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Panasonic G6 vs GH2 video test!

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Sorry.  Know I am beating an old thread.  But does anyone know the battery life on the G6 in video mode?  Also I heard that it doesn't tell you the remaining battery time like the GH2?  Is this true?

Battery life is good. It tells you remaining battery life if you use Panasonic batteries. Some 3rd party batteries it won't.

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Quick grading test (wetransfer)   GH2 original - G6 original - GH2 curve - G6 curve (same curve).   GH2 @ 1080p24 65Mbps - Smooth -2-2-2-2 G6 @ 1080p24 24Mbps - Natural -5-2-0-5   ISO 160, same

Peaking: works during recording, can turn it on and off during recording, works in magnified view. Auto ISO: works in A or S (and probably P) Changing ISO during recording: works in all modes   All

Panasonic GH2 hacked Moon Trial 5 hack, shot in 1080p HBR mode 25 fps (~ 60Mbps) Standard profile -2-2-2-2 Panasonic 14-42mm kitlens, OIS on.   Looks like there are some dropped frames in the GH2

battery life is better than my gh2 (uses the same battery)

I have some 3rd party batteries and it tells you the remaining on them too and flashes red when they are low like my panasonic batteries


so shop around for ones that work like that

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Im still using G6 and GX7 too (although we did just drop one of our G6's in a river!! I can tell you they are not water proof haha!)


I use Natural colour profile in the day time with contrast at -3 and saturation at -3 , then at night I use a custom saved version of Natural with contrast at -5 and saturation at -5


at night I shoot 2500k outside and day interiors 4000k for a warmer skin tone look under tungsten lights.

(David Fincher does this - House of Cards, Zodiac, Dragon Tattoo all 4000k interiors)

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