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Addicted to Gear ....is this normal?

Rinad Amir

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So where to start i recently noticed this fkin crazy habit while surfing on Youtube or Vimeo

Id click on some video and if the first couple frames gets my attention id pause it click on info to see what lenses ^camera was used etc and if more ad scroll through comments to find the answer ,and then continue watching 😪 so id ignore the story just for sake what gear was used in video

This is completly wrong attitude and i need cure! Em i alone?


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I've recently taken to only watching YouTube on my TV.

Its absolutely transformational just watching the content without it being a small window embedded in all the "CLICK ME, CLICK ME!!" shit.

I very rarely scrub through stuff now and tend to watch the whole thing as I'm far more engaged.

It also completely and utterly removes from view all of the inane and borderline insane trolling comments from dullard wankers.

So I heartily recommend viewing YouTube in a format where if there is a way to turn all that shit back on, I sure as hell can't find it !

A very happy accident.

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The YouTube comment section is trash. It’s either filled with brown nosing drivel or toxic troll turds. There is almost nothing in between that spectrum.

I would be tempted to just disable comments on any video I put on YouTube, but then it kills your discoverability because apparently Youutbe things important things are happing in the comment section 😒

But then again, maybe that is a hidden feature...🤔

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