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Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs


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The Mark III is pretty as the Mark II before. I like the GH5 for its usuability and codec and overall image qualitiy but a EM1 is just so lovely to hold and even moreso to look at. Same with other cameras like the ten year old Lumix GF1, one of the prettiest and most tactile and ergonomic cameras to me. If it had the sensor of the GX1 I would still be using it a whole lot. The GX1 is only slightly modified in its design and for me the charme is gone. Design is a sublte art. Too bad the beauty of the EM1 does not include the pleasure of shooting internal 10bit. Meanwhile I am enjoying my GX85 for pleasure time video and photo, which I had been thinking about selling so many times but it will stay til it falls apart, just like the G6 did. Liked the G6 design as well a nice plastic fantastic cheap looks, simple super usuable design, nice to hold in hand and so obviously not trying to be pretty, sofore quiet charming in its own way. :)

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2 hours ago, anonim said:

It seems rather 4:2:2 8 bit as earlier.


What's nice addition is Auto ISO while recording video in Manual mode.

Matiheu probably did not know about the fact. The GetOlympus page confirms that HDMI output is 4:2:2 10-bit.


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A couple more tidbits from Robin Wong's latest video.


The improvements include new audio recording hardware rectifying the “white noise” issue (previously in E-M1 Mark II when plugged in external microphone), upgraded time lapse capability up to 9999 frames and in camera time lapse movie up to 4K 30fps (previously 999 frames and 4K 5fps only), new fine tune C-AF behaviour and IS level settings for movie recording, and a few more.


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On 2/14/2020 at 7:41 PM, liork said:

In good hands, many cameras can deliver...

Another good example that reminds me of that: 

I am switching back to Olympus after abandoning them when the Panasonic GX80 was released with Panasonic's first IBIS and much better video.  I eventually upgraded to the GH5, but found it to be too big and really more camera than I need for what I do.  I was going to get a Em1ii after they recently updated the firmware, but decided on the E-M5iii as it has all the same stuff, is a bit smaller, and has the 120fps slow-mo.  The IBIS + 12-100/4 IS lens is a mind-blowing combination for hand-held video stability.  Very gimbal like when you add the EIS (slight crop) and no weird wobble.

Olympus could be a killer with the leading IBIS, weather proofing, small size, great lenses, excellent PDAF C-AF, great colour.  They just need better codecs outside of Cine4k, 4k60fps, and 10-bit internal.  If they added a real internal ND they would have the best vloging/travel/event video camera.

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