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It can be the camera work, directing, photography, editing, stage performance or any other. Tell us what impressed you most, somehow touched you or inspires your work... Your own or in a different note, musical skills also apply; part of this craft after all! : )


I'd love to hear the suggestions of you all and I bet I'm not alone on such wish and challenge to this community... Many to come! ; -)


Here's one of my favorites:



E : -)

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There is one thing that matters most in music videos...  ideas.  Screw everything else if the video isn't original. To that end, here's a great one: People say that there's no mark

Yes, because successful music videos are sooooo original....    on which point, this would be my favorite music video of the month:    

Like I could ever finish anything  

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Indeed. And pretty determinant to launch the career of a song. Now or before the digital revolution. Recalls this classic I was used to play and open my first radio program back to my teens and where actually I began my adventure on media -- visual matters and we were used to make reference to the video-clip as music videos started to be called in my native country then:


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3 hours ago, kye said:

There is one thing that matters most in music videos...  ideas.  Screw everything else if the video isn't original.

To that end, here's a great one:

People say that there's no market for short films....  wrong.  They just have music over the top.

Ah! Good old 90s! I believe this is a Michel Gondry video, one of the best in business.

I remember later at the '00s an essential DVD collection we all had were the Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry Director's Series.



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I dunno, I seem to prefer just to see music videos of  bands playing live.     I love shooting them though most are just for me (and sometime the venues and bands).    I would often just video a song or two while shooting stills.      I get permission for stills and often just try and hold the camera steady enough for a song though will use a tripod from time to time.

  I shoot everything from metal to jazz.      Have not had a camera good enough to shoot live music for a while but hope to get something this coming week (have just been asked to photograph a small music festival soon..it has been a while since I did that).


This was one of mine (posted by the band).    It was a seated show but was hand held with a non stabilized A7s and old Nikon 85 1.8 MF lens.  The lens has gone, the camera is broken and the venue has closed....the story of my life I guess!




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27 minutes ago, Ingerson said:

I've really enjoyed Paul Thomas Anderson's recent jump into music videos, discovered HAIM thanks to him (easily among my top 10 bands/artists now), but also check out "Anima" if you have Netflix!



Anima is incredible. Second that recommendation, gorgeous short film

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one music video that i thought was  creative visually and an interesting song musically in itself  is

another song i like is 

i kinda like the juxtaposition of a woman onscreen and a man voice singing. plus the acting fits the song i think. the brunette is kinda cute which sells it for me lol

But the eighties definitely had some cool things happening musically  :)

another dude i think is pretty interesting musically is this bloke, i dont want to take anything away from tommy or phil emmanual or Mark Knopfler but i think you have to be pretty switched on to play like this.



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1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

Sounds, get it, like they wasted their money. Seems to be like every concert on YouTube quality wise. Which most suck live. Burning down the house only song I ever liked they did.

Somehow that's not surprising to me my philistine friend.

But truth be told, I much rather party (and ride a bicycle around the world ) with David than have to listen to and (God forbid) watch a bunch of okalie dokalie hillbilly bumpkins constantly try mount one another... but to each their own ;)

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