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1 Lens Challenge (primes only)


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Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling and the value of the dollar crashes. You have to sell your items just to buy some Ramen Noodles.  But, you need to keep 1 lens for your full-frame hybrid camera to shoot video and photo. 

Which prime focal length do you choose? Sure, your camera can shoot FF and APSC to give you variety but which focal length is your go to?

You still want to shoot your mini-docs, talking heads, and travel so versatility is key. 

choose wisely …

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38 minutes ago, newfoundmass said:

On full frame I think I'd have to go 35mm. The ability to switch from FF to APSC would give me the ability to use it as a 35mm and a 50mm, and those are two of my most common focal lengths. A 50mm would come close, since then I'd have some telephoto capabilities but I think the 35 would win out.

Well said! Hard to beat that logic.  I was wondering about 24 for the wide aspect and APSC with it for a regular FOV

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Hey Rinad! @Rinad Amir
35mm, i see:) You dropped two super hot infos on two obscure and legendary zoom lenses. The Konica 35 to 100 2.8 and the Zeiss 40-120 2.8. Just sayin thanks again and hello.:) I got three of the Konicas because of you, one beat up but splendid image though with zoom creep, one perfect in all regards. 

Anyway. I loved 28 on boosted mft with crop 1.4 of FF. So I take the 28. I grab the tiny Canon nFD 2.8. Love that lens. Maybe I got a superiour sample. Mine is just splendid.

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I would have to go with my EF mount Sigma 50mm F1.4 since I don't even own a 35mm prime and that Sigma is the fastest lens I own. I shoot a lot of portraits and love detail shots (video and photos) and my 24mm F2.8 would be way too wide which is the only other prime I own.  The 50mm is also great for talking head shots, but yes it definitely would be a pain in some situations if it were the only lens I own. 

Now if you had said zoom lenses are an option then I would have gone with the EF 24-105mm F4 without hesitation. I had to put that out there because my primes are slim pickings.

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