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  1. Guys thanks very much for work the put into this hack. I had already done the Gx85 25p to 30p hack to get smoother panning. And now this CinelikeD hack. All working great together. What would be nice is 1/3 iso steps in movie mode!
  2. I guess if the quality is at least the same, i do like having fixed frame rate plus aperture and having auto iso.
  3. You can set the aspect ratio in the menu to 16:9, so that it always stays the same. I'm very interested to find out if 4k photo mode produces better video than using normal video modes.
  4. Some feedback on the 25p to 30p hack. I tried the 25p to 30p Hack and I am very happy, the stutter during slow panning has improved. Worth a try if your not happy with the 25p stutter.
  5. Anyone try out the hack to change 25p to 30p? I have a 25p and panning is poor, wondering if 30p would have any improvements over 25p.
  6. I picked up a GX85 with 12-32 kit lens, and sold my LX100. The IS is fantastic on the GX85 so much better than the OIS only on the LX100. I did some 4k video low light tests, both at similar settings at f3.5. I found that noise levels are about the same. But the LX100 can go down to F1.7 ! So i am thinking of getting a 20mm F1.7 lens for times i need to video in low light. My concern is not having dual IS. Anyone tried the 20mm and compared the IS with the kit 12-32 lens?
  7. I have found with my previous GH2, GH3 and now GM1 its always best to lock focus when recording video. I suspect the LX100 is no different.
  8. Well, even these guys are critical of the controls! I really hope that Panasonic listen to feedback and release an update to make the top buttons better customisable.
  9. OK thanks. Perhaps it may be workable. Do you know if there is user guide available for download yet?
  10. I agree. It's a bit disappointing. I'm sure it will be good camera but the dial arrangement is no good for video shooters especially in PAL regions.
  11. Perhaps. Just seems a bit clunky to me. And I don't see direct custom mode buttons either, so every time i turn it on will i have to fiddle around with that damn rear dial to set up the shutter speed and possibly miss a filming opportunity. Personally i see it as a bit of a fail. You should be able to power it on having the dials set and hit record. Perhaps it can be setup to default at a predetermined shutter speed for video recording?
  12. So it seems that in PAL regions the dial has no 1/25 or 1/50, so you have to use the rear dial to change it. CRAP!
  13. Yep. that pop up EVF on the Sony looks fantastic. I wish they had of used Power OIS instead of Mega OIS on the 12-32 kit lens. Perhaps that would have made it better. Actually I wonder if the Vario 14-42 PZ lens would be a better option as it has Power OIS.
  14. I sold my GH3 after getting a GM1. The GM1 quality is very good, and its size makes it very portable. I mainly film home videos with some occasional photos. Really the two features I wish it had was an EVF (as i use reading glasses) and better image stabilisation (the one in the kit lens is not that good).
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