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What next for Sigma? What would you like to see?

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If I were to concept a camera, here’s where it would sit:

1. A symmetrical sensor unit, something like a cross between ZCam and Sigma FP

2. A first-party detachable battery grip that’s essentially all the right-hand grip stuff usually built into DSLR/Mirrorless bodies (D-pad, scroll wheels, fn buttons, REC, etc.) The battery grip can be detached and mounted elsewhere via a cable.

3. A first-party detachable rear touch screen. Simple single-hinge 180 degrees towards the top of the camera with auto image flip. The screen can be detached and mounted elsewhere via a cable.

4. Detaching the screen reveals a V-Mount plate.   

5. Dual pixel AF on sensor, with a FIZ output port on the front of the camera body, so that the camera AF can drive rail mounted focus/iris/zoom motors on any manual lens.

6. Electronic ND. 

7. True full frame sensor with open gate compressed RAW internal recording up to 30fps. 

8. Open gate all-I-frame LOG mode up to 60fps.

9. Open gate compressed LOG up to 120fps.

10. Dual native ISO.

11. ~5K/6K.

12. Positive Lock L-Mount or comparable large diameter rigid short FFD mount.

13. XLR Audio V-Mount stackable module with two inputs that are 32bit float capable. Bonus if it’s a SoundDevices MixPre licensed unit. This unit can provide pass-through for the rear screen or a V-Mount battery.

14. An EVF optical accessory for the detachable screen.

15. A V-Mount Stackable wireless module which supports low latency HD monitoring, multi-device (latency) Wi-Fi smartphone monitoring, camera control, and FIZ control. 

16. RAW can be over USB-C to SSD, but third parties will just make dual-SSD holders that stack in the pass-through V-Mount stack, so it almost may as well be internal. 

17. I’m one of those weirdos who would rather have a hard mounted sensor instead of IBIS, so... yeah. 

The core body kit is just brick+grip+monitor. Basically a slightly bulked Sigma FP until you break it apart. You add the stackables as needed, and bank somewhat on 3rd parties to make ergonomic solutions for grip/monitor relocation, rails, boosters, shoulder pads, FIZ motors, etc.

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What can Sigma do next?  I'd like to see an upgrade for the Sigma MC11, to perhaps MC11 Mark II with these new features...

1.  Add the programmable focus hold Button onto the MC11 for use with the Sony bodies.  The Metabones V already has this button built in.

2.  Combine the functions of the USB Dock (Canon EF mount version) into the MC11 since it already has the Canon EF mount and USB interface hardware.

3.  Add tripod mount foot like every other adapter has.  This is absolutely necessary!!!  Or include a tripod collar like the iShoot IS-MC11 type.

4.  Include firmware support for older legacy Sigma lenses too (ie. Canon EF mount), beyond just the current Art series.

5.  Make it physically fit Canon EF-S mount deeper protrusion too for adapting APS-C crop lenses.  Metabones, Commlite, K&F Concept all can do it...

6.  Offer user programmable custom lens profiles for user's unsupported 3rd-party lenses which can be manually entered via software parameter menus (focal lengths/ F stops, etc) then loaded into the MC11 firmware.  Even just recognising the name of lens correctly in the EXIF data would be nice, so user could modify that /correctly rename the lens, etc.

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