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  1. While I certainly wish them success, and while LIDAR is proven technology (that even my smartphone has), the reason why this isn't used by major camera makers is probably because of its open loop nature and the calibration required, much like you have to keep both the lens and the camera in calibration for a classic rangefinder. If we had so many accuracy issues with still photography with DSLRs why would we expect any non-TTL, non-sensor based, open-looped technology to not suffer from the same.
  2. From what I've read on reddit, the Lumix 12-35/2.8 II suffered from the same issue. So, I believe this needs to be tackled from the camera-body side.
  3. Hi Andrew I wonder if the A7R3 got any faster than A7R2 in video AF with MC-11 and a Sigma lens?
  4. Is there any way for GH5 to embed or record frame-by-frame metadata like aperture, focal length and distance?
  5. XL was designed for GH4. Many users already had the XL and they bought the GH5, so you see the XL used more often. While XL accomplished its original mission and still did great with full frame lenses, GH5 had bigger coverage to begin with, having no 4k crop at all, and on top of that you need to give a little headroom for the IBIS to operate. You don't want an entire stripe of black to come up every now and then when you handhold (with XL and APS-C lens). If you don't want IBIS why didn't we stick with GH4? Everyone seems to be using the Sigma 18-35/1.8 and on GH5 an ULTRA is required. Of course XL if you use only full frame lenses.
  6. When set to Intelligent ISO in P or A mode, it should default to Auto ISO in S and M, not ISO 200.
  7. Would you say a camera has to be at least broadcast-ready before it would be worthy for the cinema? (Assuming we are really putting the footage on the big screen here.) Or is there no such a relationship?
  8. Is there a standard definition of what constitutes a "cinema" camera? Would anything with a comparative large sensor (say, 1" or larger), with RAW (internal or external), or a low-compression codec suited for post (e.g. MJPEG, ProRes) count as a "cinema" camera?
  9. Minimum shutter speed setting controls the interaction between Auto ISO and the shutter speed in P and A exposure modes. But here, when I started this thread, I was in movie M and I control both the aperture and shutter. fuzzynormal stated the shutter speed must be faster than the frame rate, but I could set frame rate to 60p and shutter speed to 1/30, which doesn't make any sense. There must have been a legitimate purpose in some specialized situation, I would imagine, and this is not a bug. However normal usage must prevent that from happening. I felt that the camera must be able to do something to prevent me from making such a user error, which I believe is easy to make - just one inadvertent touch of the shutter dial, and there goes my footage. So far setting it to ANGLE/ISO does what I want.
  10. Bingo. Works like a charm. (If I set to 1/30 and switch to shutter angle, the shutter angle becomes 11d!!! )
  11. Thank you but the camera lets me do it anyway so there must be some option to lock it and prevent me from making this mistake?
  12. Is there an option I can set so that when I am shooting 60p it locks me against setting the shutter any slower than 1/60?
  13. Support L-Fn button of some Olympus lenses. (Make it configurable as an Fn button instead of only focus hold.)
  14. Pleased to let you know that a new Metabones firmware with GH5 support added has just been published: http://metabones.com/article/of/Firmware_Adds_Cinema_EOS_Lens_and_GH5
  15. This has more to do with the fact that image stabilization with Panasonic is an all-or-nothing affair. The user has no provision to choose between IBIS and OIS, it is IS ON or IS OFF and the camera figures out how to accomplish IS with whatever means. Your camera's user manual explains which IS is used in under which scenario. Metabones has its own way to give the user more control: http://metabones.com/article/of/mft-manual-image-stabilization The real GH5 support is imminent but this workaround with the existing firmware is actually the OIS+ES mode of image stabilization. (Because the other 2 modes would freeze the camera when the lens is zoomed.) To use IBIS alone with an IS lens like the EF24-105 we will need the next Metabones firmware.
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