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Things we'd like to see in a future GH5 firmware upgrade


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32 minutes ago, tomsemiterrific said:

I'll throw in the first suggestion:

Be able to toggle on and off the vector scope and the waveform while shooting--like Sony cams can. And also show the vector scope and waveform on an external display--like Canon does.

Just hit the display button ... clean screen without the scopes.



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Since 1080p mode on GH5 has supposely true! HD resolution, please 10 bit up to 120fps.

Also, lossless digital zoom in 1080p resolution up to 1:1 HD sensor crop, not necessarily stepless but maybe in 3 or four or five steps.

That in 10 bit as well. Also 4/3 mode with full sensor readout and sofore without crop to the sides.

Please 2K 10 bit mode.

Prores for 1080 and maybe cinema 2K footage!

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I don't have the GH5 yet, but here's a wish list and things I wish my GH4 had done:

2.7 or 2.5K up to ~80-90fps, at 10-bit 4:2:2

Focus punch-in while recording

Assign audio levels to one of the dials

Let us choose which settings C1, C2 etc change, and which are sticky/global. So that we could for example change between regular and overcrank framerates without having to reset white balance, picture profile, etc.

Let us choose which different options the Display button toggles through- for example I never use the Info screen (black grid with settings), and I'd love to not have to cycle past it when I'm trying to switch between the clean preview and the preview with settings.

A smart UI overhaul that makes better use of the touchscreen- more smartphone-ey I guess. Like the newer Blackmagic firmwares- swipe to bring in different displays, etc.

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19 minutes ago, tomsemiterrific said:

??? Run that by me again?? You can do this while recording??

Yes there is a small button to the right of the set button ... a little higher .... #42 p 17 on the PDF manual.

Cycles through 4 screens ... Info with settings Clean preview Settings preview and off.

Works while recording.

Would be ideal to go from clean to settings ( waveform etc ) w/o the others but I usually set exposure based on

the Settings preview and waveform monitor start recording and use a clean screen if focus or framing might

be an issue.



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-Camera should show exposure values during video recording

-AF+MF should work all the time, not only with half press

-sharpness setting to EVF/monitor

-more FN-option for example play-button option to right side

-semi-auto exposure mode for video. Exposure, focus and AWB sets when starting the video and then stays unchanged. Canceled by pressing AE-lock

-separate AE, AF and WB locks (via FN-buttons)

-more accurate and wider histogram with clear warnings like in olympus

-sensor zooming with different speeds with joystick or FN

-focus motor driving with joystick with smooth start/stop

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2 hours ago, tomsemiterrific said:

Punch in for focus for non-electronic lenses.

You mean the automatic punch-in when you move the focus ring on native lenses? How would the camera know that you've moved the focus ring on a non-electronic lens, that doesn't communicate with the camera?

Personally I find the automatic punch-in distracting and annoying, and just assign focus zoom to one of the function buttons.

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Option to write IBIS data into the video file (or one channel of the audio file) a la SteadXP to enable shooting without it and doing it in post with more control using a Panasonic plug in that they also don't make yet.

They should all do this to be honest.


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