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  1. Well, this looks very interesting. I wonder how good it'll be in low light, since I'm used to shooting at f1.8 with my Sigma 18-35mm, so I'd be losing around 1 stop shooting only up at 1600 ISO. Would you say 3200 compares better or worse to the GH2's 1250 ISO, @Andrew?
  2. Now this is getting me going. I was just about to make my jump to the GH4, but just like you did with the GH2 back in the day, you're making me reconsider my purchase, Andrew. There is a big difference in price, but the lack of V-Log L and the recording limit, as well as the lack of mic jack are making me doubt this combination. Now the argument is heavy, it is an awesome combination and I'm spending pretty much the same amount. So, how do you think the G7 stacks up in higher ISOs? Is it better or worse than the GH4?
  3. The GH4 may be soft at 96fps, but shoot at 50 or 60fps and you're in back in full HD, way more detailed than the 5DIII's 1080p (almost the same as 1080p24 on the GH4). And still at 96fps it stands a lot better than Canon's 720p...
  4. Wow. Do you shoot video or photos? I bought it for my GH2, and MD lenses have manual iris and a beautiful focus ring. So there.
  5. I don't like that A mount on the Sony. Why no E mount? What's the "adaptabilty" on the Alphas? I remember I bought an MD lens that came with an MD to A adapter and it had a lens for infinity focus... :S
  6. But the difference between 8-bit and 16-bit is pretty obvious and more in the ballpark of this test. However, since most of us don't have 4K monitors maybe the test won't be very evident. And from what I understand (and most here agree), bit depth can't be improved, can it? It's only the color sampling that actually improves.
  7. I think the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (that's the full name, right?) goes like BMPCC. So that's one more C thatn the Production Camera. Actually I thought I was seeing wrong and my mind was closing the C. I think BMPCC is easier to difference on the spot than BMPO which at first sight might confuse some (or maybe just me) that it's written BMPC. Well, I'm nitpicking, just saying since it's the first time ever I've read "BMPO" anywhere.
  8. Sure, let me clear this up for you. I read all you comments and, to start clearing things up, I perhaps was confused by your key words to read, which got contradicted when you mentioned that "the 5D3 at 1920 x 720 looks more appealing to me than the BMC piece at 1920 x 1080(which is being streamed as of right now).", since the streamed version was 720p at the time you commented this (and at the time I mentioned that you had watched a 720p file if you only watched the streamed version). So did you actually watch the streamed version at 720p or the original uploaded file at 1080p. To see the an
  9. Yet you started this thing by comparing a 720p video from the BMPC and a 1080p video from the 5D. At least rethink your arguments over a new comparison either having them both at 720p or both at 1080p and see how it holds up.
  10. I second you. I don't know if there's anyone in this forum that has a 1DC, but if you do or have access to one that'd be great. Oooor does anyone know if there's any raw footage, a clip that comes from the camera and is uploaded in some site? Perhaps we could ask Philip Bloom? :P
  11. At first I was very excited, but thinking this over I don't really see how 8bit would turn into 10bit. 4:2:0 to 4:4:4 is definitely right (and I'm wondering if there are any DNxHD flavors to save that info) but one thing is to change the color sampling by downrezzing, and another to increase the color palette by doing this. I guess some testing needs to be done. Probably 4K footage from the 1DC would be a good subject?
  12. At least in this case, doesn't it look more like a grading decision? Sort of like a cross-processing, with the blue channel lifted in the lows and lowered in the highs.
  13. Great insight, Andrew! I'm very excited about this camera. I just hope internal 4:2:2 will be available as an option and the low light performance is improved over the GH3. And about the 4K crop factor, is it only present in 4K or is 2.3x also present in 1080p? And would a BlackMagic Cinema Camera Speed Booster work on the camera? I remember you mentioning there's a protuberance that interferes with the shutter (in the GH3 at least) so it can't be used on a Panasonic camera. But what if I don't care about stills? It's just physically impossible?
  14. That's great! Looks like the 18-35 has a lot of overhead, since the 2x sensor on the GH3 goes all the way up to 1.42 with the Speed Booster. Nice. I still have my beloved GH2 with me (bought thanks to you) after almost two years and didn't quite have a reason to get a GH3 apart from the 1080p60. Now here I have a Sigma 18-35 waiting to be speedboosted, so maybe it'd be time to make the switch? I'd really like that 60p. Now... knowing there's a GH4 coming, regardless of 4K, maybe I should wait. But it's cool to know that I'll be able to use the Speed Booster on it (unless for some crazy reas
  15. Great review as always, Andrew. :) I'm seriously considering the Olympus, but I hope they come to their senses and add 24p (although the phase detect artifact is also a turn-off). I recently finished post production for a short film that was shot at 29.97p and the director wanted it converted into 24p for festivals. For the most part you won't notice it if there isn't a lot of movement, but I can easily spot the jerkiness that comes from losing a frame around every 6 frames. By the way, I noticed you had the Sigma 18-35 on the GH3 using the Speed Booster. Does it vignette? Is it useable?
  16. Cool! Congratulations, Andrew! I'd love to do a new piece for the contest but I don't know if I'll have the time. I'll do my best to get something new out of the door soon, though. Still I wonder, does this qualify as "no more than 25%" of CGI in the film?
  17. I guess you never edited intra footage from the GH2. I've found it a breeze to edit when I shot with Driftwood's Sedna or similar intra patches, unlike with long-GOP files.
  18. Perhaps you have mixed information with the Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera or maybe the FS-700? But the Pocket Camera is only a 1080p camera, there's no firmware that will add 4K resolution to it.
  19. Has anyone been able to try the 18-35mm with a Speed Booster on a GH2 and GH3, to know to what extent it can be used in them? I'm considering to buy this combination (as soon as the Speed Booster comes back in stock).
  20. Thanks for this test, Andrew! I've been waiting to see footage from this configuration for a long time. Glad to see it looks great in the right hands (though I still have to boo the Warp Stabilizer, as much as it has saved a couple of shots!) I have one specific doubt I'd appreciate you clear for me: does the focus ring in the Nikon version of this lens rotate the Nikon or the Canon way? I guess I could get used to the Nikon way in time, but it'd make it a much easier decision to buy this lens+adapter combo if I know I won't have to change directions. Alsot, until I get the Pocket I'll b
  21.   They are pretty much saying that, and it's ridiculous.
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