. And you're getting: Great low light. Timecode / SDI / NDs 1080 resolution Super 35mm resolution. I think if the DVX100 only missed out on one or two of those factors then perhaps I could still see the appeal of the DVX100, but at the moment it just seems too outdated compared to the competition (such as an F3.... of even FS100/FS700, or heck an AF100 also from Panasonic)
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    Sample footage is coming soon, along with photos of my set up, I promise! Just been busy with my day job and life in general as of late. Anyone else out there with Andromedas still have any old footage laying around? I found this short that was made using the mod here:
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    Iscorama vignette

    Hello everyone,, trying to work out how wide I can go taking lens wise on the digital bolex with the iscorama. Mine vignettes at around 26mm on the gh2, digital bolex sensor is much smaller (16, s16 and eventually learners test nsw full sensor 4:3 mode). Anyone have any idea how wide I could go go? Thanks!
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