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My New Pocket4K Android App


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18 minutes ago, zerocool22 said:

Great stuff!

Are you also interested in 5D IV magic lantern RAW? Seems you know your way around coding. And magic lantern is looking for a tester/dev, I get you might not have a 5D IV. But if we start a kickstarter to get you one, will you be able to help them out?



No, unfortunately I am nowhere near bright enough to be of any use to them.

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On 12/6/2018 at 5:36 PM, BTM_Pix said:

so barring any calamties will be available from the Play store on the 21st of December.



May winning the vote.

Jose resigning.

My wife forgetting to make my espresso.

Buzzcocks losing their lead singer and inspiration...

Calamities can happen. Please make it the 21st! 

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30 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

Something that I don't understand, you'll probably explain me... @BTM_Pix if you get it from Wifi, bluetooth? Why gimbal manufacturers don't... yet?

Bluetooth LE

I'm sure they will in time as, of course, if this idiot can manage it ....

There are a couple of challenges involved though that they will need to work around that are too dull to go into but as I say it wont be long.

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Why Bluetooth and not Wifi? BTW does P4K have both? (I didn't check the information, actually) Thanks for the answer, mate, if you'll need some beta tester, please let me know, I'm loving this camera and the unit in my hands! BTW The most funny acquisition device since my good old Hi8 times! : ) No F900 IQ excellence (the 1st digital film I had ever seen) could match that pleasure and feeling of your 1st time!





Sony fanboys now can see from where I'm coming from... : -D




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It only has Bluetooth LE so that forces the decision ;)

Not using wifi is very beneficial battery wise though as Bluetooth LE (as its name suggests) uses very little power so can be an always on connection.

The drawback of course is that there is no way to implement a wireless live feed without wifi but there is always more than one way to skin a cat as they say so watch this space .....

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Bit of an update about new functionality to drive the app from a joystick.

As the joystick is also bluetooth, you can essentially just use the app as a bridge to control the camera from the joystick as well as use it in the way shown here as a single RC style integrated unit.

Other small thumbstick type joysticks will be supported for mounting on a gimbal arm.


BM-4K APP 001 (1).jpg

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41 minutes ago, kgv5 said:

Hi, will it work with ursa mini pro? It has bt functionality as well...hopefully it is the same... 

Joypad is great idea, would it be possible to control focus with the analog stick?

The protocol is the same so its a cautionary yes but I would need to test it on one.

Yes to focus control (and zoom if the lens supports it) on the analog stick.

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On 12/6/2018 at 7:36 PM, BTM_Pix said:

barring any calamities will be available from the Play store on the 21st of December


Obvious question... what is it called?  Tried searching “BestAppEver” but it doesn’t show up.

Will it be available on schedule? Previously I joked about calamities and we now know what happened to Jose so...

I’ve charged my Hydrogen so everything is ready to go...


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