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Panasonic G6 vs GH2 video test!


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B&H Photo has the G6 listed without 24p in the specs.  This is puzzling to me.  I called to verify the recording specs and the rep told me that the camera DID NOT shoot 24p.  Can anyone shed some light here?  


B&H link here


Edit* Another rep said this is a typo on the website.  Camera is NTSC/PAL switchable.

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Will do galenb. Peaking is only available in light blue, didn't find a menu option to change the color. Seems to work fine, like any other camera with peaking. I still experience some hit and miss shots though when using it, but I think that is always the case with peaking. Anyway, I'll show!


Also, I'm not sure if it's a world cam. I have a PAL cam with 1080p50,25,24, didn't find a menu option to switch to NTSC 60/30. I believe this is possible with the GH3 or am I mistaken? I don't care for 30 but 60 would be nice for slomo.


I bought an NTSC GH3 to shoot a huge sporting and shot everything at 1080p60.. The footage looked great and the camera worked well. However I am in a country that uses PAL but at that time there was nothing that could do slow motion at 1080p60 except the GH3 (and a few Sony's which I am not to fond of) the PAL version wasn't yet available so I bit the bullet and bought it.


It's not a global cam though so while it worked brilliantly for the outdoor event I don't have access to a 25p option. I can however shoot at 24p 1/50th and flicker is pretty much completely unnoticeable and non-existent but if you look closely it is present.


I do plan on getting a BMPCC though (if it ever comes out..) which IS a global cam I hope that with a hack though the GH3 will also become a global cam. (Does anyone know if the GH2 NTSC cams got some PAL framerate options?) Thanks.

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B&H Photo has the G6 listed without 24p in the specs.  This is puzzling to me.  I called to verify the recording specs and the rep told me that the camera DID NOT shoot 24p.  Can anyone shed some light here?  


B&H link here


Edit* Another rep said this is a typo on the website.  Camera is NTSC/PAL switchable.


The G6 is a global cam (NTSC/PAL switchable) and the GH3 is not????



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I posted this in another thread but for those of you concerned about the lack of live hdmi out while recording there seems to be another option via a cell phone, tablet or laptop utlizing the wifi remote function.  The tablet etc acts as an additional monitor when using the remote application... jump to 07:17 of this video to see it in action .. sorry its in German..

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is there a lag or delay with the wifi function on the tablet?


As you can see in the video, yes. And although it's less than I expected, it makes it useless for using it as an onboard monitor alternative. Perhaps for remote control on live shows or using the G6 as a crash cam, or maybe for the director.

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I think you're wrong Ernesto. I've watched dvd's with more out of sync than that ! My guess it's about 1/4 second delay...or even less....watching the wifi monitor and listening to the audio...and for focus pulling, I see this as having real possibilities , considering there's no live hdmi out .

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