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  1. obviously andrew...that's why you've been banned everywhere else ...but you just can't seem to catch on. I wonder who's a slow learner !
  2. obviously you're just interested in the toyz....not what you can do with them. Editing image continuity is one of the most basic tools that filmmakers use to grab the attention of the viewer. When I saw those perturbations, I thought I was watching a doc, not a narrative short. You can do that in documentary ...but you can't do it in narrative. And regardless...no especially because it was a one person project, they should have been more careful....so no Andrew, I wasn't "transported" simply because the filmmaker was telling a confusing tale based on the information the viewer was receiving. Overly critical...of course. That 's what film criticism is all about.
  3. A Drop in the Ocean. His wrists are wrapped with yellow tape. An effective graphic design which draws the eye's attention. Then they're not wrapped. Then they're wrapped. Bad continuity, esp. since the yellow tape is meant to draw your visual attention. Look at 1:25. These kinds of errors should have been caught in the process of repeated viewing.
  4. The chip specs have been released for a while but I'm calling this particular leak ...bogus ...because ... "You shouldn’t to have" is really bad english ! As well, there are other grammatical errors but I hope the image stabilization part is real !
  5. Tell that to all the photojournalist on the planet !
  6. cameralabs is saying it has some wierd focus breathing when maintaining focus on one object, like it's micro-hunting. Can you confirm or deny ? thanks
  7. . I guess that's why they were discounted to 1/4 the price !
  8. Why would someone buy this camera over a gh3 or an rx10 ? It seems to be a waste of perfectly good manufacturing facilites to me. If Nikon thinks that 3 seconds of 720/120p is a revolutionary cinema camera, we aren't living on the same planet.
  9. All nikon needs to do is make their nik M ! Problems solved.
  10. The pocket is obviously the best value. Can hardly wait until blackmagic releases the v2 4k version with evf ! And hopefully this week pany will throw some gas on the fire as well !
  11. ...and the hacked gh1 , which kinda of started it off ? Still shoots fine video at reasonable iso's, imho.
  12. ahhh....lemmings ! Still wrong ....because, as I stated , when you're shooting b&w and know the final product will be b&w, there's no better option for composition . Sometimes "wrong" , just like you learned in math class, is simply what it is.
  13. ...wrong. In b&w, to have the advantage of composing the image in the exact manner in which the image will be presented is a distinct advantage over shooting an image in color and then desaturating it, not really knowing how the b&w's will turn out for any particular shot. And beyond that question...what's wrong with using filters and having your look baked in ? Filters are nothing more than using "actions" in photoshop, and every advanced photoshop user develops their own actions, I know that for a fact, since I've written a few and sold lots of photographs using them. And then there's the whole question of what really holds up to post manipulation on the g6 with it's codec. I seriously doubt , although I haven't had a chance to experiment, that you can manipulate the image quite as much w/o the codec breaking down, esp with some of the color filters included in the g6. And beyond that there's the desire , that if they're going to include them, then give us some control over them. For example, it appears that the creative mode filters default to changing the shutter speed rather than the aperture. If they just allowed the choice of how the exposure was corrected....i.e shutter speed or aperture , then that would be a step in the right direction.
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