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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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32 minutes ago, anonim said:

Wikipedia: The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 is a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless interchangeable lens camera body announced by Panasonic on 4 January 2017.

Dpreviwed: Apr 11, 2017 https://***URL removed***/products/panasonic/slrs/panasonic_dcgh5

Nothing to mention that preordering was become actual always after first shots are widely available. But I think you know it all very well.

Several months after announcing and receiving preorder, and after mr Petty proudly  said that as of today he is happy that camera may go on the street shooting out of laboratory, all we have from obviously qualified ambassador in 150 pages massaging long thread is spectacular illumination - "Testing and finding errors doesn’t mean they will get fixed before shipping".

Please don't get me wrong - I'm just reacting when it seems to me that is threatened common human sense and expected behavior similar for everybody at one place where I'm participating...

Well quit crying and don't buy a Blackmagic product. How hard is that. Like JB caused all your problems. WTF.

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My dear erstwhile member can you please stop attacking John Brawley now. I have long since given up on camera forum arguments so might not be completely up on who is right and who is wrong-evil /

I like the pictures. A lot.  This camera will probably replace the micro cinema camera for me as it’s not much bigger and is much easier to work with.  I didn’t feel as strongly about the 4K

What a shame. Who are these "deep state" BMD insiders that are here pushing an agenda ? Myself and Hook.  Who else ?  What do you guys think, there's a plot and conspiracy ?  You guys don't wat t

Posted Images

Also did you watch some of those CookeTV videos with Geoff Boyle?  About 6 months ago they posted a video where Geoff talks about using a certain companies camera that lacks an OLPF and testing it for a few months.  He doesn't mention said company by name but we all know who it is.  He says if he shoots certain patterns he can produce moire, just like with the herrinbone suit that was seen during the HBO camera test.


BUT after all of that he says it doesn't matter when you actually get the camera and shoot REAL jobs.  Sure you can take a Blackmagic camera, underexpose it 2 stops and find more FPN than a certain competitors camera, and yes, you can maybe find moire if you shoot certain patterns, but in the small chance that it does happen, i can easily be fixed by moving the camera a little bit.


The magenta issue was one of the only problems that was very "real" and I would define as a serious issue, but they fixed that almost completely with firmware updates.

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Well mr, quit paying attention to mine (and someone else in this thread) obstruction of any chance to keep your memories alive at any single occasion with and without theme. Jump it and keep conversation of everything you wish inside of extremely free thread.

You see: mr JB keep going with his need in this thread common to all of us, you with your - and I'll be with mine. And  I'll be happy anytime when I hear/learn anything new about topic of concern.

Telling to someone that is crying when commenting/discussing is btw simply part of idea of charm and importance of some sort of men.

33 minutes ago, Savannah Miller said:

The magenta issue was one of the only problems that was very "real" and I would define as a serious issue, but they fixed that almost completely with firmware updates.

BM never fixed promised global shutter for BMMCC as a crucial advantage for many preordering users and one of the two of their own crucial marketing point... Magenta issue is fixed when new cameras without it came into the market...

And for TG sake... again... we all love and use/used BM camera, but that uncritical ode without permission to ask anything that is not for glory of BM is absurd of too obvious efforts of any sort of engaged persons.

Remember, I am my majesty customer and at the end and at the long rate honest and founded questions and critics always do the best for the asked subjects :)

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39 minutes ago, Savannah Miller said:

Ok  they did announce global shutter on both 4.6K and Micro cameras and I don't now the logistics of why they never added those.  I don't think it's easy to do as Kinefinity cancelled their Terra 5K model as well that had switchable rolling and global shutter.

It takes more prepossessing power than both camera manufacturers can muster.

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I wonder why I should wonder about something that is promised and announced and allured me to buy... How would you called it and react to that in personal life? ... Simply, BM is so and so... actually, as I wrote earlier, this is some sort of prolonged puberty behavior that someone may sympathize - but not at all has to. We are customers and potential buyers, and we have all rights to be respected as we respect companies buying their products...

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I've never seen an example of a switchable global and rolling shutter so maybe the images in that mode were just not worth enabling?

It's possible the global shutter mode had too many artifacts that they felt it was not worth adding to the cameras. I wonder if the global shutter sensor element affects the noise performance of the 4.6K sensor at all?

I'm just wondering if there were any downsides to adding a feature to a sensor that never got enabled.

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Why should I have to bother with it asking such question and losing time - when they alone told me that it is so much worth, that was proud matter of their (be it who wish to be between companies) wizardry difference? ... And again and again, as if it is the must to slipped from the point... Which is not if GS is possible or matter of prepossessed  :) power - but that we were being convinced that it is, to the great degree (deserving important distinctive announce).

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29 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Prepossessing power? ?

I would change my spelling mistake but then your comment would be well, confusing LoL.

And seeing, as far as I know, that the cheapest camera Sony makes now that has a Global Shutter is the Sony F55. So it ain't easy to do on the cheap as they say on every camera.

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The GH5 was announced that it was in development at Photokina ‘16 and then officially announced in early January of ‘17. 

Anyway the point is that this thread is full of people that act like no problems ever existed with BM cameras and people that act as though BM has the worst track record ever... both are a disservice... one looks like shilling troll and the other looks like they should just not buy one and be happy about it. 

Concerns or respect for BM is fine, but hate and extravagant praise is just silly. 

16 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

Just marketing. For some reason this thread has 136 pages. Not only because of downvoting.

This thread is 136 pages because this camera is a near historic announcement for the indie filmmaker. The problem is that too many people want this camera to be something it won’t and others want it to fail.

And then the best part of the thread had a pro cinematographer openly and happily providing insight on how he uses BM cameras in his productions. But of course a bunch of eoshd pros have to argue with him about mundane things and chase him away.

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5 hours ago, anonim said:

No, companies are not ALL the same - and BM in camera market is far away of desired behavior.

I reckon BMD's approach of offering the user a LOT for very little $$, is indeed a desirable behavior. 



2 hours ago, anonim said:

BM never fixed promised global shutter for BMMCC as a crucial advantage for many preordering users

Any one who pays 100% with the pre order is foolishly taking on the risk. 

So now we've got that out of the way, BMD never promised the Micro would get a Global Shutter once they'd already started shipping the Micro. This seems like a very unreasonable point to bring up against BMD.


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19 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Justified criticism and/or skepticism is not hatred. I don’t believe a single person in this thread feels hatred toward BMD. 

Well I was being a little hyperbolic but anonim went from one side of the spectrum stating that Grant Petty is an honorable man that wouldn’t risk his reputation to saying BM has too much of a bad track record to be trusted...

But yeah, nothing is wrong with criticism or skepticism... I am skeptical of this camera. Actually I have two fears that are completely opposite scenarios... on one hand I am afraid that this camera’s use of this sensor is giving a lot of people false expectations that cannot be lived up to. But on the other hand, I really hope this isn’t a generic, vanilla camera that lacks the edgy, indie film look that was so beautiful in the first Pocket...

I guess we’ll know soon enough. 

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