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My cameras and kit

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  1. Shot this mini doc while on vacation in Mauritius. It's about those who work behind the scenes to uphold the illusion of paradise. Shot on GH5s, it was intended as a camera test as I wanted to see how 60p and V log play. So it's shot on either 4k 8bit or FHD 10bi at 60pt. In both cases, V log bands quite horribly even in 10 bit FHD. Unfortunately, being on vacation I didn't use an external monitor so I couldn't see the banding until I got it on my computer. I hope this is something Panasonic can fix, at least in 10bit (no excuse). I love Vlog in 10bit 4k non 60p. But I'll probably have to
  2. Includes: GH5 body with V Log L preinstalled OEM battery, Charger, Strap, 4x Wasabi batteries, Waraxe cage The body has a few scuffs on the top. It was in my camera bag next to my gimbal and the metal on metal shuffling around caused the scuffs. They aren’t deep and do not affect the functionality of the camera, but be aware of this condition. Asking $1700 OBO + shipping (US) photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kVfthqYuKJvMwUTx2
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