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There is an imposter about

Andrew Reid

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Someone is pretending to be me, trying to scam free products out of the DSLR video community.

Huge thanks for this company for being smart and sending me an email through this site, to check it was actually me!!

Previously also James Miller I think was a victim of this kind of thing as well, but the real victims are the small businesses who lose valuable goods to an imposter!

(This is a message to the person behind this ruse: It's completely fraudulent and we will get the police involved)

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In the same way cryptocurrency (bitcoin et al) provides a new means for energy exchange/currency, we need a non-government global identity/trust system. After the 143 million person Equifax breach, I received a phone call from my own phone number, stating it was from the phone company and there was a security issue, enter last 4 of social etc. I did nothing and the call hung up after 30s. Called phone company and they acknowledged that the phone network can be hacked and is not secure. So if the phone system can be hacked, calling 611 might not route your call to the actual phone company, and thus any information you provide may not be going to the phone company. HTTPS (AES encryption) is designed to provide a secure connection over the internet, however it's not 100% secure either (it's mostly secure, the likelihood at this point for exploits for most things is low). There's currently nothing like HTTPS for phone calls (or email that is standardized/widely used).

It's interesting that most people in this thread so far are using their real name (I'm using my initials with links in signature that can be followed to see my identity). I think there is value in real identities (Facebook tried to make this case, though it's understood that it's not a 'kind' system nor is google ('Do no evil' lol)). So it's understood that some people may wish to remain anonymous (as much as possible) when dealing with 'unkind' systems. However for a forum such as EOSHD and other friendly communities, perhaps it would be cool if there were 'game theory' -based reasons / rewards for people using their real identities as well as positive reinforcement for desired community behavior. Maybe a "Verified ID" badge or similar.

For email between trusted friends / colleagues, folks used to use PGP, however it doesn't appear to be widely used anymore. Seems like a great business opportunity for folks to tackle- a universally trusted crypto ID system that is pervasive and not owned or controlled by any government or corporation, similar to bitcoin for currency.

Rawlite OLPF- was curious what camera this was for... http://rawlite.com/

EDIT: 'Edgar' was hacked at the SEC: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-21/all-about-edgar-and-why-its-hack-shakes-the-sec-quicktake-q-a . This is a very big deal. The world could really use a new trust system...

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On 9/21/2017 at 8:09 AM, Neumann Films said:

Hire a hacker to go on the offensive :)

Hello friend! Yes I am able to help, I am excellent hacker with high honor points on this board, for you lucky member. I will use my hacking service to destroy your opponent. Unfortunately the government of my country does not allow hacking so I must be in secret. Please DM me soon to arrange payment. hakuna matata

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