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2020 Petition to Stop Using the Word “Bokeh” Forever


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5 hours ago, IronFilm said:

But what is the sensor size of the human eye? 

Thats a good question and apparently really hard to compare to a camera.

For one, our "sensor" in the back of our eye is curved. The final image is also a composite from both eyes of a really wide angle of view around 130 degrees. Our image processor, our brain, reconstructs this to form a 3D mental image that is seemingly distortion-free and roughly (and this is approaching an apples to oranges comparison) 15-20MP of resolution and roughly 15 stops of focusing dynamic range but up to 24 stops of scene dynamic range (after our brain applies proprietary HDR processing, lol).

ISO performance ranges from ISO 1-1000. Hear, cameras have us beat.


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10 hours ago, kaylee said:





everyone knows how to say the word blur, and knows what it means, right?






whos with me

blur may encompass some of what bokeh is about but thats only half of the equation. Telling the dop to blur all that background shit out and well call it a wrap, seems a bit half assed to me. No matter what field of endevours your involved in, be it law, welding, film there is an aspect of technical jargon that needs to be learned so that everyone is on the same page.

It kinda frustrates me that people want to master their craft, yet can hardly put an effort into the language side of things. I'm willing to bet good money, that if you have a good director he'll be able to articulate his thoughts, present them in a manner thats sits comfortably with all. that's not an english lesson, that's art.

4 hours ago, heart0less said:

Since none of my friends are into photography, I don't have to / can't even say 'bokeh', because they simply wouldn't understand me. 

That's why I'm fine with knowing only how to write this word and not how to pronounce it. 

( :

 remember double points the next time you play scrabble ?

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28 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

Fascinating! But I don't know of any camera that can shoot at ISO 1

Touché. They should! I think the future is in individual photosite gain with low and high ISO capability so you never crush or blow out information.

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11 hours ago, kaylee said:

anyway my new years resolution is to not say ‘bokeh’ out loud for all of 2020

instead ill say kewl things like “blur” “blurriness” and “the quality of blur”

everyone will know exactly what i mean. dumb clients, DPs, everybody

No one has used the phrase "out of focus areas" which I thought was quite common.  

4 hours ago, fuzzynormal said:

I like the the centuries old legacy of the phrase "fast" in photography, though. It's neat-o.   

Yup, wide aperture = faster SS :) 

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2 hours ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

Is this topic about that atrocious Northrup video, with 3 cm of depth of field, and with the image blurring in different places every 3 seconds with the poor lens trying to focus on him?

I had to use a breathalyzer after saw it to certify that I was not drunk.

Actually, no one should watch that Tony Northrup video unless they ARE drunk...

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On 1/13/2020 at 8:47 AM, Cinegain said:

lol @Andrew Reid 'slower apertures'. You did that on purpose, didn't ya? ?

Joke's on you. I can not stand the use of 'fast aperture'. 'Slow aperture' doesn't bother me. ?

Now this is interesting. Mike Johnston, as Chief Editor of Photo Techniques, commissioned a series of three articles on bokeh back in the 1990s, and he added an "h" to "boke" (Japanese "boke-aji", lit. "quality of the blur") so people wouldn't pronounce it as rhyming with "broke". It has caught on -- I mean, the spelling with the "h" -- in the English language enormously, while the Japanese have moved on, nowadays, to a different term, viz. "outto fokasu". Go figure.

He could also be credited for anointing Leica's 4th generation 35mm Summicron (last generation pre-asph, designed by Walter Mandler) the "Queen of bokeh" for rating it 10 out of 10 (one of three lenses that get this rating) for its bokeh rendering. What many people fail to realize is that Johnston specifically refers to the bokeh rendering of this lens at f/5.6, not at f/2 where people are baffled why the rendering is very far from 10 out of 10.

So yes, we should be talking about the rendering of the bokeh at different apertures, and especially while stopped down to f/4 or f/5.6. It is wrong to assume that bokeh is only about blurred background in the widest apertures.

[Edit] Here is a recent article of his, where he revisits this ongoing tale. Also note that his latest article is, rather coincidentally, also on bokeh.


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48 minutes ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

This atrocity.


 Someone please tell me, this didn't make it onto the list of lesser known youtube channels one should watch.

If this doesn't drive home the importance of having at least one camera person or support person, i'm not sure what will. On the upside i guess he gets to keep all the revenue from this episode for himself ?

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13 hours ago, kaylee said:

first 10 sec is genuinely creepy

I forgot to warn that that video could do permanent brain damage, sorry.

Guess that the some Canon people that manages advertising budget were fired after this one. Probably this is the cause that they don't have budget to put 24fps in their cameras (pun intended).

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