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New Blackmagic Announcement Soon?

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Why are they using Potato Jet's old studio?

I'm in my early 40's and started solo shooting 20 years ago. No IBIS, No AF......you don't need these features to be a solo shooter. You need to take the time to master the craft better. Please don't

I think people are missing some key things here. Built in ND, XLR audio, cheap media/accessories, 8K @ 110 fps and 4K at over 200 without cropping. Do you know how much of a breath of fresh air a

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6 minutes ago, newfoundmass said:

Is Grant OK? His left shoulder is having spasms. 

Its likely to be anxiety, I used to get it from time to time.

I imagine some people at other camera companies have shoulders that have spasmed so hard they are having to retrieve them from the ceiling round about now though.

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Wish they could just release the spec sheet. 

This camera better be super reliable from the get go as it seems to be going after the pro market. 

The sample shots they are showing now look beautiful. 

If it can indeed do 4k s35 RAW that is awesome.

Lets see how the dynamic range and low light are. I have a feeling the Pocket 6k is going to beat it on those two things though......

Really wish they'd just release a camera like the C300 MK3. 4K low megapixel S35 sensor. Or a 4k full frame sensor like Sony is talking about for the A73. Oh well

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