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What next for Sigma? What would you like to see?

Andrew Reid

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In my opinion the Sigma Fp was a great milestone. As the first Sigma camera to shoot cinema quality 4K and the first full frame stills camera to record 4K RAW internally to SD card, Sigma have gained the attention of filmmakers and set a tone for a very bright future.

New blog post!


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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Personally I’d like to see a super high iso variant (think Canon ME20F).  
But that’s niche.
Global shutter - yes. IBIS, AF, EVF I can live without.  Good solid output to an external recorder (with SDI) would be perfect (I can live without SD cards). Doesn’t need to impress the YT crowd. 
Add on audio module - pay for what you use. 
But I’m describing a “sensor in a box” set up which possibly runs counter to what the FP is. 
An interesting question to pose  and definitely worth a repeat read when FP2 comes out!

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My wish list:

  • Either bring the electronic shutter of the next fp to the performance level of the Sony A9 or add a mechanical shutter to make the camera more usable for stills photography, too. Get rid of the 0.1s shutter lag.
  • Implement compressed CinemaDNG in non-US regions where RED's patents don't apply; in the US, simply block them in firmware. With compressed CinemaDNG, 6K RAW image recording could even work on SD cards.
  • Implement Log, and apply the Log curve to 10bit and 8bit RAW so that its recorded values are more sensibly distributed (and the material can be better graded without falling apart). Work with software manufacturers to have the Log curve supported in their programs, including Resolve and its "Color Space Transform" function. Provide IDTs for ACES.
  • Replace the back wheel with a more solid wheel that stays in place and doesn't accidentally rotate. Replace the AEL button with a wheel that can be pushed in - so that there would be 3 wheels in total, for shutter, aperture and ISO control, or alternatively audio level control.
  • Allow simultaneous focus peaking and zebras, and focus magnification during recording.
  • Replace, if possible, the micro HDMI port with a full-size HDMI port.
  • Make the "Tone" and "Color" buttons user-definable. Make the photo shutter button user-definable in cine mode and vice versa.
  • Stick to the same, tried-and-tested Sony 24MP FF sensor.
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14 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

An audio module isn't a bad idea though.

Not exactly the same thing but a shoutout to the lesser spotted CR-41 remote for the fp which lets you do remote shutter/start/stop through the mic input port whilst still letting you plug a mic in as well.

Its very useful for handheld stuff in RAW particularly as you aren't wasting card space with that second or so of the camera settling after you press the record button.


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Keep saying this but you’ve asked 😂

1) Variable nd inside L mount to ef adapter either canon style or zcam eND style. Or if it fits, an electronic nd internal (only problem is in that small body it prob won’t be removable)

2)  small prime set 21 2.8, 45mm 2.8, 75mm 2.8

3) 4K 60 would be nice

4) selectable crop/zoom is always useful (Could also be useful for a directors monitor feature where you throw in a 21mm and then it replicates zooms etc re cadrage and the like)

5) internal prores/braw is always appreciated but recording onto Samsung t5s are a great workflow

6) flippy screen for street shooting




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I really would very much like to see the foveon sensor FP version.  However, my undestanding is that the current Sigma foveon Quattro line is actually a backward step from their own previous Merrill models, because they did some sort of compromise to reduce the capture time, but it cost in terms of "micro-contrast".  I read about it here:-


So hopefully, they will go back to the previous Merrill readout, but I'll submit to the wisdom of others here.  :)


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My 2 cents for future fp

In order of importance for me

  1. Phase Detection Auto Focus
  2. EVF or rear bright, high resolution OLED tilt screen
  3. Internal ND from 2 - 8 stops
  4. Internal 10-bit LOG ALL-I to CFExpress (ProRes preferably)
  5. Internal RAW to CFExpress (BM RAW would be nice)
  6. Sensor size not that important to me (ASP-C or FF)
  7. SDI out (HDMI is too bloated; licenses, implementations, patents) just give us fastest SDI data pipe out.
  8. I like physical dials front and back near hand grip
  9. Cellular modem with SIM slot (internal or some kind of slick attachment)
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Fuji have licensed PDAF on Sony sensor so I am sure others are allowed to as well. I think with Panasonic it's more that they have invested long term in a different technology and don't want to waste that. DFD with AI may get better in the future and rival PDAF. But they need to hurry up because the current state of affairs is just not good enough!

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Great stuff.

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Agree that ProRes internal would be ideal just as BMD have used as a secondary codec to raw.

Internal Compressed Raw Codec (such as Braw) even if it has to be a paid upgrade would be worth it as it prevents having to mount a top heavy monitor on a slim camera.

attachable/detachable EVF is also something ive been waiting for in a Mirrorless camera. It would be great to be able to customize EVF placement when rigging up or using a slim (Unrigged) hand held mode.

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I want Sigma to go all the way and build a dedicated cinema camera. They already have a complete line of full frame lenses which have developed a cult following among young DPs. No other lens set comes close in terms of speed and quality for the price.

A medium-sized modular box ( think Kinefinity/Komodo/Alexa Mini) with full frame sensor, internal RAW, built-in NDs, SSD media slot, XLR audio, SDI out, compact EVF, accessory power outputs, and of course, an L-mount. Under $10K of course. And if they manage to put in a Foveon sensor and make it work for video with a fast read-out, they'll have the best digital cinema camera out there for any price aside from the Alexa 65.

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I'd like to see an accessory EVF, e.g. Leica Visoflex. If they had that plus a pancake 28mm lens, it could rival the Leica Q/Q2, though I doubt they could make one that small at f/1.7 - that's simply an advantage of matched lens/sensor designs. But f/2.5 maybe. But either way, an accessory EVF would be incredibly nice.

Also, PDAF as you mention, and a faster readout, particularly needed for stills.

It's a cool little camera. Had/has too many first-gen quirks and deficiencies and so I ultimately passed, but I hope they get there. Seems like they're progressing well.

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(Longtime reader, but new to commenting...) This probably won't be popular, but I'd want a M43 camera. The news about Olympus has depressed the heck out of me, and I love small, lightweight cameras and lenses. Full frame isn't for me. Another company keeping development of that format alive would cheer me up immensely. Using the Foveon sensor with a M43 mount could be a great idea.

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