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A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon

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Oh shit. Prepare for all the YouTube videos with the word “finally” and “beast” in all caps! Looks like it does 4K 60p.

Probably needs a fixed screen and 8 bit to make up for the 4K60p. There must always be an inexplicable nerf to keep the universe from imploding.

I will never understand the complaints about Sony menus and UI. Sure they are big but then there is LOT in it on a camera like an A7s. I have cameras (some P&S and some ILCs) from Sony (

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4 hours ago, JurijTurnsek said:

Paper says Quad Bayer pixels, yet there are only 15mpx of them? Seems weird. Shouldn't it be 4x as many pixels? Also, you claimed that this tech was licensed only to mobile phone chips?

60MP with 2 x 2 binned bayer = 15MP

2 hours ago, JurijTurnsek said:

Also, why increase the mpx count to 15  if you are going to crop to 12mpx area for 120 fps? Hopefully, some kind of incredible EIS is being implemented?

15mp 1:1 4K readout = 1.3x crop.

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2 minutes ago, androidlad said:

It has to be 1:1 readout for speed, it can't supersample 4K in 120P.

1.3x crop 1:1 readout at 4K120p is pretty awesome for a camera in this form factor.

3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Wonder if the 60MP mode will be implemented for stills? Or just 15MP.

No 8K, I take it.

I doubt it, because then it puts a big question mark on why to buy a A7RIV.

Maybe it will feature a 6K mode to keep up with the S1H and P6K and SL2. I like 6K as a nice middle ground for 4K deliverables when it comes to picture quality and file size (internal recording).

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Are those high-frame rate 4k modes letterboxed crop, or stretched pixels taller than they are wide - is that possible with Quad Bayer? Line skipped or binned?

I don't see any mention of phase-detect AF on-chip, is that normal for it to be left out of the specs sheet?


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A first step for Sony could be is to ask: 

“do you want to film or take pictures”? This could be a hardware switch.

Then the UI only shows what’s relevant to that choice.

Things like that. Rethink the bloody UI from the ground up. Involve UX designers who aren’t filmmaker experts, involve filmmakers and photographers as subject matter consultants. Keep engineers away from UX.

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18 minutes ago, Mako Sports said:

No, come to the darkside. ?


Smdh! ?

3 hours ago, SRV1981 said:

Is it dumb to drop my XT2 and jump to the a7iii if this is a few months away? 

Dumb? No. Unnecessary? Probably. If you're seriously considering buying this I'd wait to see when it will be released and what the specs actually are. You also might find used prices on A7iii cameras dropping on the used market once it's announced. 

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2 hours ago, kaylee said:

do u guys expect this to be wildly light sensitive (with better color) because of quad bayer...?

Nope. The only advantage is that it doesn't need thick AA filter for native 4k, which is good thing. At 60mp, its not like real 60mp. HDR mode will look artifact free, but sacrifices resolution and noise performance. 

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